Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius- Breakthrough

Effective date: August 18th 2016

Thumbnail-Helios Helios’ Astrological Angle of the (almost) Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius– “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Renounce thy father and refuse thy name. Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.” -Shakespeare

Oh my goodness me, here we are, back in eclipse season. And yes, yes, I know- its a hack trick to go back to Shakespeare for a quote; but I have a point to make, and the muses have kept me up all night with inspiration (its currently 6 am and I haven’t been to bed yet) so bear with me.

You know the friction that you are running into at every turn? You know how you feel increasingly isolated and that there is no one on your side? You know how you are suspicious of everyone around you, wondering when the penny in the air will drop? Of course you do. We can help you break out of it, but you’re not going to like it…

Artemis  Artemis’ Tarot Take on the (almost) Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius-

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back. – “Jabberwocky” poem in “Through The Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll

Aquarius Fulll Moon in Sun Leo with a Virgo Stellium = Through empowering, awakening, and liberating ourselves can we can learn how to best serve humanity.  In order to lead, you must first learn how to follow.  In order to make change, you must first learn how to make change within yourself.  Listen, everyone.  I know you have been told this narrative where you and the exterior world are two separate things that do not intermingle.  Whatever you think in your head couldn’t possibly appear in reality.  I’m sorry, but this narrative is simply not true.  We co-produce this reality.  We are sitting in the situation we are sitting in today because we all consciously chose to play along with the collective narrative.  We are Live Action Roleplaying, guys.  We will all wake up tomorrow morning, rub the sand out of our eyes, and continue to carry on the narrative.  We will become entranced by all of the stimuli we are given, all of the false anxieties and fears – about the world and about each other.  This enchantment will throw us back into the cycles over and over and over again.  Here’s the thing, everyone.  Sometimes the greater powers of the universe, systems and cycles more ancient than our little waves here on earth, part the sea and give us a chance to see clearly these cycles and choose to smash them.  The shitty part?  It’s like having a fucking heroine addiction.  It is violent to our physical being to make choices that break our cycles.  As painful as it is to stay awake when your body is screaming for you to go back into the comfort of sleep, you must stay awake.  Grab your vorpal blade and stab the Jabborwocky in the face.  This is your chance.

Thumbnail-HeliosThe Sun and Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus–  Okay, so I could go into some verbose and poorly framed analogy for this, bemoaning or praising the grouping depending on my capricious moods, but that isnt this Lunation, not by a long shot. This Moon has a message, and you ignore it at your peril. This is the denouement of Jupiter in Virgo, the part before the finale where the heroes and villains are seen for what they truly are, and all motivations become clear. Secrets will be revealed now, secrets that you have been hiding from yourself, and I promise you they will be both painful and liberating in the same breath. Its like the sky parts, and the light rains down on you, only so that you can discover the unpleasant substances that you have been trudging through and are now covered in. Accept them for what they are and what they reveal- Don’t shrink away now. By now you should be able to handle a blast of truth straight to the face. This will lead you into the unfortunate truth that you have strayed far from your mission. This will come as a shock, as you are currently convinced that you are sacrificing everything in order to hang on to that one last thing- but by doing this, by choosing to fight against the current and not fully engaging with the world around you; not giving everything you have is a betrayal of your charge. The source of the problem is its solution- Yourself. (Disclaimer- obligatory Leo season ego bash incoming) You have allowed yourself to become convinced, in dedication to your mission and safeguarding your purpose, that you are special- that you are somehow better than those around you. This cannot be allowed to stand. This is why you cannot progress on your path. It’s very Fight Club. Your veneration to the ideals of your charge is preventing you from actually living the mission itself and allowing it to guide your steps- and thus Jupiter’s true purpose of Virgo is revealed: Aligning you to a life in service to your own mission. Uranus and Chiron will break you sufficiently so that you are ready to see this for yourself. Your challenge will be to recognize where this applies, and then renounce the self that has convinced itself of its own right to rule over others- That is not what you are here for. You are here to rule YOURSELF first. Reframe your thinking about your life around this revelation- find a way to actively CHOOSE to embody the ideals you cling to in order to achieve the charge given unto you. (Minor Planets- Pallas Athene, Sedna, Eris, and Quaoar)

Artemis  The Sun (Judgement), The Moon (The Fool), Mercury (Knight of Cups), Jupiter (Death), Chiron (Ace of Wands) and Uranus (The Star)-  This combination is pure fire.  The Sun and The Moon are telling us something is definitely coming to an end, and Death rearing it’s head representing Jupiter solidifies this message.  Judgement day has come, my friends.  Well, one of many judgement days you will have throughout your life.  It’s time to make a decision and start anew.  The Fool is outside of the tarot.  He is ZERO because he looks on at the cycle of the tarot from the outside.  This is your chance.  You have the ability to make a choice that will put you outside of your karmic cycle.  The Sun, our goal in astrology, is at home in roaring Leo, and the Moon in Aquarius lets us change our usual reactions – lets us step away and look at things from the outside.  Uranus will reveal a good deal to us that we couldn’t see before.  He is like a crack of lightening, and the eureka moments will electrify  you as if out of nowhere.  But then you will see.  You will see all the tributaries and how everything connects and how your major cycles have come to a head again.  We will see our goals loud and clear, we see where we need to go, and we will not be able to hide from it.  So what are you going to do?  Uranus is giving us the answer here; choose change.  Hope, healing, and transcendence, the Star, is sitting on the planet of Rebellion.  This Full Moon comes right after Uranus shifts into retrograde, making him more potent than ever.  We will be tested.  Are we willing to fight for what we truly believe in?  Are we willing to rebel against corruption in the world and in ourselves?  It is time to free yourself, and in doing so, free those around you.  Mercury is the Knight of Cups.  Your words will ring true.  Speak your truth, communicate with each other.  We live in a very Aquarian age.  We have these devices in front of us that allow us to communicate with peers like never before.  You can find your tribe, you can speak to them, you can change the narrative together.  Aquarius Moon asks the Leo Sun:  Why, instead of working as a collective, do we continue to choose petty ego games?  Snicker-snack, pick up the vorpal blade.  It is time for you to kill the part of you that isn’t ready to fight.  The Jabborwocky is a figment of the Wonderland characters’ imaginations.  The Jabborwocky is all of your fears and anxieties.  It is a monster created out of pure thought bubbles.  This moon is your vorpal blade, and instead of choosing to bury yourself back in the illusions because you are hurt and scared, use your pain and transcend (Chiron and the Ace of Wands).  We can only learn about ourselves through the reactions we create while interacting with others and our environment.  When you become aware of your influence on the world and others, and their influence on you – and the permeable wall between everything – you can begin to understand the real power of Uranus and change.  If you decide to  do this, I must warn you about Uranus; he either brings breakthrough or breadown – enlightenment or madness.  Your key to all of this is Virgo; the method you take.  Uranus is trine the Sun, meaning any change you take in your life that is aimed at your higher ideals will come with rewards.  That is how you keep away from the madness – be true and stop fucking lying to yourself about what you want.  Stop lying to yourself about the state of the world, our government, and our prevailing culture.  It is time to fucking rock the boat.  Viva la fucking revolution!

Thumbnail-HeliosVenus and Pluto– On paper, everyone LOVES this combo. It’s easy to see why- Pluto adds depth, power and plenty of hot, smokin’ passion to Venus’ rose-colored outlook on life while she smooths over some of his more homicidal tendencies. This is transformative love at its truest. In practice, however- it usually ends up messy. There is shrapnel, fallout- Collateral damage. If you take the overall picture of the astro and add it in, like a slot to a tab in an incomprehensible set of sweedish furniture instructions (that are also in mandarin for some reason), then what you have is an opportunity- You see, these events and revelations could be life-changing on a mental/ego level, but without the emotive push it could easily prove ephemeral. When the greater astro jarrs you, shocking you out of your complacency, don’t batten down the hatches to resist it. Let it roll through you, rocking you to your true self. From there hook it into yourself and make these new truths your mantra. Let them be on every breath, every heartbeat. Make them yours, and let them change you for the better (Minor Planets- Psyche)

Artemis  Venus (5 of Pentacles) and Pluto (7 of Pentacles)-  From highest to lowest.  Neptune in this reading is the King of Pentacles and Venus is the beggar of the tarot, the 5 of Pentacles.  Venus will also be situated in Virgo while Neptune is situated in Pisces.  Pluto will be pressing Venus, telling her it is time (7 of Pentacles).  For what?  Well, this is a bit of an eerie play on things.  What does Pluto usually do to lovely maidens?  Drags them back into the underworld with him.  The Capricorn full moon was about facing our chains – our devil – and now is our time to run toward the Star – the way out of this forest.  So fucking pick up your spear and fucking run.  You’re not going to get dragged back in this time.  Love, for people and for things that pull you back, will become intoxicating.  You are going to have to fight a very seductive illusion.  It will feel urgent and animalistic.  It’s time for the Maiden (Virgo) to pick up the Spear (Mars squaring her is Justice – do the right fucking thing or else).  This is a time to assert yourself and your worth. Tap into that love/desire combo from the Venus/Mars square.  Become obsessed with your higher vision, and leap.  You’ll either fall, or you will sail like an arrow.  Leap of faith?  Now is the time to change.  Now is the time to transform.  7 of Pentacles.  Don’t let the fruit rot on the vine.  If you don’t pick it now, you’re going to have to wait a full cycle for the next (karmic) harvest.  Through the bombardments we have received this year, we have come to a point where we see clearly because we are sitting in the rubble.  The tower is falling and the way out is clear.  Will you be brave enough to pick up the spear and actually put your ideas to action?    

Thumbnail-HeliosMars, Saturn and Neptune– I could write some contrite bullshit about how you need to put forth the effort (Mars) to bring your greatest dreams (Neptune) into reality (Saturn), but that isnt right. Well I mean it IS, thats a perfectly accurate take on this group, but aside from the fact that you have no true idea what your highest dreams truly are right now, there is something else you need to address: You are not ready to see those dreams come into form, not yet. Somewhere along the way you doubled down or skipped a step that you shouldn’t, all to achieve some larger goal. Doing this before you were ready has caused an ugliness within you, and it has been emerging for some time now. It’s something that you are most likely not even close to being aware of, nor will you before it is too late. When it gets brought up to you, do not take it as an attack and bring up all your defensive walls- and definitely do not lash back out in reflex. Listen, see, and use the other perspectives to change. Purge the fault from your system, and move on. Deal with it swiftly and surely- do not allow this to become a thorn in your side. (Minor Planets- North/South Nodes [yes, I know they’re not actually planets. Deal with it] Juno, Black Moon Lilith [Another non-planet], Vesta and Orcus)

Artemis  Mars (Justice), Saturn (Three of Swords) and Neptune (King of Pentacles)-  Saturn is going to fuck with us a little here.  He is bringing some hard as fuck truths, illuminations, but you wont be happy to hear them.  Maybe they will be the trigger you need to move outside of your cycle?  Maybe it will take a stab in the heart (or back) to finally get you to care enough about yourself to rebel against your predicament.  This is where you separate the strong from the weak.  The weak will take this heartbreak, betrayal, shattering of dreams, what have you, and lay down and settle back deeper into the dream.  The strong will take this as a sign that it is time to take matters into their own hands.  The scales are being reset.  Justice will reign down on us whether we like it or not, and we will be judged for the service or disservice we have done to humanity.  Will you swallow your pride and take the hand that you have been dealt and learn to play it?  The illusion is being split and we are seeing the gears underneath the machine.  This is like the nightmare that wakes you up.  Will you choose to go back to sleep or will you choose to allow the frightening to push you back into being an active participant of your reality?  Remember, in the end, you can only ever save yourself.  This is the “coldness” you sense in Aquarius.  We Aquarians ARE humanitarians.  We care deeply for every human being on this planet, but we know, in the end, we can only truly save ourselves.  We must be able to love ourselves to become indestructible.  With the Leo sun looming overhead, empowerment of the self is a huge component of this energy coming in from this Full Moon partial Eclipse.  It tells us that to change the world, we must first change ourselves.  So let’s do it.  Let’s drink from Aquarius’ LSD koolaid (what do you think we carry in that pitcher?), and become active participants in our reality and the revolution that is knocking on our door – begging us to come out and play.


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  • Shane Keys says:

    Hey guys, I’ve really re-read this slowly! My god this has to be one of the deepest, most though provoking write-ups you guys have delivered! Lots of provoking depth, me examining all the play scripts around me…. Awesome analogies to many of the key situations around me!!! These thoughts some of your finest because of the complex depth of deep thinking delivered… Lots to chew upon for those who “see” and take the time! :))) <3

  • Lelloo says:

    Magnificent post! Aqua ♒ here thanks you deeply, Helios!
    Bring it on, Universe! Let’s do it!
    Happy Full Moon!

  • No Choice says:

    feels like I missed EVERY SINGLE LESSON or opportunity during this incredibly open Leo season, culminating in the Full Moon. and now the (chaotic, pure) openness to fiery change, the clarity, are gone. my question to Virgo would be “ok, so now wtf”

    • No Choice says:

      like a COMPLETE opening of the heart from the deepest fucking layers of psychological hell (with everything being actually okay objectively, and highly inviting to radical transcendence at every single step). which opening never took place, because reasons. and now the fucking Tower, I guess, but it feels veery polished and nice and everything is great on the surface, “what’s there not to like, things look great for you and all is in great shape” kind vibe, both loving and restrictive at the same time and extremely yin. I suppose that’s Virgo. and this fits perfectly with your description of both the Full Moon and what follows it (towards the eclipse in Virgo). and all the result of my actions, sometimes even strongly opposing “the punches” you mentioned.
      I guess I’m just venting here. should probably stop. I know it makes zero sense.

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