Mars Conjunct Saturn- Rubber Meets the Road

Effective date: August 19-31, 2016

Thumbnail-Helios Helios’ Astrological Angle on Mars conjunct Saturn– Okay, this one was actually a request from one of our awesome followers! Keep those coming!

Okay so Mars and Saturn are getting together in Sagittarius for some steamy side action away from all those other judgy gods, like when you tell your wife that you’re going to the gym to play squash with your bro Steve but secretly you and Steve are heading straight for the sauna to get that extra cardio in! Which is usually fine because your wife is busy getting plowed by your gardener. That’s just how Saggo goes, especially when Mars is there, and this is usually where Saturn decides to play it fast and loose with the rules for once (not Aqua, like you would think. If anything he gets more draconian there than ever) its kinky to him.

Speaking of kink, what we have is incredible passion straining against a strongly Virgoan sky, like a dam trying to hold back a tsunami- One crack in the wall and its all over, unless you happen to have a few young Dutch boys handy (and if so, you’re probably on a few watch lists already…). So what do you do with that? Well, you find ways to divert the pressure, find ways to use what you have- you don’t move to a landlocked area- You use what you are given, because there is a challenge in front of you.

You see, the problem is choice: You have far too many of them at the moment and you will find that they only increase from here. What those options are will be different for all of you (look to wherever Saggo falls in your chart) but it will feel as though you were dying of thirst in the desert only to find yourself suddenly drowning in the ocean. Feast or famine. You are going to need to start making moves, start to take some chances. No more playing for time, this is your round. I talk about windows of opportunity and working the astro a lot, but this is a damn good chance. You have Energy (Mars), for once, and can use it to make some serious, real actions (Saturn) putting your highest ideals and plans (Sagittarius) into action.

You’re also going to need to blend this in a way that you might not be used to. You will need to be far more punk rock than you have been. Anything that feels stale or feels like a trap, like running away- that is to be avoided. Only what excites you, what reinvigorates you, should be followed up on. Don’t be afraid to tell any of these options to Fuck Off as you walk away laughing into the sunset towards something better. This isn’t a time to settle, this is where you take the best of what you can get. Don’t worry about FOMO, better options will find you.

Don’t let this chance pass you by.

Artemis  Artemis Tarot Take on Mars Conjunct Saturn-

“To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.” ~Søren Kierkegaard

Cards:  9 of Cups, The World, 8 of Cups, The Star

OMFG FINALLY KNOWING WHAT WE WANT AND HAVING THE DRIVE TO FUCKING GET IT.  We have been hearing that some of you are actually worried about this conjunct.  I’m here with some rather good fucking news, my lovelies.  This is a very sexy combination (especially in Saggo where the already fiery conjunction gets stoked even higher).  This is one of those “I want it and I get what I want” aspects.  We are drunk off of opportunity handed to us on silver fucking platters by Saturn, and it’s not just anything – its the things you want the most being dangled from a far and Mars giving you a swift kick in the ass to go get it.  And these aren’t just any simple things…  These are the things that you place very high value in (Saggo).  Saturn only gives us the things we need and are ready for (but he always makes us work to get it), so seize this opportunity.

All that shit we have that we thought we wanted will now get overshadowed by something sexier entering the room and giving us the eureka moment.  So yeah, you are being handed your road map – your Saggo adventure guide to the things you just gotta have – and you are also being handed a tank of gasoline.  So, as per usual, it’s your choice; fuel your movement toward your goals or set yourself on fucking fire because you are afraid of acting.  Personally, I would muster up the courage and just do the things, because getting on Mars or Saturn’s bad side is not something I would ever recommend.    

9 of Cups, the World – desires.  We all know what a kinkster Saturn is, and we all know Mars has insatiable lust, so this combination is very likely to bring about an influx of sexual encounters – especially of the darker (sexier) variety.  I would say, because of the position of the 9 of cups in my reading, that these things are likely to start as early as Mars entering Saggo (which happened a few days ago).  We all know that Mars in Saggo equals tons and tons of stamina, so the sexual drives may get a tad bit (ok a lot) insatiable during this transit.  This is fantastic, because positive sexual experiences fuel our drive, self esteem, and creativity.  Don’t be too surprised if your lovers bring up darker aspects of their sexuality – asking you to play with their shadow.  Please, dare to go out and play and see what you find about yourself and others, because under Saggo, the things you will learn will be of higher philosophical value to you.

It’s time to walk away.  The light is here, and you finally see exactly what you need and want.  Yes, both need (Saturn) and want (Mars) are going to be working together under this conjunct.  Are you ready for such a thing?  Sometimes knowing exactly what we want makes us ruthless jerks who are willing to cut a bitch to obtain our precious, but you’re lucky enough to have a giant influx of Virgo tsk tsking your truly cruel intentions away.  It’s just the right amount of restraint (and we all know how much Saturn loves restraints), so use your dark desires to dig out the things you really want.  It’s like having the perfect amount of inertia to swoop around the curve or a racetrack and pull out ahead of your rivals. It’s time to walk away from the shit that we have been pretending to want (8 of Cups) and move toward the gold.  You will finally know it is there, and there will be nothing that can keep you from it (because it will be the thing worth fighting for).  IF you dare, you will find your way (the Star).  Now put your beast to work instead of working for your beast.

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  • Annette says:

    I don’t know who you are, but you know your shit.

  • Shane Keys says:

    OMFG…!!! That was a awesome read! ….AND highly accurate in terms of my journey and the next “scene” in the play! Hahaha I just love how you guys express stuff! You are GOLD! This is gunna be an awe full lot of fun!!! :)))

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