Full Moon Capricorn Tarot Spread: Let The Bitch Die

Artemis Artemis says:  The world is swirling and changing around us, but what has really changed is our inner world.  Capricorn is about mastery of self, and through this mastery we can then master the exterior world.  Capricorn represents the Devil card in the tarot; the shackles that bind us and the addictions that own us, and the unrealized potential that we all wish we could have had – but never reached far enough out of the cavern of temptations to get there.  If you are up for it, this full moon + the Uranus retrograde to come (and the Aquarius Full Moon to come after), has given you the perfect tool to hack the Devil’s chains off of you.  Will you let the Devil hypnotize you to  your downfall (probably off a very steep “cliff” b/c Capricorn), or are you going to take up arms and let the fucking bitch die?

This tarot spread is designed to let you know what needs to die and how you need to kill it.  If you already know what needs to die, you can replace that particular card in the spread with one that you have chosen.  The Devil is not going to be an easy boss battle to fight, and you are going to have to combine the various parts of you in order to defeat it.  Power up, sharpen your blade, and En Garde!  

full moon capricorn tarot spread

Target:  What is controlling you?  This card can either be something that you know (so flip through your deck and find a card that represents the thing you know is controlling you), or it can be something that you haven’t realized is controlling you.

Weakness:  What is your weak spot in regards to this enemy?  What do you need to make sure you protect, cover, or work on fixing before you go into battle?

Weapon:  What is your primary weapon against this enemy?  What can you count on to fight the oppression you face?

The Dark:  What aspect of your dark side will aid you in this battle?

The Light:  What aspect of your light side will aid you in this battle?

Final Blow:  What will be the final blow to your oppressor and how will you know that the chains have been removed and you can finally step out of your confinement?

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