Mars in Sagittarius: Turbulence

“…It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.” -William Ernest Henley

Helios- What is it that you want? I want you to picture it in your mind. Experience it with all your senses. Hold it tight. Make it real. Now imagine it imploding, all your dreams nothing but ash and smoke.

Ladies and gentlemen, this will break. I swear it to you. Mars in Saggo is the promise that the storm will pass, but until then you are more than a match for it.

Right now it is time for you to step up and take the wheel.

With this transit we are finally heading out of Hell. No, it was not a long stay, but it sure was not an easy one, nor is it over just yet! No, and this time you need to get yourself out!

Recently you have been holding back. Hiding. Conserving your strength. Retreating. That ends now. You cannot continue on that path, you must step out onto the stage- This is your big entrance! Yes, the moments before you step out there are always pants-shittingly terrifying, but I swear to you that evaporates the second you step out there and get into your lines, and stage direction. You have prepared for this and rehearsed- YOU ARE READY. Now go! There’s your cue!

Curtain up….

Artemis (Cards:
 Tower, Fool, Star, Hierophant Runes: Wunjo, Gebo, Mannaz, Kenaz)


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi

Jesus fuck. All these cards are majors. This is some archetypical old gods’ energy coming our way and it’s going to rattle our cages. Because this energy seems to be very complex, I also pulled a RUNE for each card to clarify their energy. It seems we have a fires of many kind lit.

The Tower/Wunjo is destruction/joy; a whirlwind of energy and a shattering of all illusions. This combination warns us to be careful what we wish for (because you might just get it), but also that change is coming fast and it is inevitable. Perhaps you have been feeling the ripples in the pond? You’re going to immensely desire to live up to your ideals, but your restlessness is going to get the best of you. You’re going to scramble up the mountain toward your goals, but you’re going to freak out about halfway up thinking of all the OTHER places you could have gone. Any path may lead to joy, and missing seems to feel like joy lost. One cannot be greedy. This dichotomy is going to shred us from the inside. I suspect a lot of anxiety is on our shoulders, and the only way out is to accept everything with open arms and take what has been given to you. Choose and move forward. Don’t look back. This reminds me of the biblical story of Lot. The destruction going on behind you shouldn’t be looked back on – stop being hypnotized by the past. We are being given this chance to escape our spiritual confines, so we must take it. Don’t get sucked back into the routine of your life because the tower WILL collapse on you.

The Fool/Gebo in fire tells me that we have no choice but to take a leap right now. This energy is here for a reason. It’s here to push us because there is reward on the other side. There is an energy of sacred unions; people sharing their fire with each other. Saggo is a daredevil, so hold hands and jump! It’ll be loads of fun. I promise.   You’re going to need to try and swim through this uncertainty brought by this Mercury ingress into Pisces. You’re just going to need to pick something and GO WITH IT. No hesitation. Remember, the tower is going to crumble and the Fool escapes. We already got a warning about this during the last full moon in Virgo. JUST DO. The fool does without thinking (very much like Saggo), so I am getting the message that we need to quite the over analyzing and make a move. Take your whims seriously.

The Star/Mannaz in water is very auspicious. Don’t fear your ideals. Don’t fear your dreams. We have all the capabilities inside of us. We are all born with the innate ability to live out our dreams, but we let doubt creep in and destroy our chances. This is the true test.   You have more tricks up your sleeves than you even know. You are more capable than you even realize. What is holding you back? Your fear of that Tower energy is holding you back; fear of change and our ability to keep up with that change. Don’t let the Tower Scare you. It’s a good thing to get rid of falsities in life. It’s okay if you need to destroy multiple towers, multiple build ups of your life, before you find the life that works for you. Don’t stop fighting and moving toward your main goal. After the battle is over, and you need to find life on the other side, how will you learn from past events? Mars moving into Saggo gives us a fire element to our water season of Pisces. What makes you DESIRE to live? That is the seat of your power. Use it. Go with it. Don’t let it be smoldered. It seems to me that both Mercury ingress and Mars ingress are working toward showing us that we must live our dreams. We must use our scars as lessons for the building, and also as a lesson that the building is charged by purpose itself. Find the shining beacon that has always presented itself in your life (it may be dim, but it is there), and run toward it. Saggo doesn’t sit still and wait for his philosophy to come to him. He goes out and finds it.   Purpose is enacted.

The Hierophant/Kenaz in earth reminds me of receiving great recognition and rewards for one’s work. Kenaz is literally the “torch,” and this coupling reminds me of passing on the torch of higher knowledge. Both the card and the rune are concerned about enlightenment, and in the earth element they are probably telling us to bring down – construct – and ground our higher ideals. Mars is a very physical planet and he deals in the flesh. Find your inspiration in the physical realm and don’t forget “As above so below,” or as the Kabbalists would say, “Malkuth is Kether,” or, the earth IS divine. The Hierophant is represented by Taurus; the sign that seeks to find Eden here on earth. Some new information – divine inspiration – will be leaking into our physical life. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so our inspiration is being directed by our desires. Saggo can be a bit lustful (maybe that’s an understatement haha). Use this erratic, desire driven energy to find inspiration, but don’t forget to harness it into the earth – into something substantial that you can build to the heavens from. Don’t let the anxiety overtake you and drown you. You are better than that. You are everything you need.

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