New Moon in Cancer: Life/Blood

Effective Date: July 4th, 2016

Helios  Helios’ Astrological angle on the New Moon in Cancer:  “Before you can live a part of you has to die. You have to let go of what could have been, how you should have acted and what you wish you would have said differently. You have to accept that you can’t change the past experiences, opinions of others at that moment in time or outcomes from their choices or yours. When you finally recognize that truth then you will understand the true meaning of forgiveness of yourself and others. From this point you will finally be free.” -Shannon L. Alder

I cannot decide whether this is the least Cancerean New Moon there has ever been, or if we have just been mistaken about what Cancer actually means this whole time. Since the chart I cast shows a triple Cancer lunation, my money would be on the latter.  You see, typically, with Cancer- it is a refreshing and relaxing season to spend time with those who are closest to you, a time to deepen connections to your tribe and come away more whole than broken. This time however, it is like we have been dropped into the middle of a firefight, and it’s every man for himself!

Artemis  Artemis’ Tarot take on the New Moon in Cancer:  “Water: 35 liters, Carbon: 20 kg, Ammonia: 4 liters, Lime:1.5 kg, Phosphrus: 800 g, salt: 250g, saltpeter:100g, Sulfer: 80g, Fluorine: 7.5 g, iron: 5.6 g, Silicon: 3g, and 15 other elements in small quantities…. thats the total chemical makeup of the average adult body. Modern science knows all of this, but there has never been a single example of succesful human trasmutation. It’s like there’s some missing ingredient….. Scientists have been trying to find it for hundreds of years, pouring tons of money into research, and to this day they don’t have a theory. For that matter, the elements found in a human being is all junk that you can buy in any market with a child’s allowence. Humans are pretty cheaply made.”
― Hiromu Arakawa, Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 1

I officially dub this the alchemists’ new moon. I am simultaneous terrified and excited about this one. Being a Uranean ruled individual, I have a love for rebellion and change.  But I also know what un-directed rebellion and change lead to.  Choices, choices, what are we to do? We are being forced to create something, to change something, and violently at that. Cancer relates to the Chariot in the Tarot, another card, like the Lovers, about combining of forces to create something more; something that can get us the fuck out of here. Thankfully, our intuition (Cancer) is in charge of this chemical reaction before we get into Leo season, where we will have to demonstrate everything we have learned. But first, we will be forced to act, forced to bleed for the choices we have made the words we have spoken. It is a time to cast lies aside and meet the forces of nature head on. So, chemical reactions… Are we going to create gold just in time for Leo season, or are we going to create a bomb?

Helios  H: The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune– Okay, what are we supposed to do with this? We have been launched headlong into another outbreak of the Cardinal Crisis (so much for it being done, aye? Way to go, other astrologers- called it again!) and we have to deal with the scatterbrain, the tyrant and the strung-out artist straight out of the gate? Where the hell is Mars when you actually need him… Let’s pull back- what do these all have in common? They are all extremely different planets, in signs that want wildly different things- but they all want something. Their argument is about how to go about getting what they want. Mercury fights with propaganda (hearts and minds), Saturn seizes the means of production and fuels both sides, and Neptune prefers to retreat, infiltration and stealth ops when absolutely necessary. If this was the Avengers, we’d be looking at Quicksilver, Nick Fury and Black Widow. Not a bad team, if a bit chaotic. Once they find their groove, there isn’t much that they wont be able to do! Of course Saturn would be their rock, as its going to be yours. You need to hold fast to that core of iron in you. Your ideals, your passions and truths will need a firm base if they want to survive this trial. The great thing is that this particular configuration is epic for cultural expression- Dig deep and find the inspiration for some amazing art, something within you that needs to be expressed. Call out the truth amidst the facsimiles and falsehoods. You will need to push yourself, harder than you have had to yet, because we are in the thick of it- Our enemies have come to us, and we have to fight back or die to the bastards. You make your choice as to how you want to go.

Artemis  A:  The Sun (King of Cups), Moon (Lovers), Mercury (4 of Cups), Saturn (7 of Swords) and Neptune (Page of Wands)–   So we have a big fucking mirror right here, folks.  All of those pesky anxieties Cancer is so well known for are all clustering up in the same spot.  Resolve, resolve, resolve, this moon screams, and make your choices carefully.  Be very careful, my loves, for this new moon will pit your darkest anxieties against you.  What if I’m not good enough?  Mercury in the 4 of Cups makes me nervous, but it also tells me a very important detail.  In the Waite depiction of this card, a person is sitting under a tree with three cups set before him.  He is deep in contemplation about the 3 cups while a disembodied hand, stretching from a puffy cloud, is attempting to hand him a 4th cup.  We are literally being handed our answers and we are refusing to accept them.  Is something not as ideal as you expected?  Does something shatter your idea of some sort of “rules” you’ve set for yourself?  (btw “rules” are out the window with Uranus and the way he is behaving right now)  We really need to start LOOKING at things when they are presented to us.  Your mind will dodge uncomfortable anxieties, but Mercury in Cancer will force you to bleed out the contents of your heart.  Let’s make our way out of this maze of mirrors, shall we?  The Sun is jolly old King of Cups.  Well if that doesn’t immediately tell me that this new moon will be about other people, I don’t know what will.  Ok, I know, you’re terrified to open your heart to others and tell them how you really feel, because that means things are going to change.  But remember, guys, nature tells us that if things do not change, they fucking die.  And yes, change is scary.  Change means you have to start trying again, and you have to start working on things and untying knots.  As one of my favorite poets, Barbara Chase-Riboud, says “Everytime a knot is undone, a God is released.”  Oh, gods, look at Saturn sitting all smugly with the 7 of Swords in his hand.  FML we are going to get slapped in the face with our selfish choices and have to grow some ovaries to face them.  Cry, my friends, open up and fucking cry.  If you don’t resolve your emotional issues with those closest to you, you are not going to survive Leo season’s wrath (and Leo rules the Heart and The Sun).  You can’t build a persona that is capable of dealing with the hell that life throws at you if you are being a selfish, egotistical fuck.  Your selfish, egotistical fuckness is just going to get worse when we start getting that Leo energy in the air.  An egotistical Leo is a piece of shit Leo, and a Leo who realizes it is really all about the tribe makes a powerful leader.  I hope you all can see the terror in my astral eyes right now, because I am honestly worried about a lot of people.  This reminds me of the time I did ayahuasca and as I was kneeling over a bucket, puking out my brains, this old woman said to me, “If you don’t purge out all that darkness before we begin the ritual, you wont be able to manifest a stable future.  It’s only your bad karma leaving your body.”  Now resolve that shit, guys.  Open your heart.  Tell people what you really mean.  Your heart needs to strengthen, and to do that it needs to be cracked the fuck open first.  The Japanese mend broken objects by filling their damage with gold.  They believe that the suffering item has a history, and thus it alchemicaly becomes something more beautiful.  Now let that sword of truth plummet into your heart, clean those wounds during this Cancerean opportunity, and fill the holes with the gold that is coming straight for us in Leo season.  If you start feeling other people’s hurt during this season, do not panic.  Mercury in Cancer and the Moon in Cancer are doing double work to make us well aware of the wounds of our tribe.  Empaths beware, this is going to be a very heavy season.  Become the wounded healer.

Helios  H: Venus, Mars and Uranus– Now these guys I can work with. Keeping with our Avengers theme we have Maria Hill, Captain America and Iron Man (I see you Chiron as the Winter Soldier). SO MUCH PASSION HERE. It can be intense, and tempers will run crazy high- But these guys will ensure that the job GETS DONE… and there is so much to do. You are fired up, and you will need to use it. Passion can be a fickle thing, however- It can come and go at will, and with Ixion’s influence strong with these three, you may find that exercising it causes more problems than solutions. Paradoxically, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth exploring- The hard road is the right road right now: If your path is an easy one, you are doing something wrong. This is not to say that going against the natural flow of events is the path to glory, that is not it at all. It’s like… its like this astro wants you to join Fight Club- It wants you to seek out conflict to test yourself and so you can get in touch with a more primal, more authentic part of yourself. THAT is what is demanded of you; you need to break away from the mainstream and punk out for a minute- You will come back after with a fresh perspective, and you will be more in tune with what actually matters, where your priorities actually lie.

Artemis  A: Venus (Ace of Swords), Mars (7 of Wands) and Uranus (The World)–  *Artemis puts on combat boots*  VIVA LA REVOLUTION!  What does it take for a people to change?  Something that attacks their heart.  Kill their family.  Kill their dreams.  Kill that one thing that they really value and love.  New Moons, though, are about inner work (and in this new moon’s case, inner work involving other people and our relationships to them).  What inside of ourselves are we so fraught over losing that we would continue to put up walls in order to protect it?  Is it the idea that we are to blame for something?  Is it facing the fact that we have hurt others with our rage?  Take a look at the cards, folks.  We have the Ace of Swords being held by the goddess of Love herself, Venus.  There is your Excalibur.  There is your key, everyone.  Watch everyone around you.  It’s easy to train your intuitive eye if you follow the patterns.  People ebb and flow like waves.  Emotions are ruled by the moon because they behave in just this way.  Our bodies are primarily water.  Watch as the consciousness rises, the fires get stoked, and the collective gets electric.  Then watch as it dips into new moon season and we fall into a hush.  The great thing is, during this hush, we can actually start to hear things.  This is the best time to get out of the woods.  You can see all the stars, you can see your way out, you can see the minds of those around you.  Now do it.  Open your fucking heart, and do it.  Come on guys.  The biggest and scariest things must be faced so that we can come into our power.  Mars is telling us 7 of Wands, or as Crowley titled the card, “Valour.”  You must do the right thing.  If not for others, for yourself.  You need to settle issues of the heart now, or it will hurt YOU in the long run.  Uranus wont let us get away with it.  You can run, but you can’t fucking hide form a sky god.  You can never tell where Uranus is going to emerge next.  You think you have put up all your safety nets and then, BAM MOTHERFUCKING CHAOS.  So, yeah, you’re going to have to face these things.  You are being pulled to face these things.  You are being put into these situations for a REASON.  In order to progress, innovate, receive flashes of insight, you need to attack the tough problems.  You know all those ideas of who you want to be coming into manifestation during the full moon in Saggo/Capricorn?  Well, now you are going to be tested.  If you are searching for Truth with a capital T, you are going to have to start with the heart.  That’s the secret of alchemy.

Helios  H: Jupiter and Pluto– You know, one day we will be out of the Heaven/Hell dichotomy; Today is not that day. Today we must marry the lessons that both have taught us. It has been so long that you have sojourned in Hell- Can you remember anything of Heaven? Those halcyon days, long past, must be reclaimed. You have to have something to reach for, no? Hope cannot be lost this day. To finish the team of Avengers, we have Thor and Vision: Two wildly different forces of nature, they are far more than individuals. Their raw power alone puts them at deity status (a fact Thor revels in, yet Vision rejects) but they surpass even this- They are ideas, concepts; both representing two schools of thought when it comes to supernatural might: Whether one should revel in their power or show restraint. Both are extreme ends of the spectrum, and their fatal flaws are exposed in their ideology- Carelessness and an inability to do what, in the end, must be done. As these titans try to work together (in what would be a hilarious buddy-cop style movie), you must attempt to bring this cooperation to yourself, bringing together the discordant shards of your Self, gathered back (and sometimes stolen back!) from those who held them as collateral at gunpoint. The gathering is done, what is required now is that you surrender these shards of yourself up to be synthesized back together, in the mother of all alchemical workings. Pluto’s fire will bring you back to Jupiter’s highest version of what you may yet be. Yes, that’s right- You’re getting your power back. It may only be for a moment, but if you work it right, it will last a lifetime.

Artemis  A: Jupiter (9 of Pentacles) and Pluto (2 of Wands)–  There is a hyper focus on material reality that has been permeating the collective psyche because of Jupiter.  Of course a party guy like Jupiter is literally forcing us to enjoy physical pleasures right now.  He is in an earth sign, Virgo, and gleefully floating dangerously close to Libra these days.  Have we at Heretical Oracles told you how excited we are for that transit?  Yeah, pretty stoked.  I digress.  So, Jupiter is reminding us what happens when we get too comfortable in our station.  Every coin has two sides.  9 of Pentacles tells us that our comfort will only lead to boredom and stagnation.  Once you have everything you materially think you need, and once you have exhausted your initial fun with your new toys, you will feel that existential dread set in.  Nothing can be avoided forever, friends.  Nothing.  These things will keep coming back, over and over again, like waves on the shore.  Crabs know this phenomenon and curse it every day, as the waves drive them back and forth.  You can’t avoid the spiritual work.  It’s time to do it.  While Jupiter is lounging around, getting fed grapes by a harem of super sexy women, and a swan (mythology geeks everywhere giggle), Pluto is building our courage.  She is rallying the troops inside of us, and making shock waves.  The 2 of Wands is all about getting that booming confidence back.  It’s about regaining your power and being able to look at the vast world ahead of you.  Pluto is telling us how we are going to get the most out of this new moon.  Here is the trigger point; transformation.  With Pluto in Capricorn, and Venus/Sun/Moon/Mercury in Cancer, the opposition is all about change of heart/ideas/psychology/ideals (I know Helios says it is too “wide” of an aspect for Pluto, but I think the inherent energy of these planets being in opposing signs creates a sort of opposition).  You are being forced to transform, but if you give in to this transformational process, it will be so fucking good for you.  2 of Wands tells us this is an opportunity to really step into our power; our self authority.  To find our strength, we need to crumble, change, and confront.  You are not small.  You are not delicate.  You are a warrior.  And don’t forget; your tribe is fighting this battle right alongside you.

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