Pallas Athene Retrograde: Daemons

Effective Dates: June 21st- October 18th 2016


Helios’ Astrological Angle for Pallas Retrograde in Pisces

Life is so much easier when you’re numb” -Rami Malek

In computing terms, a daemon is a program that runs continuously and exists for the purpose of handling periodic service requests that a computer system expects to receive. The daemon program forwards the requests to other programs (or processes) as appropriate. Each server of pages on the Web has an HTTPD or Hypertext Transfer Protocol daemon that continually waits for requests to come in from Web clients and their users.

Obviously there is another meaning of the word that we are all far more familiar with, and these are similar in practice. Daemons run in the background, without any user input, and can easily be malicious. If you think of a human as a organic computer, we also have daemons (lesser brain functions like your heartbeat, your breathing, telling your cells to divide and renew themselves), and for the most part ours are benign- but daemons didn’t get their name by being completely harmless. Our daemons also show up as disease, addictions, compulsions- things we cannot control and would not choose, but nevertheless color and shape our lives. Hell, the entire study of Astrology could be viewed as a study of cosmological daemons over a period of time.

During this transit, your demons will be coming out to play. In Pisces, Pallas is extremely uncomfortable. She likes patterns, a logical progression, a way to cohesively organize a data set; And Pisces is a giant mishmash of whatever is leftover from the other signs. It is a drug-addled haze, where moments of clarity come unbidden, and with no warning. Now, that’s all with her going direct- even though Pallas loathes the unorganized and messiness of it, at least there is a system that flows forward, inscrutable though it may be. With her going Retrograde though? All bets are off. No progress will be made. Any retrograde in Pisces will always be against the current- this one will be no exception.

You are going to be flirting with madness. The cognitive dissonance you are slated for will cause you to seek experiences that are authentic, but that are also within your control. You will want to reduce the equation to its smallest, most manageable variables, and will become increasingly frustrated as you are unable to.

What you need to do in this one is get by. This is not the time to figure out the source code that the universe works on (though its totally possible now if you know what to look for). To move forward you have to try and go another way- when you get frustrated you must stop, and distract yourself, however you need to. This is not a time to go cold turkey if that is what you want- wait. Get through, then try again during Saturn Direct. If you don’t try and break your habits, then you can’t relapse- And then you avoid all that pesky withdrawal.

Artemis’ Tarot Take for Pallas Retrograde in Pisces

“We speak of fighting to resist this world But what about the battle within us? If we have chosen to live against the grain. Then why are we all facing the same way?” — William Faulkner

Cards: 2 of Cups, Knight of Wands, Hangman

You have arrived. The machine is in motion. Those of you who have been facing your demons the past few months and took your leap of faith toward your ideal, you’ve set it off, whether you know it or not, this change deep inside of you. Now the real work begins. How are we going to implement what wisdom you have learned?

For this Full Moon in Saggo/Capricorn during the Summer Solstice, we are being cleansed with fire. Even if you aren’t evolving and choosing to stay in your station, the world around you is moving and shifting in paradigm. You will be forced to confront this change eventually, and far more painfully than if you had the courage to do it yourself. And you wont get to choose your role, which is kinda the shittiest part of all. Then we have the New Moon Cancer, washing us off and hardening us. The crab wears a shell to protect its delicate inner workings, but it knows resilience like no other. Don’t destroy your emotional world, just know how to protect yourself from those who choose to hurt you; whether purposefully or accidentally.

And now Pallas Athena is shifting us inward; inner wisdom will prevail. For this change of events, I pulled an intersting combination of cards; 2 of cups, knight of wands, and the hangman. What do I see as I peer into the mirrored depths? “Know thyself,” is the first thought that comes to me, and with knowing thyself comes a great challenge. It is quite convenient that she is going retrograde just around the time that multiple planets, and our sun, are moving into Cancer. Sometimes, no wait, most of the time, the highest degrees of wisdom and transformation come from being able to confront hard emotional truths. We have all poured our heart and soul into something, whether it is a way of life, a lover, or whatever, we have given of ourselves and we have failed to receive any progress of the soul from it. If you peer deep inside and take a good hard look at your feelings, you will see that, instinctually, you have always known the answer. It is time to trust those instincts and act on them. The Knight of Wands charges in like Saggo. He is the Knight that doesn’t hesitate.

The reason you are haunted is because you choose to not to exorcise these false beliefs in yourself. We sit there thinking that the beast will somehow become our Prince, but in short, the beast has always been showing us his ugly face. Unfortunately, we feed and feed and feed these false ideas of things. We romance our oppressors, we make excuses for our bad habits, and we delude ourselves about what our true dream is. You must separate yourself from society and from the onrush of expectations. When you dive deep inside yourself, what is the cold, hard truth that never lies to you but you always attempt to cover up?

It’s the thing that you battle with each day. It’s the thing that you have gone to your best friend about time and time again, yet you never fucking take anyone’s advice. It’s the thing that nags you in the darkest parts of night. Kill your ego about the situation. We all mis-judge things because of loneliness or emotional confusion, but you have to choose now whether you want to live in the Maya or seek real Truth. Pisces is all about the waters of the collective, but this time, with Pallas in retrograde, we are swimming in reverse. Like a salmon against the grain of the river, we know our true destination by instinct and we know we will be faced with resistance the entire way. But without this resistance, we wont have the strength to face whatever it is at the endpoint of our journey. Yes, we may have realized our ideal and have unshackled ourselves from our prison of the past, but now we must actually go out on our “quest for the grail.” This means we are going to be clearing out new paths, because this road you are about to take regarding your destiny has never been traveled. Are you up for the adventure? Are you ready to see the other side? In order to do so, first you must let Athena kill the illusions inside of you. She is the goddess of Wisdom and Victory for a reason; you can’ t have one without the other.

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