Asteroid Files: Akhenaten

More royals and firebrands for your nerves!!

The Astronomy: 326290 Akhenaten waDiscovered 1998 Apr. 21 by R. A. Tucker at Goodricke-Pigott. It has an orbital period of 301 days and a magnitude of 21.8.

The History: Chances are if you’ve studied Egyptian history at all you have a passing familiarity with Akhenaten. Akhenatenknown before the fifth year of his reign as Amenhotep IV was an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty who ruled for 17 years and died perhaps in 1336 BC or 1334 BC. He is especially noted for abandoning traditional Egyptian polytheism and introducing worship centered on the Aten, which is sometimes described monolatristic, henotheistic, or even quasi-monotheistic. An early inscription likens the Aten to the sun as compared to stars, and later official language avoids calling the Aten a god, giving the solar deity a status above mere gods. Akhenaten tried to bring about a departure from traditional religion, yet in the end it would not be accepted. After his death, traditional religious practice was gradually restored, and when some dozen years later rulers without clear rights of succession from the Eighteenth Dynasty founded a new dynasty, they discredited Akhenaten and his immediate successors, referring to Akhenaten himself as “the enemy” or “that criminal” in archival records. He was all but lost from history until the discovery during the 19th century of the site of Akhetaten, the city he built for the Aten, at Amarna. Early excavations at Amarna sparked interest in the enigmatic pharaoh, and a mummy found in the tomb KV55, which was unearthed in 1907 in a dig is likely that of Akhenaten. DNA analysis has determined that the man buried in KV55 is the father of KingTutankhamun, but its identification as Akhenaten has been questioned. Modern interest in Akhenaten and his queen, Nefertiti, comes partly from his connection with Tutankhamun, partly from the unique style and high quality of the pictorial arts he patronized, and partly from ongoing interest in the religion he attempted to establish.

Why He Matters: Well, sometimes in life you have to take a good, hard look at the reality around you. Sometimes after doing that you need to say fuck it and try something so radically different that it gets you nothing but hate from all sides. Sometimes it gets you killed. Akhenaten is the part of you, the inner King, which recognizes that truth and isn’t afraid to actually man up and do it, and face the consequences head-on.

To find out where he shows up in your chart, go to astro.com, put in your birth details and in the extended options, all the way at the bottom, there will be a menu of additional objects. Under that is a blank space where you can enter the number 326290, for Akhenaten. Once you have it entered, generate the chart! Where does Akhenaten affect your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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