Full Moon in Scorpio: Skeletons

This Transit takes effect on April 21, 2016.

Way far back in the beginning of the world was the whirlwind warning that we could all be blown away like chips and cry- Men with tired eyes realize it now, and wait to deform and decay- with maybe they have the power of love yet in their hearts just the same, I just don’t know what that word means anymore- All I want is an ice cream cone” -Jack Kerouac

Helios Says:  *Sigh* Life…. What is the point to it all? Does any of it matter? Why do we bother? We stumble blindly through time, cocking up everything we touch, experiencing a few fleeting moments of joy to break the monotony of the stinging misery that otherwise encircles us. None of us asked to be born, we just had all this merde thrust upon us. Sure, the grand traditions are there to try and offer us solace, a reason for being, some bullshit about learning lessons or whatnot- but the truth is no one truly knows what the point is, or what happens when we die. Our future is unclear, and our past depends on the perspective- All we know is the present, and that is suffering.

It’s not getting any better. Take each moment as it is the best on you will have to look forward to, because it gets increasingly likely that will be the case.

Artemis Says:

“With my ninth mind I resurrect my first

and dance slow to the music of my soul made new.” 
― Aberjhani, Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black

Oh gods, here comes the Scorpio full moon.  Can you think of anything more dreadful right now?  I hope you figured out how to contain that Aries fire, because you’re really going to need it now.  With Saturn in retrograde, this Scorpion full moon is going to dig all of the skeletons out of our closets.  I know with some of you those things should never see the light of day, so that’s kinda scary, not gunna lie.  Motherfucking GHOSTS.  They will come in the form of nightmares.  They will come in the form of anxiety.  They will come in the physical form knocking at your door.  What does Casper say?  Ghosts can’t move on if they have unfinished business.  You’re either going to give up and live with them in your haunted house, or you’re going to become a motherfuckin’ exorcist.  Your choice.  Can you dance with the devil and finish your unfinished business?

Helios Says:  The Sun and Moon– Huh. Nothing else? That’s new and different. Well, what isn’t different is that we are going into this one exhausted. You are questioning your life, what matters, and what doesn’t. I’ve been telling you for some time now that you need to make choices along those lines and cut away what doesn’t serve you anymore, but have you been listening? Noooooooo, you thought you could just keep stalling, didn’t you? Well now you don’t have any more time, and you have to make those cuts NOW or they will be made for you. You are running out of time to hide. Everything will come to light, sooner rather than later. However, you still have a few precious moments left to choose a new way forward and throw yourself down it. I heartily recommend that you do so before it is too late.

Artemis Says: The Sun in Taurus:  For the sun, I pulled the card 4 of Wands.  Back from the dead.  The Taurus sun will start shining on the sacred holiday of 4/20 *puff puff pass*.  This means that this new sun will be hit with a full moon quite fresh off the runway.  Scorpio and Taurus are opposites on the Zodiac wheel, meaning that they share a good amount of traits and then differ quite drastically in others.  They have the same sort of feel to them; like super hero and arch-villain.  They couldn’t exist without each other.  Where the Scorpio moon may be haunting us about our poverty right now, the young Taurus sun is enthusiastically reminding us of our goal.  Your sun sign in astrology is the archetype you are STRIVING to become (as opposed to your moon sign, which is how you react to the world and more of your personality – it is your instinctual reactions).  We are striving toward this celebratory 4 of wands; getting exactly what we want.  Don’t take your eye off the prize.  Charge at it like a bull.

The Moon in Scorpio:  For the moon, I pulled the card 5 of pentacles.  This card is all about poverty and what we learn about ourselves when we finally hit rock bottom.  When we are in desperation, we are only kept alive by the most gnawing of needs.  Dive deep, babies, clean your closets once and for all.  These things that are living here, creating weights for your wings, they must be removed before you can live a full life.  I know you’re tired.  Trust me, we all are.  We have had unfinished business coming at us since Saturn started his retrograde a few weeks ago, so we should be getting our bearings right now.  You’ve got this, punks.  You’ve fought these mini bosses before, and you’re still here today.  Now finish them!

Helios Says:  Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Chiron– Now this is more like it. Here, we see the real heart of the issue- You have lost your way, and have no idea where to go from here. You are afraid, and feeling nothing is much easier than facing that fear. You have been hurt, and instead of licking your wounds and stepping back out into the world, you have retreated further inside yourself, hiding from any potential to be hurt again. I tell you that you are wasting your life by allowing this to continue. Fear has you paralyzed, and it is killing you one day at a time. Your despondency has become inertia, and your ennui a crutch- Get off the couch and back into the game! You only have so many moments here, make them count. Schluff off your baggage and step lively.

Artemis Says:  Mercury in Taurus:  For Mercury, I pulled the card Temperance.   I know you’re all planning, darlings.  I know, because you are listening.  I know, because I scared you enough.  What’s the plan, punks?  Take your time.  Measure it out.  Get a white board and start learning alchemy.  Put the pieces together slowly.  Mercury in Taurus will help you.  Be clear with your communication.  Say things plainly.  People will be easily confused (which may work to your advantage, I don’t know your life).  Things set into motion right now will take some time to manifest, but I assure you they will be stronger, more sturdy plans than anything made back in Aries.  Your Aries plans were the beta version.  It’s time to solidify the real deal.

Venus in Aries:  For Venus in Aries, I pulled the card Ace of Cups.  Oh I’m so sorry, punks, this is going to be a rough one.  It’s a big wave, this ace of cups, a huge huge wave of emotion.  Now we can ride this thing a few ways.  Yes, ride like a bucking ram, because that is what this thing will be!  So a lot of overwhelming emotion is rupturing the enforcement we thought were sturdy enough  It’s fine, really.  All those damn skeletons coming out of the closet and all of this stress from attempting so desperately to plan for the future…  I get it, I get it, but really there are two ways to ride this experience; accept things for what they are and use this powerful emotional energy to fuel things that make you feel good, or succumb to it all and drown in your sorrows.  The cup is full.  Will you drink from it, or will you shove your face in it and drown?  Like seriously, don’t be dumb.  It’s always your choice.  And who drowns in a cup?

Uranus in Aries:  For Uranus in Aries, I pulled the King of Wands.  So, a challenge!  Uranus is not giving up on us.  He is warning us of what’s to come and what we need to become in order to fight it.  We need to become an unashamed version of ourselves.  Eris and Uranus conjunct is coming (June 1), and it’s going to be an eruption.  Uranus is also pelting our public sphere with more chaos.  What’s going to happen with all of this new information coming in?  The political sphere is going to get hotter and hotter still into the summer.

Helios Says:  Mars and Neptune– And here’s where that ennui is coming from. You are burying yourself, probably under work or something, distracting yourself from the real problems in your life so that you don’t have to deal with them. Well, burying your head in the sand isn’t going to change the fact that you are in serious trouble. You are going to need to take action, and you are going to need to do it ASAP. You will need to break free of the stagnancy you find yourself in. You will lose something you once deemed important, and may yet still, but its time has come. Cut it away from you before it drags you down into the depths. You cannot see how much damage it is doing to you, and it would do significantly less if you moved on from it. Quit trying to fix what is broken, before it breaks you too.

Artemis Says: Mars in Sagg Retrograde:  For Mars in Sagg Retrograde, I pulled 9 of Swords.  Ok, so 9 of Swords traditionally means “nightmares.”  Which makes sense right now, doesn’t it?  All of our energy is being drained by these nightmares.  People’s fears are surfacing in the public sphere as well as privately.  There is a quite desperation going on and a lack of energy in general.  We may have had a plan and it is failing us.  That’s okay.  We learned what doesn’t work.  Time to get back up on that horse.  The nightmares, the unresolved business, is coming right at us.  Don’t let being knocked off your horse a few times get to you.  You’re still alive, aren’t you?  Please don’t tell me you are the type who gives up in the middle of a fight…

Neptune in Pisces:  For Neptune in Pisces, I pulled the Queen of Swords.  Well, darlings, at least we will be cutting through some of this illusion bullshit.  The world is going to seem a bit… cold right now.  Don’t fret.  Keep your eye on the prize, like an oasis in the distance.  We are going to all cross this desert together.  And no matter how tired we get, we need to continue to be decisive and always choose to cut through the bullshit or it will swallow us whole.  Neptune is getting close to going into Retrograde again (June 13), so the bullshit will get easier and easier to see.  This is good news, punks!

Helios Says:  Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto– As you can see, the Super Saiyan energy has been lessened somewhat, due to Uranus separating from the pack in preparation for his date with Eris. That doesn’t mean you should discount its influence, however. Right now, it is serving to isolate and insulate you, putting you in a corner by yourself, so that you can prove what you are capable of. Take advantage of your isolation, get your house in order while no one is looking. This is the time to take the steps that others would discourage you from, but the downfall is that you don’t have anyone to turn to for good advice and feedback. Sure, you want to wallow in self-pity and do nothing but binge Netflix, since no one is calling you to go out to the best parties and you see the hoes hooking up and professing their love, but its far better to put the headphones on, go to the gym and get that summer body ready now while you have fewer distractions. One good habit will lead to another, and then change will follow. For the better.

Artemis Says: Jupiter in Virgo Retrograde:  For Jupiter in Virgo Retrograde, I pulled 7 of Swords.  More bad news, babies.  This card is downright insecurity.  What do people do when they are insecure?  They start hurting themselves and those around them.  You are nitpicking at yourself.  Seriously, stop that shit!  If you look suuuper closely, you will see that your plans are actually starting to take form.  This card tells us that those little things we have been doing – the sneaking around for information or the tip toeing around our enemies – is paying off.  You’re going to need to continue to have your wits about you.  It’s going to take every ounce of our craftiness to get ahead right now.  We have to use the magnifying glass that is Virgo and find the little details that are going to help our big picture.  You need to believe in yourself and your intuition more than ever now. You’re going to need to be clever.

Saturn in Sagg Retrograde:  For Saturn in Sagg Retrograde, I pulled the Hangman.  Saturn is reminding us that he is fucking with time right now.  Ghosts from the past are coming at us.  Reverberations from the future are smacking us in the face.  Our present is showing us how it has effected both the future and the past.  How the hell is this even happening?  Stay still.  Stay centered.  Breathe.  We can do this.  Slay one ghost at a time.

Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde:  For Pluto in in Capricorn Retrograde, I pulled the Ace of Wands.  Pluto is murdering things behind the scenes.  He is like the Freddy of our past right now.  If you so choose to let something go, Pluto will make sure you are transformed.  You have an ally right now.  The Planet of death and rebirth will work behind the scenes and pinpoint exactly what needs to die via your level of desire for the thing.  You’re going to KNOW what needs to die, and subconsciously you are taking the steps to kill this thing.  Have you  noticed?  Only the things that matter most can survive right now.  It’s time to transform.  It’s time to choose to become a higher version of yourself so you can face what’s ahead.  What are you going to choose to kill?  What’s keeping you from moving forward?

One more thing on Pluto and Jupiter the combination of the 7 of Swords and Ace of Wands tends to mean that this is the perfect time to get ahead in business.