Venus in Aries: Cadence

“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love anyone else?” – RuPaul

Effective Dates: April 6 – May 1 2016

Okay, so I love this transit. Shocking, I know, as Venus and I NEVER get along. Luckily, this is my natal placement so this is the one time we can stop fighting and work together, like a hero-villan teamup. The peace is usually more or less kept until Cancer, and then its back at each others throats… But thats another day. This is Aries!!!

Now, the key to this transit is in that quote. Now I live for all things Rupaul, and I have heard that particular quote more times than I can count, but it was always one that I have just brushed off, it’s just her send-off every episode (if you dont know Rupaul, or any of her wildly successful shows, please stop what you are doing and go binge on them IMMEDIATELY). The thing is though, the more you think about it, the more profound it is. If you cant love yourself, how can you love anyone else? I mean you can pretend, sure. But can you REALLY feel love for anyone else if you don’t show it and give it to yourself, first and foremost? How is that fair to you? Are you not deserving of your own love?

At that last question you should have had a knee-jerk reaction, a small voice in the back of your head involuntarily whispering “no”. I want you to chase down the source of that insecurity, really sit with and be present with it- figure out why it is that you have conditioned yourself to think so little of yourself, treating yourself so badly. When you realize what it is, it will probably be a surface-level bad thing you did, or habit/addiction you have, whatever- Dig deeper and you will find that that pattern or action has come about BECAUSE of your lack of self-love. Once you dig deeper than that and expose the real fear at the core, the magic will happen.

I am hardly one to lecture on this. I will be the first to admit that I LOATHE myself, I can’t stand my own company at all. I am harder on myself than I will ever need to be, and harder than anyone else ever could be. I am so cruel to myself that it could be seen as a breach of my constitutional rights under the 8th Amendment. I am not good at what this transit is challenging us to do. Still, we MUST do this and we have to get it right. We will do it together, and lordt knows its going to be a rough ride. Luckily, I can call in a favor on this one. My good friend Asmoday has prepared a great lesson and exercise on how to overcome this, and I can personally attribute to its effectiveness.

We can do this. We can do better. We can stop being frauds and finally reach our true potential, not being hindered by ourselves. We can overcome our saboteur.

Can I get an Amen?

Artemis (Cards: 
3 of Cups and Ace of Wands)

“One bowman must hunt Sekhmet-Hathor… as she shifts, one phase Destroyer of Humankind, the next, Goddess of Love…” – On the Scarlet Lady, Unknown

No human can stand in a fire and not be consumed.  But we have no choice, do we?  Venus is entering Aries, and she becomes like Helen of Troy in this cosmic coupling.  We will be COMPELLED as if by some magnetic force toward the things we desire.  We will find excitement here, and a new sense of daring.  Dare to take that leap into love that Aries do so well (though ever fleeting, god damn commitment-phobe rams).  There is a lot of impulsive fire coming from this tarot reading, so I’m sure there will be a tremendous amount of impulsive romantic and sexual activity kicking in.  The Tarot cards I drew to describe the energy that is coming from this configuration are the 3 of Cups and Ace of Wands; both very spontaneous energies.

I’m really relieved, guys.  We really needed this kind of energy to carry us through the next few weeks.  This transit actually looks really, really good.  I know Helios is just as excited for this Venus in Aries as I am.  We both kinda have an Aries fetish.  Not gunna lie.

I can already hear the egos of every single Aries inflating as they read that.

People who are born with Venus in Aries in their natal charts are very courageous lovers.  They will immediately pursue an object of their desire and usually succeed in getting what they want.  Why?  Because who the hell doesn’t love to feel desired?  Aries energy is lifeblood.  We crave it.  We get drunk off of it and end up doing stupid shit.  But, you know what?  It’s FINE.  “Why is it fine, Artemis?”  WELL, because looking at the card reading, it looks like that very 3 of Cups fun loving, drunkenness is what is going to lead to the creative fire that is the Ace of Wands.  The 3 of Cups is traditionally depicted as 3 women having a blast dancing together (probably getting smashed off of wine).  It’s letting go.  It’s allowing a situation to turn into a fun time.

We are all fucking stressed and broken down from what we see looming ahead of us and all of the corpses of our enemies behind us.  Let Aries do us this one solid and ride the chill the fuck out Venus train.  3 of Cups represents play and carefree socializing.  We have to learn to let go and trust and succumb to Venusean love energy right now.

Am I asking you to play with fire?  Yes.

Don’t hesitate.  An Aries never hesitates.  The cards are saying, “If you do this (if you emanate the 3 of cups), you will be rewarded with the Ace of Wands.”  What is the ace of wands? Well, punks, it is the symbol for pure sex and creativity.  It is the divine spark.  It is the first whisperings of a muse in your ear.  It is the smirk on an artist’s face as they suddenly realize exactly what they need to do.  It is inspiration in its purest and most malleable form.

Where is the seat of all creativity?  The Hindu Chakra system would say the Sacral Chakra.  Yes, that would be your sex chakra (also associated with self-worth).  The tarot would say the suit of Wands, which is also associated with sexuality.  The desires that Venus brings to us alchemically transform us.  No human can stand in a fire and not be consumed.  It’s time to take the Aries leap of faith and rise from the ashes.

In short: Pursue the things you love with zeal, no hesitation, and do it genuinely.  Flowing, not fighting against them, is best right now because the things that you desire will be harder to resist anyway.  Probably for good reason.  It’s fine.  If you give in, the cards say you will get a nice, inspirational reward.  Probably a muse.

Cross your fingers for a muse. 

Please allow yourself to receive the word of our Lady of Beauty and Love!  I promise you the communion is far more fun than that of most of the other stiff collared gods.

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