Full Moon in Sagittarius: Worst Enemy

Effective Date: 5/21/16

Helios Says:  “The Edge… There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.”– Hunter S. Thompson

Don’t push me, because I’m close to the edge… that is very much the feel of this Full Moon. With the pressure of the multiple retrogrades, the mutable meltdown, and the looming specter of Uranus meeting up with Eris, who could blame you for being just done? Not a damn one of us, because we are all there. These times aren’t just hard, they’re ruthless.

And this is not the day where I tell you that it is all smooth sailing from here. No, we have miles and miles to go before we rest.

Artemis says:
“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.” 
― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

Adventure.  What could be more holy than the very pilgrimage one embarks on to find the “light”, the “answer”, the “whatever the fuck it is we are looking for?”  There is always that insatiable itch inside of us that screams, “GO OUT THERE AND FIND IT!”  (Whatever “it” is.)  The world is so big and vast; of course the answer must be out there!  Well, let me let you in on a little secret.  God is like an onion.  Stay with me here.  God is like an onion.  You keep peeling back layers and layers, hoping to reveal something, but all you’re really revealing is more and more of the same – all the way to the core.  As above so below.  We are the very fabric of what makes up this universe.  Explore yourself by exploring everything around you.  Your exterior reality is like a mirror.  Don’t be afraid to peer deeply.

H:The Sun, Moon, and Mars– Okay, so let’s start with the good news. You finally have energy! You feel like you can take on the world and can do whatever you set your mind to! The bad news? You are being blocked at every turn, leaving you to pace back and forth like a caged animal. All that energy just gets dissipated and squandered, leaving you annoyed, and feeling like a failure for not achieving as much as you wanted, further adding to your annoyance and frustration. This can lead you to lash out at those around you, especially those who offer to help you or talk. Since you don’t think there is anything they can do to help, you lash out in anger and frustration, driving away your allies and support network when you need it most. All you want is just to fly above the problems that assault you, but you are shackled by your obligations.

A:Sun (The Fool), Moon (Ace of Wands), Mars (2 of Wands):  For the full moon in Sagittarius, I pulled the Ace of Wands.  What we imagine, we become.  We tend to build an image of ourselves and stick with that image like it is the one true god.  Guess what?  You can become whoever you want to be whenever you want to be.  Your imagination is even more powerful than you could ever imagine (ooo paradox).  We build the reality around us, which means you build your own prison by choosing to allow others to dictate your reality.  This card is reminding us that we are lit as fuck and there is nothing that can smolder our divine fire.  Don’t fear doing your work or finding your way.  Everyone is honestly just terrified – like, all the fucking time.  Everyone claims that they are looking for truth, but few are brave enough to look at it.  When you stoke your fires, so to speak, there will be people around you who will try and smolder your light so they aren’t forced to see.  Fuck these people.  For the Sun, I pulled The Fool.  Reset.  It’s time for you to do something you’ve been afraid to do.  It’s time for you to take that leap of faith and possibly tumble off a cliff to your doom.  BUT, if you do survive, and your instincts were right, you could stumble into some form of great personal enlightenment during this full moon.  With the 2 of Wands representing Mars in this reading, I would go on to say that a major decision needs to be made.  I know the Mars in retrograde energy has everyone aggressive and unmotivated, but if you can actually make a clear decision about your future actions – if you can develop a vision – you will be surprised by the surge of energy you receive to spearhead this vision.

H:Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto– This section deserves its own post, quite frankly. This is the source of the shitty astro of the moment- Mercury is about to go direct, but before he does he has one last, assholish trick to pull, and he has the Super Saiyan energy to pull it off. Mercury is going to throw up every nightmare and fear you have, and blow them way out of proportion: With Neptune and Jupiter they will be insidious and able to get under your skin like nothing else, while being exaggerated and overwhelming. Saturn makes sure that you are reminded every minute that you are insignificant, worthless, and no one wants anything to do with you, while Pluto makes sure that you are too terrified of your own shadow to do anything about it. You will not get rest, and you will not get respite. You will be a prisoner of your own mind, and these phantoms will be relentless. You will have a very hard time telling what is real and what is fake. What you really need to watch though, is your self-talk; now I was new to this concept until I heard @LordMoonstone talk about it in a video detailing his mental issues and suicide attempt-  You must be very careful of how you deal with your self, and how you treat yourself with all this chaos swirling around inside your own head. Just because something shitty is happening to you doesn’t mean that you are in fact, shit. These guys do not need ANY help tearing up your mind and your ego, least of all you cheering them on. You are going to want to find an outlet, a way for you to cope with all that noise- And you don’t want to turn to drugs or booze, because they will only exacerbate the problem, trust me.

A:Mercury (The Star), Jupiter (7 of Cups), Saturn (Page of Swords), Neptune (King of Wands), Pluto (The Moon):  We’re about to drop off a very nasty cliff the next couple of weeks, so you better start learning to fly.  You also need to stop fighting the retrogrades.  Sorry, you can’t run from the forced introspection.  The planets have put a magnifying glass to your soul for a reason.  You can’t fucking hide from your own mind.  So you better get your adventure party together and quest to the center to face your own great beast.  With the card combinations present, it looks like the outer planets are gearing for some reality rattling.  For Pluto, I pulled The Moon, which means he is going to continue digging at you until you realize what subconscious forces have been pulling you toward the horrible chaos in your life.  You are choosing to march in these directions.  But why?  What inside of you keeps you circling back around to the trash piles of reality?  For Neptune I pulled the King of Wands and for Jupiter I pulled the 7 of Cups.  We are brimming with ideas right now.  Our heads are swimming with so many things we could be doing and experiencing, and our very urge to go and explore every nook and cranny is going to inflame our imagination.  This comes with a bit of a warning, though – check yourself at every step to see that the pieces are fitting together correctly.  Saturn being the Page of Swords suggests that insecurity is not over yet.  Saturn knows that we know how to assume our power in this world, but he also knows we need a big push to do so.  This is tough love, guys.  He fucks our shit up so that we can become stronger and wiser.  Don’t fear your knowledge.  Trust it.  Trust yourself and do what you need to do.

H:Venus and Uranus– Okay, so where do we go from all of that nonsense? Well, strangely enough these two might be the best antidote to the chaos I just talked about. All of those phantoms, spooks and nightmares have one fatal flaw- They only have any power if you take them seriously. Venus and Uranus right now have this great, heretical trickster energy, and it can cut straight through the dark, dank fears you have. The shadows fear laughter more than anything. If you refuse to give them any sort of respect, and just mercilessly ridicule them, they have no power over you. For instance- I saw an amazing tumblr post where a user was saying that from now on, their coping skill to deal with the anxiety, depression and negative self-talk was to imagine that it was coming from Donald Trump. Now as the Donald is a natural buffoon, and its impossible to take anything that comes out of his idiot mouth seriously, this is absolute genius. Make your fears afraid of you by refusing to take them seriously. Its just crazy enough to work, aye?

A:Venus (Queen of Pentacles) and Uranus (6 of Swords):  Venus is trying to tell us that in order to find pleasure right now, we must soak ourselves back into the earth.  Get outside.  Go climb trees and roll around in the grass and have a hike.  The crazy thing about nature is that it teaches us everything we need to know about pleasure and beauty.  It teaches us about the severity that is also necessary from time to time.  But, regardless of how horrible the severity is in any natural climate, there is still an awesome beauty to it all that cannot be denied.  Venus is telling us to find the beauty in the pain.  There are no mistakes.  Everything is a part of the greater echo system.  Take a different perspective.  And that is exactly what the 6 of Swords for Uranus is telling me.  It is time to move on from our old ways.  It’s time to come up with new methods.  Your habits of the past aren’t going to cut it for the next level.  The quest is long, we have no idea what is at the core, but I’m going to bet the infinite things we experience on the journey paint a mirror image of the destination.