Chiron Retrograde: Frayed

Effective dates: June 27th – December 1st, 2016

Helios  Helios’ Astrological Angle on Chiron Retrograde: Yeah, that was my face too when I saw that not only was Chiron turning retrograde, but that somehow he had snuck under my radar and was doing so without me having any idea he was doing it. Although we have stuck him into a few posts to round out the numbers, we haven’t really had the chance to actually explain him and how he works, have we?

Well Chiron is a centaur (both his race and his planetary designation). He predates the other Centaurs in the myths, and in his discovery, and has a different pedigree- While the other centaurs were mortal and descend from Ixion, Chiron descends from Cronus (aka Saturn) who had a nice sidepiece named Philyra. When his wife Rhea found out and almost caught Cronus cheating on her, Cronus decided to turn himself into a horse, because who would suspect a horse having sex with a nymph? So Chiron was conceived as an immortal, half-horse, half-humanoid monstrosity. And he would have been treated like one if he wasn’t a goddamn genius. He trained a whole roster of heroes and figures in greek mythos, like Asclepius (first doctor, was so good that he could bring the dead back to life) Jason (of the Argonauts fame) and everyone’s favorite, Heracles. Now the last one wound up causing his teacher a whole mess of problems, including managing to inflict a mortal wound on an immortal being, by accident; and starting a war with all of Chiron’s rowdy brothers (again, on accident [mostly]). Still, Chiron kept to himself because he never truly felt at home anywhere- Not with the other immortals, not the Centaurs, and definitely not the humans.

In the cosmos, Chiron is a bit of an oddball- He is believed to be an inactive comet captured by Saturn. He doesn’t orbit the sun, but rather a point between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, crossing both. Due to this, he has been dubbed as a “rainbow bridge” or some other hippie, lightworker term that belies his real ugliness. I prefer to say that he represents transition between the past and the future. Chiron is not exactly a happy planet, as most astrologers focus on the mortal wound Heracles inflicted on him- one that defies all attempts to be healed, and must just be lived with (like Paul the Apostle’s “thorn in his side”) until you die. In trying and failing to heal however, you gain wisdom, that you share with others to help them heal and/ or grow.

Currently he is in Pisces, with Neptune, where he has been for what feels like forever (2010. Don’t be lazy, Heli) and where he will remain for a few more years (2019). In Pisces, he is responsible for the emotional churn and turbulence that you have been unable to escape, which only got worse after 2012. The disillusionment, addiction, pain and loss can all be pinned on him (well, your internal perception and reaction to it anyway). As he goes retrograde again, and as he gears up to start heading into Aries, his goal is a simple one: To get you to take goddamn control back of your life. For far too long, you have been hiding behind a victim role. No more. It is time for you to get up and find your balls again. You’re not where you wanted to be? Too bad, accept where you are and make a plan to change it, or shut up and accept your stagnation. Life harder than you thought? Second verse, same as the first! No more hiding, no more whining. Time for you to be a hero or settle for being nobody. That decision is up to you and you alone, and as such it falls on you and you alone whether you make it happen. Put up or shut up.

Artemis  Artemis’ Tarot Take on Chiron Retrograde:

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” – Rumi

Cards:  The World, The Empress, The Tower

Whenever I do a reading and every card I pull is a major arcana card, I know that the influence that is beginning is a powerful one that will be quite noticeable all around us.  So… Chiron?  He is the wounded healer, and thus shows us where our mortal wound is in life and how we can heal others through our struggles with it.  There are some inflictions that can never be sewn up, some nightmares that will never end, and we must learn how to live with them and use them as devices for our ascension.  We must transform these things into something positive – a healing device for those who are suffering in the same ways.  Chiron is associated with Saturn, meaning there is a strong fated component to the Chiron wound you are inflicted with in your chart.  There is no escaping it, and it will set the boundaries for your life.  We must learn to use these boundaries to our advantage instead of sulking about their very existence.

After the shooting in Orlando, survivors of the Boston bombing visited the wounded who were recovering or holding on by a thread.  There is no greater point of healing than meeting someone who has found strength after suffering from something so great and seemingly eternally inflicting.  The World.  Completion of a cycle.  We are all coming to a point where we can choose to repeat a recovery cycle or move past it.  It’s okay if you are not ready.  Go back, go inside.  You have more knowledge now than you did the first time this cycle came around.  Our lives, like the world, revolve around in circles.  We meet the same situations and people over and over again, and they present themselves to us in each stage with a new mask in hand.  It’s time for this to begin anew, but if you haven’t dealt with it’s current manifestation, you can’t progress down the spiral.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” -Soren Kierkegaard

The Empress.  With Chiron going reverse, it is time to dig deep inside and really expose what you have been trying to suppress.   Your wounds are nothing to be ashamed of.  You must realize that no matter what it is that has been inflicted on you, there is always potential for beauty.  The Empress knows that everything can be replaced and there is beauty in everything we come across.  Do not think that just because you lost something that it will be lost forever, and do not believe that if something has turned sour you will never find beauty in that situation again.  It is time to become okay with our wounds so that we may use them as a point of entry for beauty.  Crumbling to rock bottom allows you to see the light, and these wounds are there so that we may learn the valuable lessons of mortality, fragility, and transformation.  If we are personally inflicted with something, we know it better than those who must only intellectualize that sort of pain.  Whether it is financial troubles you have put yourself in, whether you have hurt the lovers in your life, whether you have been wounded by your mother, or any sort of pain that may have come into your life that has changed and morphed who you are, it is time to start settling these issues.  Chiron being related to Saturn tells us that there is no way to escape these things.  We must confront them in order to get the spiritual train rolling, and during Chiron retrograde, they will be even harder to avoid.  Don’t let this be something you worry your pretty little head with.  As Rumi said, this is the point where the light comes in.  This is the wound that humanizes you and allows you to have sympathy with those around you.  Let the pain transform you.

What is our warning?  The Tower.  When we dive that deeply into ourselves and confront the mistakes of our past, we may trigger mental illness.  Be very careful how you tread, and be good to yourself because the wrong move could make you crumble into a thousand pieces.  This is also a warning that we must tread carefully with others.  There is goodness to crumbling.  Sometimes it allows those of us who are strong enough to ascend, but those who are not ready for this sort of smashing of all fucking things will resign to dying in the rubble.  So let’s heal each other and get through this bullshit with our heads intact.  It’s going to turn into a bit of a healing circle where everyone confesses their deepest darkest sins, and instead of judging people outright, pull down your walls.  We are all human, and there is nothing wrong with that.  There is strength to that.  The gods have always been jealous of our mortality for a reason.


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