Mercury in Aries: Roar

“Originality is independence, not rebellion; it is sincerity, not antagonism.”George Henry Lewes

*Breathes in deeply* Smell that, you guys? No, not that, I mean Aries! It’s in the air, all around us. It may not quite be here yet (Pisces won’t let us go that easily) but Aries is rising up, coming up from below to rip free of Pisces’ hold on us. Mercury is our vanguard into the full glory of Aries, running ahead of the Sun to get us ready for the fight ahead.

This Pisces season has been awful. We have struggled with feelings of powerlessness, worthlessness, and an overwhelming fatigue. We are jaded and have given up almost all hope- almost. It is the moment after a crushing defeat, right before your opponent lands the final blow, taking you out for good- This is what we face. But it’s not over. You see, in each of us, there is one tiny little glowing ember; one last place in our very souls that we have refused to give up on. These last moments before it all goes out are yours to claim.

So it falls to you- Do you have one last round in you? Can you get up again? Is there anything left to fight for? Or have you truly given up, once and for all? Is this how your story ends? And what of those who stood with you, fought in the trenches with you- They look to you to see what you will do next. Will you you fight for them, if not for yourself? Or will their efforts and sacrifices be for nothing?

Listen, I get it. I know how tempting it is to just give up. I know how tired you are, and how sick you are of taking loss after loss. What you are feeling is completely valid. But the work is not done yet, and you have miles to go before you sleep. The stakes have never been higher, and it is an uphill battle for you. Any ground you take will cost you, deeply. You cannot afford to make any errors. You have everything to lose, but everything to gain. This round is for all of the marbles, and its your last move.

So what’s it going to be?

Artemis (Cards: 4 of Pentacles, Page of Cups)– Mmm our first taste of Aries! Who doesn’t love this self assured energy? As we all surely know, Mercury is the planet of communication. It’s ingress from an elusive water sign like Pisces into a fire sign like Aries will bring much needed straightforwardness into our communication. Aries in Mercury is self assured talk, regardless of what they talk is about. This fire sign believes in his ideas, fervently and with strong possession. I pulled 4 of Pentacles for this ingress, meaning perhaps we will be TOO strongly rooted in our opinions. Be careful here. Aries can be a bit brash and speak out of line. They are not known for their tact. You may have a hard time distinguishing between the truth and your opinion. You may attack others when you are feeling vulnerable about your ideas with far too much force; watch your temper and arrogance. Seriously, there is a very big difference between confidence and arrogance. Don’t let this huge surge of energy control you! Be like Aries and control it! The positive aspect behind this card is that it sets a sort of protection over our mind. If there is an idea that you truly need to solidify, this will be the time. You will have the confidence to say exactly what you need to say.

There is a sensitivity to Aries that is never quite realized because of their firestorm energy. Let me let you in on a little secret (shhhh). Deep down inside, they are sensitive little lambs. They are sensitive about their ideas, their presence, their station in life, etc. But there is something magical about how they deal with this sensitivity that we can all learn from. They say, “No. I know who I am. These fuckers don’t know shit about me. I’ll fucking show them!” This is exactly the kind of energy we need after unsure Pisces.

The next card I pulled for this ingress (crossing our original card) is the Page of Cups. She is tender and gentle. Wow, what an opposing force! She is here to warn us that although we may start to feel fired up, we need to be gentle with our fire. If you turn the burners up to high on your stove, you are going to burn your food. If you set the heat at just the right temperature, you are going to make something delicious. Aries says a million things in just one word. This is, surprisingly, also the Page of Cups. She says more in a glance than one can sing in a whole song. Use the Aries bluntness and charm to get what you want in a playful manner and not an aggressive manner (Aries is ruled by Mars, after all, so watch out). Grand displays will be important right now, but make sure they are there to empower you and those around you instead of just to feed your ego. With great power comes great responsibility. With fire driven inspiration in our voices, we must be careful not to turn into dragons.

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