Mercury into Pisces: Cascade

“Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold”  -Yeats

Helios- Welcome to the Rush y’all. From here it gets intense. Well, I suppose its BEEN intense, but here is where the prep work and behind the scenes effort comes to fruition. We are moving to the next stage up, but to do so we have to pass through this point in time. It is a canal, a bottleneck, a filter. Or not- This is one of those times where your future is completely in your own hands; The only caveat is that you have to choose to take it. No one else can or will choose to do this for you. It will be difficult, you will have challenges and make mistakes, but also great rewards should you just make the choice to start down that road.

This is the first step.

Now I talk shit about Pisces at nearly every opportunity, it is not one of my favorite energies by any imagining. What I can say about it is that it is unstoppable. Pisces is an endlessly rushing river- It will wear down whatever is in its way. It can also catch you up and sweep you out to sea if you’re not careful- But not if you never jump in! If you stay safe on dry land, you’re going to stay comfortable, but you sure aren’t going to go anywhere!

The best strategy is, this one time, jump in. You have done your prep work, and now you need to execute your plan. You must be completely engaged in the process if you expect to see any sort of progress. I realize that this can be terrifying. It is so much easier to stay on the sidelines and keep your vision a quaint, safe little dream- But if you do that, then you will never allow it the chance to become a reality, and eventually its potential will wane and it will die; quietly in a corner, neglected, whimpering and alone.

When and if you jump in to this energy, you will immediately regret it and be overcome with the desire to pull the ripcord. Don’t. Breathe and get acquainted with your new reality. You can do this. What you cannot do, however, is hang on to all the myriad attachments that have been holding you back. You will find that they will slip away from you, one by one. This will initially feel like a failure on your part: I assure you it is anything but. This is also an extremely lonely energy- With this, you will retreat within yourself, and will seek your own counsel. This path is yours to swim alone. Like I said above, this is a filter. You will pass through- What no longer serves you will not. This is not to say that what you have done up until this point has been a failure either. You are changing, and as you become greater, the world around you changes in response.

Artemis (Cards: 
Hangman, 2 of Swords, Hermit, Knight of Cups)

“If the sun and moon were to doubt, they would immediately go out.” – William Blake

Aah, I feel rewound looking at these cards. I have pulled the suspended hangman, the blindfolded 2 of Swords, the isolated hermit, and the day dreaming knight of cups. Mercury ingress into Pisces will feel as if conversation and information intake has been slowed. Your head is floating and infinite in its expansion, and day dreaming has become prevalent and incessant. This is an excellent time for art as having a medium to ground this energy will be very beneficial for it. The way we intake information will be dream-like; symbolic, impossible connections splintering into tangents. This placement sends a sort of echo through reality. We start hearing things from the beyond. Although this is not a good time for CLEAR communication (we are all too romantic at this moment – write some poetry instead), it is a most excellent time to LISTEN. Information won’t come in any logical sense, so really, choose your medium. Give art a try. Jump in the waters and let those Aquarian rivers finally MERGE. Dive into your dreams. Don’t miss the ride because you’re worried it’s not the right one. Just get on and get ready for the adventure. There is nowhere we really have to be, now is there? So why not explore the many paths and not fret so much about it?

Pisces is an extremely playful sign. She is a seductress and constant dreamer, inspiring the minds around her. She moves as if she floats in water; a ship in the night. She loves to tell us stories, and these stories stem from a completely idealistic part of our self. We need dreams to survive. We eat them up like soma. When we communicate with others, we tell deeply seeded stories. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are constantly telling stories. What will be different now that Mercury is entering Pisces? These stories are now going to get a bit more… dramatic… But in drama there is a re-telling of truth that can’t be done with technical writing. The parable holds immense power. Show people, don’t tell people, and speak to their hearts. We are entering the realm of water and feeling.

When in Rome…

It will be as if Mercury hits a sort of stillness; a series of intimate, floating conversations drifting in and out of your life. It’s like we finally cannon-balled into the ocean after the crackling energy of Aquarius. Don’t panic from the change in pace! Seriously, just flow with it. You were supposed to learn not to be afraid of change back in Aquarius, so don’t let it shake you now. Pisces territory is definitely uncharted, fantastic realms: HERE THERE BE DRAGONS. Do you dare tread? Do you dare let your heart speak and see where it takes you? Slow it down. Bring things to the present. Anchor before you set out your feelers; but please do set out your feelers! Pisces is the sign of the prophet, and prophets speak in Piscean parables. The Romanization of reality brings us to a new layer of it. We can literally create this new world and it is just as real as the rest of them (and your dreams do, in fact, influence your “reality”). So speak and create. Tell us a story about what you want. This is manifestation.

Here come your warnings. Every coin has two sides. The fishes are TWO fish after-all. Please remember that the map is not the territory after all. It’s just a new way to navigate and see it that can bring further comprehension of it. The emotional realm is but one layer of reality. Don’t neglect the things you need to do because you are being a space cadet right now. You need to have ALL of the layers play together. Because this is such a floaty time, you’re going to need to anchor yourself – be still and listen intently – because this + the nervous energy coming from Mars will ruin you. Let the whispering of your dreams lead you through the woods, but don’t forget to set up your tent before nightfall. You need to eat. You need to sleep. You need to do your work. Integrate. Pull all the parts of yourself into one whole. But remember, that whole is useless, reality is pointless, without a dream.

Take the risk and bring that dream down to earth.

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