Venus in Leo: Indulgence

Effective date of transit:  July 12, 2016

Helios  Helios’ Astrological Angle on Venus into Leo

You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.”-Roman Payne

So you get it now, right? What you want is not what you have- You are not living right. Somewhere along the way you chose the safe option, choosing to avoid one fear or another (its all the same fear in these cases actually- fear of losing your security) and you stopped chasing after what you really wanted. Now here you are, making excuses as to why you made the choices you did, instead of remembering what it is that you really desire.

Desire is a great thing; It shapes our lives and spurs us on, driving us ever forward. Our desires show what we strive for (Eris) and how far we chase them shows our attainment in life (Saturn [Oh yes, he has an extremely hedonistic side]). Ignore your desires, or worse, suppress them, and they try and turn up in a different, probably more malicious form, like a hydra. Suppress those further instead of trying to heal and integrate them within yourself? Well, then your life slowly starts to lose all meaning and you end up worse than a nihilistic emo kid circa 2005. No one wants that (again).

Venus in Leo is a great cure-all for that. Your goal is to get back into the flow, instead of trying to swim against the current to get ahead. Like when she is in Taurus, she is all about the little indulgences in life that make it worth living, like that extra slice of cake or splurging on a coffee from Starbucks rather than making it at home. She will spur you on to try and salve the wounds that Jupiter in Virgo has inflicted on you with his militant spend-thrift ways and obsessive caloric counting (yes, you will still have to spend an extra hour in the gym to work off that cake. Deal with it). This transit is where you ditch the health-goth chic for neon pink yoga pants. It’s listening to your favorite songs on your commute instead of listening to NPR or something. During this transit, do what makes you happy, and quit giving yourself so much grief about it! Your soul will thank you.

Artemis  Artemis’ Tarot Take on Venus into Leo

“You know, it’s funny; when you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.” – Wanda the Owl, BoJack Horseman

Cards:  Queen of Wands, The Tower, The Devil

We all get stuck in situations that, in the beginning, seemed sexy and full of life.  And yes, by situations, I mean love relationships that have blazing red flags from the very beginning.  But they were so funny!  But they were so smart! You didn’t really pay attention to how horribly they treated their friends because their flirting was on point.  After that initial glamour period ends, you learn how they want to subvert who you are and demand things of you.  They carry you around on their shoulder like you’re a handbag instead of a human being, and you wonder when the hell you lost your self worth.

Welcome to Venus in Leo, everyone, but this one will be an especially shocking ingress.  Sure, Venus in Leo is all about being big and flashy and yourself, but it is also about sticking up for who you are.  The Tower.  There is a lot of chaotic energy in the air, and this makes people lash out due to agitation.  Their lives are crumbling, so they should take you down with them.  Their dreams are dying, so no one else can have dreams.  They may have a specific idea of what a perfect human should be, a perfect life should be, so they tear down those they love in order to get them with the program. Don’t let these people destroy what you have built in yourself.  This is a time when your pride, your heart, and your values will be pushed and questioned.  It’s going to be easy to break because there will be multiple aspects going on in the sky that are challenging our emotional understanding of things.  After a sensitive, heart opening Venus transit into Cancer, we are forced to power up in Leo.  You’re going to need to understand your worth, which partners are best to integrate into your tribe, and how to place boundaries with assholes who try and use love to manipulate you into becoming someone you are not.  We all have our own version of what a perfect romance entails.  This transit is going to force us to see the reality of our love situations.

Queen of Wands.  Since Full Moon Libra and Venus Aries season, things have been spicing up for us.  Romances have fallen into place, and some powerful personalities have entered our lives.  Now we must decide which ones lift us up and make us feel like the Kings and Queens we are, and which ones are merely there to teach us important lessons about our own egos (because, baby, our falsely built egos are gunna burn burn burn during this transit).

So you think you’re hot shit?  You’re going to learn exactly who you are.  Some of us actually are exactly as amazing as we present ourselves *cough cough*, but that is because we have the confidence to be ourselves without apologies.  We slice the people out of our lives that wish to drown us in their sick ideas of what perfection is, and we loudly proclaim who we are to the world.  Our true lovers are pulled toward us, attracted by our magnetism like the sun.  You don’t run after these pieces of shit and beg them to be with you.  You are royalty, fucking ROAR!  So shine, baby, shine, because real love is gravitational.

So a partner of yours thinks they are a diamond when they are merely cubic zirconia?  It’s time to make the hard decision, but the right decision – leaving them so that you may step into your power.  Since our double signed full moon of Saggo and Capricorn, we are being tested.  We built a plan in the winter and spring, and now it is time to actually act.  You’re going to see people dropping like flies around you because they do not have the strength to shine, but that wont be you.  You’re a shining fucking star and you are never going to give up on your truest dreams – the ones that come straight from your heart (remember Leo is ruled by the Sun, which rules the heart).

What is our future warning?  The Devil.  Leo shows love to those that are loyal to him.  If Leo knows you are part of his tribe, he will protect you tooth and nail.  You must be able to discern between those that are just buttering you up just so that they can have you as an accessory to their greatness (experts at manipulating the heart), and those who truly do admire you for exactly who you are.  You need someone to rule with you, not rule over you.  Take your heart into account when making these decisions, not your loins.  No matter how sexy arrogance may seem at times, it’s not worth it.  Repeat after me this season: look for confidence, not arrogance.  You need to remove the lovers in your life that are shackling you or you will find yourself stuck in something for years that should have ended at the first date.  Don’t worry, my friends, because we will still have Mercury in Cancer at the time of this ingress, so your intuitions will be at full steam.  Use them.  And make the hard choices.  Trust me, even if you have to drink an entire bottle of tequila and listen to a Beyonce album from beginning to end to break up with that no good piece of shit, you fucking do it.  You are royalty with your own goals and dreams, and anyone who can’t take that into account is not worth your time.