Saturn Direct: The Heights

Effective Date: August 13th, 2016

Thumbnail-Helios Helios’ Astrological Angle on Saturn Direct: “Sometimes, I feel discriminated against, but it does not make me angry. It merely astonishes me. How can any deny themselves the pleasure of my company? It’s beyond me.” – Zora Neale Hurston


Y’all need to listen to me on this one because the stakes are high and you have no room to fuck up anymore. Here’s the deal- I have been telling you for quite some time that you are going to have to step up and take your future into your own hands, and now is the time to do it.

Now, recently you have seen some movings toward a greater change in your life. Everything is coming unstuck for you, and that is a great thing. Of course, while you’re in the thick of it, it can be overwhelming. Especially when you are presented with more than one path in which to affect those changes, causing you to be stuck all over again, paralyzed by indecision. The issue is that you are focused on perfection, the best way to take your life- I get it, its completely natural. You are waiting to know the right way, the most effective path.

This is all wrong, and you already knew it before you read these words. The problem is you haven’t quite realized what the right way is just yet. Hell, I didn’t either until it was basically forced on me from an outside perspective. Saturn is READY, he is raring to go- He wants to be USED. This is a Saturn far more active than I have seen before, raw energy of the Time Lord.

You need to choose now, and not just what you normally do. Now, you need to choose what you want out of your life, your best life, and then you need to create it. This is the time for manifestation magic, you need to make it real by asking for it. Ask for the path that leads you to the exact things that you just decided you want, in whatever way you work your magic; Prayer, ritual, works… whatever’s clever. But you need to harness the power of Saturn to take your life to where you want it. Marry your ideals and dreams to the physical plane. Shun the lesser paths that only give you part of what you want, no matter how good they look in the distance. Know what you’re worth, and demand three times that, always.

To do this though, you need to also harness the power of Leo to beat Saturn at his own game. Throughout Jupiter in Virgo, you have been buffeted by blow after blow, destroying your self-confidence and rocking your world. You have been conditioned to think as though you are not worthy of the very best life has to offer. Saturn is your own personal insecurity, the Dweller on the Threshold. He must be overcome and subdued if you want to have any hope of making this a reality. You can have it all- You only need to take it!

Artemis  Artemis Tarot Take on Saturn Direct-

“Don’t fight forces, use them.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

Cards:  The Chariot, 9 of Pentacles, 10 of Swords, The Sun

Woooooosh, here we are, in the heights.  We climbed this motherfucking mountain of Karma the past few months, and here we are, proving our Will is stronger than the cycles that trap us.  Well, I guess some of us.  I know that the majority of you are still stuck near base camp, making up excuses why it’s so much better to be in a safe, warm camp than it is to make the arduous journey UP.  Have fun down there, losers.

The Chariot.  For those of you with guts who have been following the currents at play, get your barrings straight because if you fall from here it’s literally all fucking downhill.  The full moons during Saturn Retrograde period should have lit a fire under your ass.  Saturn teaches us restriction, hard work, limits, and all those fun little things we like to ignore and throw tantrums about.  We go from a Capricorn full moon to more Capricorn inspired punishment in the form of Saturnean inertia.  Remember how I told you that Saturn Retrograde period was double karma time?  Aye, well, I hope you were doing your Work (Saturn’s favorite word), or Saturn will now commence in eating you alive.

Saturn by Goya

Saturn by Goya

Saturn, the Lord of Karma and Time, is synonymous with “Satan” (Saturn… Satan… yep).  Its easy to get trapped in worry and anxiety that comes from Saturn.  Sometimes, because of his punishments in the past, we get a bit traumatized and nihilistic.  The thing is, those hard lessons were meant to help you learn how to actually fly and were there to smash some strongly held illusions.  Saturn will take your life if you don’t listen to him.  Metaphorically speaking, this is very true.  If you ignore restriction and boundaries that actually exist in the world, you will die.  You will hit a wall.  We are trapped in Saturn’s labyrinth, with time sandwiching us on either side and the walls of restriction leading us to dead end after dead end.  But there is a way out… just put your ear to the ground and listen to the wooshing winds (get fucking moving, protect your core and move move move the chariot through your battlefield).  It’s easier from up here, at the top, looking back at the karma that has shown it’s face to us the past few months.  Don’t be afraid to look at it.  Don’t be afraid to recognize it for what it is.  Truth hurts.  Truth slices and dices, but it shows you what really is so that you may use the forces that are present to actually DO something instead of sinking in a whirlpool of Maya.  Remember, a kite needs the resistance of the wind to fly.    

What are your cycles?  What keeps you trapped?  It is merely a flick of the mental switch.  Saturn retrograde taught us how to look outside of the (black) box.    

A lot of the people coming to me for readings lately have been addressing the idea of changing perspectives on poisonous cycles in their lives.  This is fucking fantastic because that is exactly what Saturn Retrograde period was about.  Did you make decisions you usually wouldn’t have made?  Did you try and excel?  Did you move outside of your comfort zone and self imposed restrictions?  Well, if you didn’t, you’re getting an even bigger boulder put over your cave.  I guess you’ll see the light in a few years when the stars are favorable again, or you will commence with the demolition of all of your new karmic rubble (should have taken advantage of changing when it was easiest).

So here are the two directions we are moving in; either you figured out the true balance between you and the restrictions in your life (9 of pentacles) or you got scared and jumped right back into your comfortable cycles, preparing yourself for ruin once again (1o of swords).  I know it’s hard as fuck to fight through the emotional attachments we have to our cycles, but if we don’t, we will never see the sun – we will never see the lightness of being that can come from detaching from things that actually have never fucking served us.

With Saturn pulling itself direct again, and Uranus going retrograde, you can expect a lot of the chaos that is about to ensue to be a part of the grand plan.  It may look like pure fucking rebellious chaos – on your part or the world’s (remember, as above so below, as micro so macro) – but sometimes the world requires a bit of a shake up for you to see which walls are the real walls and which ones are mere mirrors of illusion.  So shake shit up, see what stands, and use what is standing as a tool instead of something to cry about.  “I look for what needs to be done.  After all, that’s how the universe designs itself,” says Buckminster Fuller.    

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    Saturn is totally the I hate sand castles kid. I’m awesome why must they treat me like a stone in their shoe. Maybe if I keep asking then Time Will Tell.

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