Mercury in Taurus: Fools

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”  –  Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Helios says- 
*Wakes up groggily, hungover* Ugh, my head… Okay, lets see, where are we in time right now? *rifles through papers, dusts off old books* Of course that’s relative to your perspective, but my head hurts far too much to go into quantum mechanics right now… Never go out with Klorfors. Oh, okay- Mercury in Taurus. Sure. Why not. Oh wait, in 2016? Now that’s a fun year! Lucky bastards get all the good ones…

So traditional logic would demand some sort of dreary, trudge-on, nose-to-the-grindstone from this transit, but y’all come here because we are anything but traditional! Keeping with that, we are entering a moment when the rules aren’t going to make sense for a while. They are not going to be the same ones that we have been playing with all this time. This is the Cardinal Crisis again, but its not. The Cardinal Crisis was a warmup act. This is the main event- More on that soon next week. That’s right, the transit that keeps me up at night (not just because my roommate stole my fan again and I’m out of Ambien) I am going to go into detail about. Get into it.

Before you do though, get into this- Mercury in Taurus. Here is where you are going to want to start to cultivate the attitude that will get you through. I want you to repeat after me: “No one gets out alive”. This life is not something to be taken seriously. We are all going to die. Trying so desperately to achieve, win, make something out of this life… It’s taking away from the greater experience of this life. Only by embracing your mortality, coming to terms with the minuscule number of moments you are given, can you possibly come out the other side, at peace with your life instead of racing the clock; And once you do, LAUGH for chrissakes! It is all just so absurd! Have the most fun that you can, wring pleasure from every moment, so that when there is less pleasure to go around, you have something to comfort you in your memories.

Each of us is given precious few moments and precious little madness. We mustn’t waste either. We must become jesters, fools, refusing to allow society, time, or our conditioning to  make fools of us- rather we must rebel against these sacred, austere institutions and give their ivory towers a fresh coat of paint. Preferably neon green or electric blue (Ooooooh, or maybe Purple Pizzaz!).

Taurus is the life force. Breathe it in deep. Treasure the moments you are given and don’t give back a one of them.

Artemis (Cards: 
5 of Wands, 8 of Cups Runes: Thurisaz, Fehu)- Battles.  Battles everywhere.  Aries has trampled us on his way in, inflaming everything around us with red hot energy.  The Full Moon Eclipse in Libra felt like our final elation.  It is a good feeling, isn’t it, knowing that your decisions are finally set in motion?  And as things get rolling, Taurus in Mercury comes along to tell us to be mindful.

Patience, my friends.  Saturn is about to go retrograde, and Mercury also going to beg us to slow down, open up, and get to the point.  You may feel the need to hack into all of your ideas at once.  That’s fine, but make a check list.  Taurus tells us to approach things with caution.  All of the details of any deals, ideas, etc that you have in your mind are not complete right now.  Re-evaluate.  Ground.  And definitely don’t bite off more than you can chew.  We need to take it one step at a time through this new enchanted forest, friends.

I know, I know.  You’re excited to get going.  We can still feel the rattling and shaking in the distance from the two eclipses that just passed (holy shit was that intense), and now you just want to run – run far far away – with all the little tidbits you learned and your little spark of illumination.  Well, this Mercury says YES, walk away, get going, but do it mindfully.  This is a strategist’s Mercury.  He begs us to wait.  If you feel you must attack, do so mindfully.  Do everything mindfully.  Pay attention to your physical body more (Taurus is an earth sign after all) and you can quite your mind – this is especially needed in Aries season.  Instead of blurting out the first thing on your mind when you are feeling enraged/impassioned, try and portray your feelings through art (write it, draw it, etc to make more sense of it).  This is the Taurean (and Venusian) way.

A lot of shit is going to be dug up from the past.  Nail that bullshit in the head once and for all.  You’re going to have a lot of determination, but only once you get a fire lit under you.  When you do, it will be glorious.  You wont even know where the hell that mental energy comes from once you’ve been ignited (trust me, Mars in Taurus speaking here).  Buckle down on some art.  Chip away at something that is seeping out from your heart.  This is a good time to do therapeutic art and heal.  Taurus is a Venusian sign, and when he speaks, though it may be direct, it is also full of passion.  Angsty, brash, walled up Taurus.  Don’t put too many walls up – remember – just the right ones.  Don’t think you need to over work yourself and forget about the pleasures in life.  Taurus wouldn’t like that either.  She loves to indulge (and please do so after that Pisces season, Jesus Christ).  This is really about boundaries of the mind.  We need to learn how to place our intellectual boundaries while still allowing ways for our hearts to flow out of our mouths and create.  Taurus rules the throat, so speak firmly – speak truthfully – and what you will speak will naturally hold a beauty of it’s own.  We are finally getting the opportunity to walk away from the past.  Take it and speak your healing.  Find the words.

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