Full Moon Sagittarius Tarot Spread: The Seeker’s Journey

“Well, there are two types of deed. One is the physical deed, in which the hero performs a courageous act in battle or saves a life. The other kind is the spiritual deed, in which the hero learns to experience the supernormal range of human spiritual life and then comes back with a message.”  — Joseph Campbell

Artemis Says:
Welcome to the first of many full moon tarot spreads to come!  We will be featuring a new tarot spread that will reflect the energy of each full moon every single month.  These spreads can be used to divine what energies you must personally overcome to maximize each full moon.

What will you need to participate in each tarot spread?

1.  A deck of Tarot cards
2.  Your intuition

So let us begin!  What will we be learning about ourselves this month?  The ever cyclical Hero’s Journey.

There is always an experience of seeking something higher than the self that is attached to the Zodiac sign Sagittarius.  The hero finds the courage to leave their home and venture out to find a great vision that they can bring back to their people.  This great myth is perpetuated in every single culture on the planet, and for great reason; we are all truly seeking to have those moments of transcendence that evolve us past our current stagnant state.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, who is the Lord of Bliss and Joy.  What does this tell us?  Follow your bliss and you will find your higher vision.

Now shuffle your deck and pull a card for each of the following positions:

Seeker's Journey by Artemis of Heretical Oracles

The Call:  What is the adventure we are being called to have?  What bliss do we seek?
Refusal:  What inside of ourselves is hindering us from taking up the challenge?
Crossing:  How will we find strength to begin our journey?  This card combats the “Refusal.”
Allies:  Where can we find our strength and support?  How will we be mentored?
Ordeal:  What will be our primary trail before we receive our insight?  What great fear will be exposed?  What great dragon must be slayed at the threshold?
The Great Vision:  What will be our lesson of transcendence?
Temptation:  What inside of us will try and hinder us from assuming what we have learned?
Return:  What outside of us will try and hinder us from assuming what we have learned?
Atonement:  If your Great Vision is your sacred weapon, what is the beast in the Known World you must slay with it?
Integration:  How will you integrate what you have learned with your old world so that it becomes a permanent part of you?