Venus in Cancer: Refuge

Effective Date: 6/18-7/15/16

Helios Says:

When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability… To be alive is to be vulnerable.” -Madeleine L’Engle

Hello Cardinal Crisis our old friend….

That’s right, its that time of year again- Back into the churn we go! But this time… are we really? Are we in for another round of shakeups and chaos and illusions being destroyed? I mean, most assuredly, but this one… it feels different. Like there is a purpose behind it, and that it will be less about wanton destruction and more about growth for once. Well, to be fair it has always been about growth, but this time it definitely feels more insistent and demanding, but subtly so.

If you cant tell, I have issues with the water signs- Much confusion. Many subtlety.

The good thing is that the aim of this transit is crystal clear to me- Since the Full Moon in Cancer, you have been about picking up the pieces of the shattered relationships and failed loves that have gone before. You have been taking back what has been lost to you, the shards of  your heart that you have given away- Now you that you have (more or less) done that, you have to start opening yourself up again. You will need to relearn vulnerability, while at the same time not forgetting the lessons of  the failed affairs from before. You cannot lose yourself in any of these new loves, or falling to obsession, nor can you remain icy and distant for long. You must strike a balance between the two extremes. Open and inviting, yet independent and strong.

From here on out it will be more of a mature love that will be expected of you, yet this is no less fun! All it means is that you will get hurt less (but no less hard) and will cause less damage to the hearts of others. This will require some very radical candor on your part, and you must be clear about what you want from your partners and in your life. You must realize that you cannot have everything and everyone, and for some of you this is harder to accept than you might think (casts pointed side-eye at mirror) but if you are willing to accept this you can stop wasting time and get down to the nitty-gritty of what it is that you actually desire. Most of all, you have to be honest with yourself first about what it is you really need. Once that bridge has been crossed, you may not realize when this round of the Cardinal Crisis hits, and those things you would have once fought so hard to protect will pass away without so much as a whimper!

Artemis says:
Cards:  The Lovers, 9 of Cups, 5 of Swords

“Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy.” 
― Anaïs Nin, Delta of Venus

The feeling of Cancer always reminds me of being nestled warmly under the roots of a big, old tree.  The Crab is a sentimental lover with big watery eyes and hands that are always reaching for yours.  There is an eternal coziness to Cancer, and snuggling up with one is like being surrounded by blankets right out of the dryer.  They are also needy as fuck and will suck you dry if you are an individual that craves freedom in relationships.  Sorry, Cancer, gotta tell it like it is.  You can’t keep us hostage forever with your hot chocolate and tears.  I will dig my way out of the room with a fucking spoon, I swear to the gods.

The lesson we do learn from Cancer is that the heart is required for truly ecstatic states. You need to feel comfortable enough to melt and relax into someone in order to be taken to great heights.  With this card combination presented to me, we learn that a true merger of spirit to create something beyond the two individuals involved creates states of drunken ecstasy.  This sounds quite lovely.  The summer time is the perfect time for lusty romances, and without the constant threats coming from winter weather, we can fully focus on melding with individuals around us.  This floaty Cancer energy will be wonderful for tribal love.  You will find a softening happening all around you and stronger, far more open bonds developing between friends.  Cancer tells us there is no need for the harshness.  Summer is here and we have plenty.  Let us share.

The 9 of Cups reminds us that we have the capacity to love and feel fulfillment if we just looked around at what we already have.  We attract what we put out, so a jovial and fulfilled attitude only attracts others who want to propagate this attitude.  The 5 of Swords warns us that we must think of others at this time.  We have all been through weeks of hell with all of these retrogrades, Eris and Uranus finally coming into conjunct, and the grand cross only 4 days away (6/6).  So when Venus finally rolls into Cancer, we will be coming to heal each other with the vast mental resources we have scoured from the depths of our being.  Is your point of view really more important than the ties you have with others?  Before speaking, observe your tribe.  What do you all need to be strong?  It is always easier, far more fun, and far more interesting working with like minded friends and lovers than it ever is going at it alone and pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.  We will be learning the meaning behind tribe, and the security and nourishment provided by the tribe.  Without this, we cannot grow into full individuals capable of taking on whatever is dealt our way.

In short, it’s time to learn how to play trust games with those we love.  The only way to reach ecstatic states is to be able to trust and let go.  Don’t worry if you are initially having a very difficult time developing these bonds with others, because it is literally one of the hardest things we will ever learn to do.  But it is also one of the most important.