Venus in Taurus: Worth Living

Helios Says:

This one could not have come at a better time. While the rest of the cosmos is falling apart and competing to see who can be the biggest mess, our girl Venus is here to step up and show us how its really done. As she steps off of the battlefield and goes back to the homestead, she is reminded of what really matters: Not the grand cosmic chaos, no, there will be time for that later. Now it is time to take comfort in the simple moments, the banality of life and the work we do.

She is in good company, with the Sun just having moved into Taurus after Mercury cleared the way for him (even if he is retrograding). Together, these three form a powerful base, in a sign that is so… good. I give Taurus a lot of crap, but only because that makes it’s fields all the more fertile. Taurus is one of the most human signs there is- sure, you can make the case for Aquarius, but when it comes to actually living a real life, one with a sense of normalcy and any form of happiness rather than being locked up in some lab in an ivory tower, Taurus is the one you want. Where you have Taurus is where you find pleasure, where you have your favorite snack or comfort food; your bank account, your security and happiness. Taurus is the window box of flowers, the herb garden out back and the smell of fresh cut grass, Taurus is your connection to this world, how you leave a physical mark on it.

Taurus is life.

The bull isnt the only life though- No sir! There is a lot going on in the earth signs at the moment, with Jupiter, the great party boy, in Virgo. Decidedly less partying, though he will turn up with some moonshine after a long days work in the fields! Can’t ever keep him from a good time. And Pluto, the lord of the underworld, is still riding through Capricorn, lest you forget- Any look at one has to take the others into account. So what does that mean? Well, even though your life isnt necessarily going the way you want and your work is a lot of drudgery with little to no reward (Jupiter) and you feel powerless without much room to grow (Pluto) it is still up to you to show up, pay your bills, and find a reason to keep moving through this life, a way to make it bearable, no matter how banal or small. Luckily no one is up to the task more than our girl Venus. Guilty Pleasures and indulgences are her bread and butter. Silk sheets, chocolate and so much delicious sin- that is what is on your menu.

No matter how hard these times get, there is always a reason to keep moving. Find it. Savor each moment, whether bitter or sweet, and apologize for nothing. You are beautiful, and I hope one day that you see it for yourself. Trust Venus. Trust Taurus. They will see us through

Artemis says:

“Life is a party, and parties aren’t meant to last.”  – Prince

Cards:  The Lovers, Two of Swords, Two of Cups

Oooh lala, we have a menage a trois!  Venus is plowing into Taurus, cases of wine in tow.  She heard you forgot how to enjoy yourself (it’s why we are all here in the first place), so it’s time for your (very) friendly Venusean reminder!  The Garden of Eden is here, beneath our feet, and no one knows this better than Taurus.  Start reaping some of your sexy love harvest, punks, because we aren’t going down on this sinking ship without a good time.

What does this combination of cards tell me?  The deck I used for this particular reading is called the “Wildwood Tarot,” and the individual that represents the two of swords sits blindfolded.  In both hands she holds arrows at her heart with her bow stomped to the ground under her left foot.  She is intently listening to her heart before making her decision.  Where will she let her (love) arrows fly?  She wants to achieve justice with her decision (another Venusean reference to Libra).

What is the RIGHT decision?  Once you have the fortune – once you have love – you have to ask yourself, “What am I going to do with all this money?”

The woman in the 2 of Swords card has scales floating above her.  On one side of the scale we have coins and on the other we have a feather.  The outside world is in balance – as this is it’s natural state.  Always seeking balance.  Things are moving the way they need to be, but, unfortunately, the woman in this card hasn’t yet removed her blindfold to see the joy, union, and pleasure around her.  The decisions have already been made.  The Lovers are mid vows, the 2 of Cups are mid spilling of their life blood into each other’s cups.  Venus in Taurus is telling us to JUST BE.  Be, in pleasure and joy, with the lovers and business partners that have chosen to be with us.  Live through the heart while the mind is being muddled with all this bullshit coming our way from the retrogrades, wretched full moon in Scorpio, Eris and Uranus conjunct throttling toward us, and the dreaded Grand Cross only 2 months away.

What’s the point of all the fighting if not for the pillaging?  Seriously.  We have all of this sexy energy coming from the Sun in Taurus and Venus moving into Taurus, use it to your advantage.  You’re going to get QUALITY lovers now.  Although we got tons of offers at love in Aries in Venus, this is where we find the ones that are worth our while.  Those individuals are few and far between.  No wonder Taurus is so possessive…

The card for two of swords in this deck has two arrows.  She can shoot two different things.  She can have the union of soul that is offered by the 2 of cups and the alchemical explosion offered by the Lovers.  She can have it all.  It would be an injustice to just sit back and not seize.  Taurus in Venus is all about taking what we desire, becoming intimate with it (2 of cups) and merging to form something beyond the parts (the Lovers).

We limit ourselves.  We decide the world is one way without actually 1ooKing at it.  Nothing is as it seems.  Remember, Venus is a planet of illusions, just like her higher octave, Neptune.  The two of Swords reminds us that sometimes what we are looking for can’t be seen with the eyes, but it can surely be seen with the heart.
If you want love, if you want fortune, if you want the things that you value, you must let your heart be the guide.  The two of swords is telling us to make decisions based on our desires.  The full moon in Scorpio is upon us in Sun in Taurus.  What do you WANT?  The heart knows.  Let the lifeblood flow.  Let the people around you hear your pounding heart.  Without that passion, what’s the point of living?  And this Venus is all about the pleasures of living….