Mercury in Leo- Rejection

Effective date for Mercury in Leo: 7/13-30/16

Helios  Helios’ Astrological Angle for Mercury in Leo: My name is “No”, My sign is “No”, My number is “No”, You need to let it go, You need to let it go, Need to let it go, “Nah” to the “Ah” to the “No”, “No”, “No”!” -Megan Trainor

Okay, so what have we learned from Mercury in Cancer? Between him and the reinforcement of 212 Medea, we have been seeing glaring differences in how we should be treated and how we actually are being treated. Most of all by ourselves. Now that you have had time to think on it and stew over it, its time to actually put it into action.

And its time to embrace your inner two year old.

This transit is going to call on you to vehemently reject any thoughts that you have that try to belittle you, try and bring you down, or make you feel like a fuck-up. You will come up against this a LOT during this short transit. Obviously you will need to reject the people who try to put this on you as well. You are going to need to coat your hearts and minds in teflon, so that nothing will stick to you. You will need to be somewhat cold to do this, but think of it less like being inhuman and more like embracing your inner royal persona. Crown yourself and refuse to let the pedants take you down.

They will try and guilt you, or attack with obligation- Do not allow this to stand. This could be anyone who tries to assert that they are somehow better than you, or entitled to your deference; Coworkers, friends, catcallers on the street… family- Take no shit from any of them. If you do and say nothing, you allow it to continue. No one deserves your submission merely on the basis of their own existence. Now this is not a blanket permission to assert your dominance over others, or you will find that they will reject YOU. No, for this your task is to assert your own sovereignty over yourself, no one else.


Artemis  Artemis’ Tarot Take for Mercury in Leo:

“It’s easy to cry when you realize that everyone you love will reject you or die.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Cards:  The Lovers, The Hermit, Judgement


My, oh my, this paints a pretty picture.  I have these three cards lined up in front of me right now, and I’m enjoying the movement from of the figures.  On the far left we have The Lovers.  They are so engrossed in each other that they fail to notice the cards proceeding them.  The Hermit looks down at them from her lofty perch, all alone huddled around her lantern.  She is staring at the lovers before her, so now we have 3 figures failing to notice the final card because they are entranced by their personal situation.  The final card, judgement, stands at the very end, represented by a cliff side  strewn with dead bodies.  There are two living figures on this card.  One of them has his head buried into the others leg, afraid to look at the towering angel before them.  The other figure looks directly at the angel – the only figure in the entire reading to be doing so.

That’s what it’s all about, folks. 

We are all engrossed in each other’s bs or too afraid to look at the heart of matters.  We’re obsessed with our own affairs and how others view us to the point of isolating ourselves.  We let our pride blind us instead of shield us.  Rejection is in the air, and if you allow it to squander your growth then you’re not going to see the bigger picture.  These “bad things” have been put in our path to strengthen us, not weaken us.  In the beginning, we all crave acceptance – a core group of friends that will accept all of our flaws or a lover that will transcend the bullshit and get down to the soul level with you.  Some of this things will come, and some of them will be dangled in front of you like a carrot and then snatched away.  You evolve past this when you realize you don’t need the approval of anyone in order to delve into your real WORK.  You don’t need anyone’s approval to start developing your ideas and projecting your message.  If you let the judgement of others overshadow the final judgement of self, you’ll have a very remorseful passing.  Remember, in the end, no matter how hard we will it, the final transformation of death will take us.  Will we be able to go with true pride at that point, knowing we lived life through the heart, not the ego (the dichotomy heart/ego inside Leo is his soul battle)?  Know that this too is transient, and one day you will realize why rejection and ego lashing was put into your life.  Hold your chin up high, darlings.  Remember, you are royalty.  Don’t let mundane bullshit distract you from your spiritual quest.  In the end, we all know it is not worth it.  It doesn’t even come close to worth it.  And remember!  People roar the loudest when they are afraid.