Jupiter Direct: Confession

Helios says:
Man approaches God most nearly when he is in one sense least like God. For what can be more unlike than fullness and need, sovereignty and humility, righteousness and penitence, limitless power and a cry for help?” -C.S. Lewis

Okay, so I know this transit is going to be overhyped and touted by other astrologers, and they will trumpet this as the breaking of the dawn after a long night, but I am in the opinion that our long night isn’t quite over just yet. Full disclosure- I do not work well with Jupiter OR Virgo, so that should be kept in mind with everything I say from this point on. This will not devolve into a shit-post though (at least, I will endeavor not to let it become that) at least, not on the transit- The factors that led up to it though…

Okay, so this barrage of eclipses, retrograde on top of retrograde, trips to the underworld, and a looming specter of doom on the horizon have all brought up some serious issues. They have exposed our weaknesses, bared our souls and forced our greatest fears in our face. Issues that have been compounding for years have been brought up, and you see where you have compromised your ideals and your core beliefs along your path.

To make the most of this transit you will need to face the issues of where you have compromised- You have made some sketchy decisions to get this far, and those will need to be faced. Now I am the last person to EVER suggest taking any pages from Christianity, but in this ONE case, there is merit to do so- Please don’t immediately close out of this because I am saying that (like I would). During this time, you seek purification: You want to admit your mistakes and unburden your soul. This is what you need to proceed. Note- You do not need to go the full monty and seek forgiveness for any of these things, but it doesn’t exactly hurt (at this stage in the game) but this transit will hound you like the nun from last season of Game of Thrones, walking behind you with her bell, saying “Shaaaaaaaaame” for hours.

Now, turning it over to any one (or more) of the myriad of gods/goddesses or universal forces is not a bad idea as well, as the whole thing of Jupiter is that he is God, he is THE Guy, the chief force, the one who is (supposedly) bigger than you, and the one to turn your troubles over to- In Virgo, God walks among his people, he takes on that meat suit in order to better appreciate his creation. It makes sense to surrender (Pisces) what is more than you can handle so that you can move forward without the extra weight of your burdens. If that is too much for you to do (with the Christian connotations and all) hell, you can just go into the woods at night and whisper your confession to the wind- But you will want to actually do this, turn it into ritual if you have to. Seek purification to pursue wholeness. Subdue the monsters within you, because we have a long way to go from here.

Artemis says:
“Why are you so afraid?
I can see you waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting
Withering away 
I can see you dying, dying, dead, dying, dying
Why?  Why?
Baby see
Try” – Banks

Cards:  The Star, King of Wands, 8 of Cups

HOLY FUCK YES YES YES YES YES, JUPITER HAS GONE DIRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (H: See, what did I tell you?)

Can you tell I’m excited?  Jupiter, the god of Prosperity and luck.  Jupiter, the god of expansion and adventure and philosophy.  Jupiter, the storm king of JOY!

Jupiter has been retrograde for 4 months now, and we have been downtrodden and out of luck.  When he moves backwards, he takes our joy and our luck with him.  Shit is just more difficult than it needs to be when we don’t have him giving us his good graces.  The Storm King has officially given us back the light at the end of our tunnels.  Since January, we have been forced to turn inwards.  Unfortunately, this took a shot at our self esteem and manifested a series of unfortunate events (that got worse and worse as more and more planets joined in with the retrograde), but things are about to CHANGE.

For Jupiter going direct, I pulled The Star, The King of Wands, and the 8 of Cups.  The Star is a clear indication that hope has returned in our lives.  When you are lost in the woods your mind, forced to go so far into your own psychology by the fucking retrograding Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Mercury, Saturn death squad, Jupiter finally going direct is a speck of hope.  Once you find the north star, you can find your way out of any dark forest.  Once you latch on to something that is unmoving and solid in your life, that fills you with an eternal knowing of yourself, that you can’t deny or destroy, you learn to re-orient yourself.

Jupiter is all about going out and exploring the world.  You have all played Oregon Trail, yeah?  This few month retrograde period has been like watching your whole wagon crew get mauled by bears.  Every adventurer knows the dangers of their pursuit, but their eternal optimism and curiosity is what keeps them whacking their way through the thick underbrush.  They keep their mind on the trail, on the goal, and on the fascinating things they find along the way.  Don’t let the setbacks of the past couple of months crush your spirit.  Jupiter going direct is having our spirit re-ignited.  The King of Wands showing up is a clear indication of this for me.  Jupiter going direct in Virgo also tells me that we will be gaining a lot of good luck if we peruse Virgoan ideas (like self improvement, service to others, intellectual pursuits).  Don’t sit still.  It’s time to get up and EXPLORE your world and try things you would have never tried before.  Do things that scare you.  Don’t hold back.  The positive outbursts of energy and the enthusiasm that you throw back into the world is now going to bounce right back at you.  It’s time to manifest your destiny – manifest change -be a pioneer (remember, Sagittarius, the cowboy of the zodiac, is associated with Jupiter).

The last card I pulled is the 8 of cups.  This is GOOD.  The waters are starting to move, and our baptism is almost complete.  In the deck that I am using, 8 of Cups is called “rebirth.”  It is time to let all of the shit we have been internally contemplating die.  It is time to let all of the shit that is shackling us to our sad lives die.  Jupiter doesn’t sit around and restricting himself and punishing himself like Saturn.  He wants to see things, experience things, laugh, and participate in higher thinking with others.  He is prosperity and expansion in all parts of our life.  He is like the waters, seeping into every crack effortlessly and with immense curiosity.  It is time for us to start doing the same and see all the crazy connections that come to us because of this.  If you don’t leave your normal routine, how will you ever find adventure and prosperity?

Get out of your comfort zone.  Luck is back on our side.  Stick your nose in something that has been poking at your curiosity and inspiring you.  Don’t be afraid!  You see your North Star, now run to it!  And don’t forget to laugh.

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