Uranus Conjunct Eris: War Drums

“In chaos, there is fertility.” ― Anaïs Nin

Effective Dates: June 1 2016- May 16 2018

Here we are- The transit that keeps me up at night, and the one that I have been stressing about since basically I started writing, and have been warning you was coming for the last couple years: Uranus conjunct the dwarf planet Eris.

So why should you care? What is so special about this one single transit? Well, to answer that let’s look at the planets involved- First up, Uranus. Uranus was a storm god, actually scratch that- Uranus was one of the first forces of nature, of creation itself. He is chaotic, primal, and more force than god. He was the sky, the storm, aether, what have you. When he coupled with Gaia, the literal earth itself, it gave birth to the Giants, theHekatonkheires and the Titans, all of whom, on their own, outclassed all the gods we know and love by far. However, it took five of the Titans, an unstoppable blade, and the literal earth herself to take him down a peg, as he could not be actually killed or stopped. He is cold, uncaring, and revels in chaos just for novelty.

Even so, he doesn’t love chaos as much as the next factor, Eris. She is the goddess of strife, chaos and bloodshed. She was a war goddess and one of the besties of Ares. A quote about her, from Homer- “Strife whose wrath is relentless, she is the sister and companion of murderous Ares, she who is only a little thing at the first, but thereafter grows until she strides on the earth with her head striking heaven. She then hurled down bitterness equally between both sides as she walked through the onslaught making men’s pain heavier.” Most recently, she caused some strife and chaos when she was discovered in the cosmos, causing Pluto to be demoted to minor planet status and a redefinition of the concept of what a planet was. Remember the backlash and public outcry that caused, and how those wounds are STILL fresh for most people, all of whom have an opinion on the matter.

Now, these two are conjoining in the sign of Aries, AKA the least chill sign there ever was. War, passion, strife and chaos all combine in this sign on its own, and with these two heavy hitters, it’s a recipe for disaster. And let me remind you that we, (at least in America) are engaged in a bitter, ugly election battle and it seems no one will win, least of all the people- Not to mention that we are engaged in at least 5 wars at last count, and we are not exactly recovered from our economic crisis. Moreso, these events affect the rest of the world, and vice versa- Take for instance the low gas prices: Those are considered a boon in America, and a sign of our recovery, but these prices are DESTROYING whole countries and economies. In oil-rich countries built on the profits of expensive oil (and steeped in corruption) these prices have completely destabilized the economy, bringing them a hairs breadth from anarchy- black markets rule, and the national currency is worthless, and people are not getting what they need. Everything affects everything else now. That could easily happen here- and that could very well be the best case scenario.

You see, even with the best version of this transit imaginable, I see no way to avoid going through a LOT of upheaval and transformation- At worst? God, the worst case is pure nightmare fuel. I could easily see this becoming a civil war that spills out into the rest of the world at large, stopping global exports of food, relief, and what have you, descending multiple countries even further into chaos, and that’s only the ones that we don’t drag into the war with us- The lucky ones. You think im exaggerating? The last time this transit happened was in 1932, a year that set the stage for WWII. In 1848, there were major riots and political revolutions, old states dissolving and new ones rising from their ashes. 1764, more war. I could go back further but a trend emerges. War, taxes, riots… no matter what, the people suffer- They are downtrodden and taken advantage of.

Also to beware of is the fact that this will essentially be a resurgence of the Cardinal Crisis. Jupiter will be moving to Libra later this year, and will be opposing these two. With this in mind, it is taking place within orb of Pluto in Capricorn, if widely. So there will be a new version of the T-Square, with several times where Cancer is activated, rounding out the Grand Cross. So everything from 2008-14, with all of its chaos and upheaval, will be back in play in a brand new way. In fact, you could say that period was the warmup act for this one.

I don’t have motivation or a positive spin for this one, or how to best work it, guys. I can only warn you that its coming at the moment. More as it unfolds.

Artemis (Cards: Uranus
2 of Wands, Ace of Wands, 3 of Wands Eris Tower, King of Wands, Emperor)-

So the very slow moving asteroid Eris (formerly known as Persephone – consort of Pluto) is going conjunct with our familiar giant planet of Chaos, Uranus.  And I pulled a fuck ton of fucking crazy cards.  Happy April Fucking Fools!

Eris is laughing at us already.    She throws a golden apple into the center of our cosmic party.  “For the most beautiful one!  Kallisti!”  Are you the one worthy of picking it up?  Could you?  Should you? Probably not, because Eris is the goddess of motherfucking DISCORD and CHAOS.  Lower your egos down a notch, everyone.  She’s going to sucker punch us all one by one, and we need to stick together here.  Shit is going to get rough for everyone, but seriously – we all need to stick together.  Eris has no mercy.  She will show you what you need to see, and she will show you violently.


Get out something to chew on or find a spot you can pace in, because this one is going to be rough.

In all seriousness, this is a very serious post.  “Why so serious, Artemis?” Because the last time this conjunct happened, the Nazi party sprouted, FDR became president, and the initial rattlings of WWII started to become visible.  I know you can all feel it.  Don’t bullshit me.  Don’t bullshit yourself.  You can see it in the eyes of everyone around you.  We all know something big is on the horizon, and we can all smell the blood in the air.  We don’t know exactly what it is… but our spidey senses are alarming the fuck out.

Birds can feel a storm before it comes and flock together (and they fly the fuck away).  Sensing danger is instinctual.  We don’t even know we are doing it, but our subconscious mind picks up on the clues around us.  We can all sense when we are being lied to and culled.  We are being penned up, and they are about to take us to slaughter.  The thing is, animals know when they are about to get slaughtered.  And they start going MAD.

Our political climate is set for it.  It is almost impeccable.  Whatever way we decided to tip, we have already set up the dominoes.  All Eris is doing is snickering and toppling them over.  She is the initial spark; the CHAOS needed to get motion going.

So what is Uranus doing in this reading?  He is saying, fuck this shit, stuff is going to start changing around here!  Like flashes of lightening, we wont see it coming and it might be a little disturbing at first.  The outer planets like to deal in the macro.  They talk in politics and mass human behavior.  Uranus likes to talk about revolution and innovation.  It looks like some massive inventions might be on the horizon this year.  Bold new plans.  Bold new uptakes.  Bold New World.  Will it be for the better?  I don’t know.  Was the invention of the nuclear bomb for the betterment of humanity?  Was the invention of cars for the betterment of humanity?  No thing in itself is purely good or evil.  Is it good for YOUR worldview?  Whatever the innovations will be, they will be an evolutionary step for humanity.

Around and around we go.  You see, our sun (Sol) is rocketing through space at about 70,000 km an hour.  This means that the planets are trailing after it in a spiral fashion, creating a literal helix.  Sometimes the planets coast out ahead of the sun, sometimes they trail behind.  The sun isn’t just sitting there as planets rotate around it in a static fashion.  Oh no.  We are fucking throttling through space right now at high speeds.  The world is in constant movement, spiraling outward, each rotation the same yet different.  We have reached another solar rotation of Uranus since 1932, my friends, and now he and Eris will be effecting similar yet different revolutionary change.  Notice the patterns.  As above, so below.

It is time to seize opportunity.  Shit is fucked up.  It seriously is.  All around the world, shit is fucked up.  We see it clear as day, so why do we look away?  This energy is going to make a lot of us snap back to reality.  Things are happening HERE, where you LIVE.  Do you see the massive election going on?  It is one of the craziest we have had in decades.  Everything hangs by a thread.  America is a failing Empire, and the route we choose to take is extremely important right now.  Rise to the occasion.  This is our last chance.  We have the Ace of Wands next, indicating that a surge of power and heat will descend upon us.  People are going to get riled up.  It is inevitable.  How they decide to harness this surge of energy will be up to them.  Will we use it to destroy our enemies, or will we use it to destroy each other?  We end with the two of wands for Uranus, warning us against arrogance.  This combination props up revolutionaries who are working through truly Aquarian values; humanitarianism and group evolution.  We are BOLD right now – especially in the sign of Aries.  We want our voices to be fucking heard already!  Can you hear it?  All over the world, the people are roaring.

Chaos is, at first, seen as a shiney novelty.  We have our new thing, like the smart phone, and it is glorious.  This is like the butterfly effect.  The novelty gains popularity.  More and more people want it.  More and more Chaos ensues.  We source slave labor to make their parts.  We suck whole generations into a small screen so that we can program them easier.  Don’t you see?  Chaos, at first, is a tempting seductress.  She eases our worry and shows us something innovative and great.  What we don’t realize is that if we don’t steer her OUR direction, that she will show us the folly of our ways.  She will show us just how we can abuse our power.  This is Eris’ lesson.

The cards I pulled for Eris are kinda ominous.  Why wouldn’t they be?  It’s fucking Eris, the goddess of Discord.  The information we are being fed is trying to stack things against us.  It is making us feel weak and stupid.  Be warned, Eris is going to take all of this down.  The wool is going to be pulled from our eyes, but it’s not going to be very pleasant.  But hey, at least we will finally be getting some fucking truth, right?  The Tower card is indicating that there is mass corruption that is about to go down.  What is the most obvious metaphor for The Tower card?  Probably 9/11.  No one knew those towers were going to come down (well, I could argue conspiracy, but I’ve already rambled long enough).  It was seemingly out of nowhere, and it completely changed the culture of the United States.  Seemingly out of nowhere, something may occur that will rattle our very foundations as a country.  What could the unexpected be?

I guess I really can’t tell you, can I?

The next two cards I pulled for Eris are the King of Wands and The Emperor.  The King of Wands is the King who cannot sit on his throne.  He is an action oriented king, and he is an innovator.  In my Hexen 2.0 Tarot deck, he is represented by Nicola Tesla.  The King of Wands is obsessed.  A new zeal will move about the political atmosphere; a fever of some kind.  This could be good, and this could be bad.  Really, people, it’s all about your intent.  Bend the energy to your will.  The final card is The Emperor.  He is Mars, and he is industry and war.  This card in this position warns us that every little thing that we do now has larger repercussions in the future.  We are walking on a tight rope and we need to sway in just the right ways.  Do you really know what being in charge of your own destiny feels like?  The reigns are about to switch, and if we, as the people, cannot take them, then someone else will.  Who will rule?  Will the chaos that ensues put someone diabolical in that oval office, or will we be so fired up by this energy that we will storm the capital and take back what is ours?


Helios and I will continue reporting this conjunct as things move along.  Let’s see how the patterns unfold, shall we?

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