Vesta in Cancer- The Hidden and the Lost

Helios  Helios’ Astrological Angle on Vesta in Cancer-

We are forlorn like children, and experienced like old men, we are crude and sorrowful and superficial—I believe we are lost.”-Erich Maria Remarque

Oh, Vesta… is it time for you again? Okay, so I love Vesta in this placement. It is a perfect fit for her, which is surprising for a fire goddess. You see, as much as Vesta holds the flame and keeps it safe, I have never been fully comfortable assigning her the fire element (and, full disclosure, I have her in Aries!). No, our Vesta is so much deeper than that (calm down, fire people. You are deep too. Let me make my point.); Vesta, at least to me, has always been extremely secretive, the keeper of the hidden mysteries. I mean she shares this with Ceres, to be sure, but Vesta is always the one who truly knows the secrets. This is never more true than in Cancer, which is ALL about the true nature of life, death, and the far, far more compelling secrets of what is in between.

This transit is extremely shamanic, and you will be feeling the effects of it, especially where it connects to Neptune and later Chiron. Those two assholes will bring up all those old issues which you are sooooo familiar with, but yet cannot seem to escape, but this time somehow it seems like you have come to the place of acceptance. This is Vesta’s influence, and you are probably already feeling it. Do not fight this flow, just go with it. The churn is the change.

The main thing to know is that the more you feel like you are insane right now, the more sane you actually are. Rejecting the the dominant paradigm is the way forward now, and to do that you may find yourself in extremely unfamiliar territory! You will find yourself in the space between life and death, owning that space and the power/ responsibility it holds. Taking that on and using it is a duty, and one that cannot be shirked for the sake of power alone. Doing so invites Nemesis and Orcus. You must claim those you protect as your own, and do what you do in their name. When you do so, you become stronger, but you have so much more to lose when you take that on…

Even with the focus on magic, mystery and secrets, this is very much a challenge to reconnect with your inner child. There is something within you that is lost and that needs to be reclaimed. Something that you thought you had long since gone past but need to rediscover in order to progress. The challenges of Chiron will expose exactly what you need to bring back, but Neptune is the one who is going to make it work for you. For more on that we go to Artemis, our Tarot goddess! Take it away, gurl!

Artemis  Artemis’ Tarot Take on Vesta in Cancer-

“The Solarians have given up something mankind has had for a million years; something worth more than atomic power, cities, agriculture, tools, fire, everything; because it’s something that made everything possible (…) The tribe, sir. Cooperation between individuals.”  ― Isaac Asimov, The Naked Sun

Cards: The Magician, Page of Cups, The King of Wands

Ah, Cancer, I guess we wont be rid of all of her influence yet. Just when I fucking thought it was over, the crab rolls back in like a maddening tide. Yes, Cancer is ruled by the moon and the moon, as we know, is the reason for the word “lunatic.” Cancers are sensitive as fuck.  They hide behind just about anything (a “cause,” a chair, a fake Facebook account) to protect their extra-ordinary tenderness. Once you pierce their obstruction, you see the scared, helpless child underneath with eternal mommy issues (thanks Luna). That’s the under-developed, gloomy as all hell Cancerean personality.

There are plenty of Cancers I know who portray the lifeblood power of this sign, but most cannot truly embody the shamanic spirit of Cancer.  The Magician.  It takes a lot of guts to be able to flow and help others float on one’s terrible sea of emotions instead of drowning everyone in miles of salty tears.  I wont let you forget this; the Vesta Priestesses were severely punished for letting the fires go out in Vesta’s temple.  Figure out your natural flow; everything in nature has a pattern.  Once you find your flow, your song, your rhythm of existence, you can meet your overwhelming emotions head on and shamaniclly experience them.  This means transmutating them into something that the tribe can use to heal and continue on this eternal journey ahead of us.

Cancer has to take that leap of faith into trusting others before they can evolve into their “greater form.” The hardest thing in the world to do is to submit your personal will and put your trust in a collective narrative.  The Page of cups is all about powerlessness toward our emotions.  Cancer is a sign that is very prone to trauma, so working on trust with others is very important right now.  Please also be aware that the Page of Cups, because of her emotionally immature nature and rose colored glasses, is very prone to giving her trust to the wrong individuals and shattering her trust in anyone for the future.  This is why most Cancers develop such hard shells over time.  To learn the lesson of “trust” one must first learn to trust one’s intuition.  People may talk the game and verbally lure you in, but if they don’t feel right in your gut…

Once you find the tribe that you need to keep your lifeblood going – the people who seem to be made of parts of you – your will is going to explode.  King of Wands.  This is the stuff that we really need right now.  A good solid motherfucking crew to help us through this ugly time.  If we band together because of our similarities, if we trust in each other and our causes, we will be able to push some great change into the world.  The thing is, we must channel our inner shaman in order for us to get out a message that isn’t convoluted with our past traumas and trigger points.   Don’t fuck with your home girls who are trying to help you along.  Trust isn’t built on trickster energy or a viciously competitive nature.  Trust comes from behaving like the King of Wands – a visionary who dives head first into a situation and leads people through being with them – enlivening their spirit – not squashing everyone around them in a bought of emotionally fueled paranoid psychosis.

Poking and prodding and testing is natural for this Vesta in Cancer energy.  Are you really committed to this?  Don’t worry, Cancer, the world is not as dangerous as you think it is and most people have good intentions.  Now chill the fuck out and be the shaman who is in touch with the rhythms of the world, people around you, and the health of your tribe instead of the emotional dead weight we all have to lug around.  Damn, was that too harsh?  Well, Cancer, you are too god damn important to the tribe to waste away Netflix and chilling your whole life.  You need to get out there and help shape the culture of your tribe.  That is your place, shaman.  Purge those god damn emotions and use them for a purpose.  Now everyone, we have some heavy spiritual work to do.  Let’s build the world’s spiritual fires once again.

Fight your goddamn inner demons so that you can put your energy into your tribe.  There is nothing like fighting for the ones you love, and supporting the fuck out of those that speak to your spirit.  Motherfuckin’ soul tribe time.

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  • RachaelRachael says:

    Well that told me! Especially after having a slight family tiff this evening and having to go off into the garden for a good cry and feeling like everything is my fault and I’m such a burden on everyone bla bla – to be honest this in itself annoyed me because I really don’t want to have be crying everytime something goes a little awry. Perhaps I need to get over myself. I want to know more about living the Shamanic Spirit of the sign. Thanks for the wake up call.

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