Pallas Athene in Pisces: Bend

Effective dates: 4/25-8/12/16, 12/30/16-4/3/17

Helios Says:
You know, I’m frankly getting tired of starting these off with a reminder of how bad things are right now. It’s not like you guys don’t know, you’re living it just as much as I am. So why do I bother writing anything at all, you might be inclined to ask- Valid question, and one I ask myself often. While there are many reasons that I do what I do (and we do not have time to go into the deeper questions of purpose and meaning of life type of discussions in this particular post, that would give me an excuse to be even more rambling than usual), one of the main ones is to try and figure out the best way to move forward, regardless of how shit the conditions may be- for both my readers and myself. Luckily, that is where this particular gem of an asteroid comes into play….

Pallas Athene was the goddess of wisdom, crafts, and battle strategy. Keen-eyed readers will remember her from our recent post on Arachne. When she is not tormenting prideful humans (something she likes to do [Also revealing her fatal flaw, if you know what you are looking for]) she is the one you look to while everything is falling apart, even her father Zeus, chief of the Greek gods, trusted her counsel above all others. In short, she IS the way forward.

At this point in time, Pallas has just moved into Pisces. As everything falls apart around your ears and the very ground beneath your feet turns to shifting sand, our old approach no longer works, not at maximum efficacy anyways. Carrying yourself through this with nothing but affirmations, sheer force of will, and pure grit will not work- Keeping calm and carrying on is not the way. No, to get past this round you will need to get creative. You will need to *shudder* allow yourself to be vulnerable. With all of the retrogrades, and the torture the cosmos has decided to dole out, we are already exposed; we are cautious and afraid- And for good reason. Your first reaction is to turtle up, withdraw further within yourself to hide your soft spots. This could get you through, I won’t lie- but it will only mean that you are fighting to hold your ground, and at best you will not lose any; at worst, you will lose everything. The only thing that is sure however, is that you will not go any farther than where you are at now.

What you must do is shed that armor, like a skin that you have outgrown and has become patchy and is already starting to flake off. It clearly doesn’t suit you anymore (plus it’s out of season anyway) so why do you keep lugging it around? Sure, it helped to shield you from a few hits back in the day, but you can’t hide behind it forever! More importantly, it is holding you back from what you really want. With your masks and armor up, you cannot be seen by those who are looking for you and could be potential allies. In this time of uncertainty, authenticity is more valuable than gold. Removing your armor to show your true, authentic self will be frightening, but now is the time to unmask yourself. The time for charades is past. The challenge will be to actually do it.

Artemis Says:
Everything in the universe has a purpose.  Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you.” – Wayne Dyer

Cards:  8 of Swords, Knight of Cups, 3 of Pentacles

Pallas Athena sprung into life from the forehead of her father, Zeus, fully clothed in battle gear and ready to fuck some shit up.  She is the goddess of Wisdom, Victory and Strategy.  Warriors prayed to her for success in battle, and academics paid her homage so she could bring them illumination.  Through her, we learn how to connect information and use it to our advantage.  Athena teaches us how the pieces fit to form the whole.  Unfortunately for Athena, her fellow deities pretty much ignored her as a sexual object.  Because of this, Athena’s babies are the babies of the mind.  She shows us where our greatest ideas may take place, but she can also be obsessive.  What part of your life do you ceaselessly investigate in?  Where are you gifted with the ability to make swift connections?

So, what does it mean now that she is drifting into Piscean waters?  Pallas in Pisces is actually my natal placement for this asteroid, so I may be able to intuit a thing or two about this energy.  The combination of 8 of Swords, Knight of Cups, and 3 of Pentacles, tells me that this energy is the ability to see the spiritual building blocks of the world.  Pallas in Pisces tells me that we will be able to have confidence in our creative and spiritual connections.  The world political climate will become increasingly more idealistic (Pisces rules religion and spirituality, so expect more of that to be brought up as well).  The fantastic part about this energy is that Athena is forced to FEEL, not THINK in Pisces.  We go from over rationalizing our strategy to feeling out intuitively how we should move toward our victories.  This surge of creative intelligence will be amazing for unraveling old patterns that have us blindfolded in regards to our next move.  Pallas in Pisces coupled with the Knight of Cups tell us that your ability to charm your way out of a situation will dramatically increase.  This is great fuel for those who are already swimming in the waters of creative intelligence.

Pallas in Pisces will give us the opportunity to explore the architecture of our spiritual world.  I bet that we will be seeing a lot more synchronicities, more spiritual groups coming together due to realizing connections, and an overall merging of people’s spiritualties.  The fish make Pallas a lot softer than she usually is, giving her the ability to have insight on healing and creative interpretation.  This is the position of the mystic and psychic and the ability to see spirit where others do not.  This is where Pallas shows us how the spirit world connects to the bigger picture, and how fantasy and creativity play a role in bridging the causal and acausal worlds.

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