Solar Eclipse in Virgo- Countdown

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.”  Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Effective Date: September 1st, 2016

Thumbnail-HeliosHelios’ Astrological Angle on the Solar Eclipse in Virgo: OH GOOD! An ultra-Virgo eclipse. Just what we all needed, right guys? RIGHT?!? I swear, if we didn’t have to get this out of the way… To be honest I almost missed this one, even though I have been aware of it for months, like a personal assistant that you cant live without suddenly taking 6 weeks vacation that you mindlessly approve and forget until the day you have to run things by yourself. I completely forgot about it until literally the day we post it (bit of a peek behind the curtain there) but I swear my pandora knew all along, because as soon as I needed to get into the Virgo head-space all of a sudden my playlist is early ’00s semi-alternative (stuff that was hipster before hipster was hipster), mournful female vocals to an upbeat, ethereal track, and synth-pop/Trance. All of it gets me into that technical, Virgoan state of mind.

Which is necessary, because this is SUCH a mental chart- You have to immerse yourself in it to get what it is telling you. On the surface, its not a strong one either, not one that would make a ton of impact- But what is there is so much more than just the usual impact alone…

Artemis Artemis’ Tarot Take on the Solar Eclipse in Virgo:  *taps mic* TESTING TESTING IS THIS THING WORKING CORRECTLY?  Uh, oh hello, everyone, let me just pull myself together here. Thanks to Cancer and Leo season, I am in a bit of an indulgent coma as of late.  I’m sparking up a bowl and pulling these cards while a friend (aka my Virgo secretary) is sending me a barrage of messages demanding that I get a Google Calendar and get my life together because if I double book people one more time I am going to get it (if this wasn’t a harsh reminder of Virgo season coming, I don’t know what is).  I hope the confidence you built in Leo is solid because Virgo is going to tear us down like mean girls in hopes that we are really who we say we are.  Holy fuck, Virgo.  When I think about this Solar Eclipse, all that crosses my mind is: pick up your pencils and begin your test!   This is a stark warning to all of you because as you read this, the Aquarius full moon Eclipse in Sun Leo has not happened yet.  The shit that you do not slay during Aqua Eclipse will come back to bite you during this one.  *Puts on some Virgo music (aka Austra) and begins divining*

Thumbnail-HeliosThe Sun, Moon, Saturn and Neptune– God, what a mess those together are. I’m going to take a stab at and say that it’s Neptune that’s responsible for this one’s super low profile. While everyone is focused on Leo season and all the shenanigans that accompany it, Neptune is the coyote smuggling this eclipse across the proverbial border. Anyway, these guys together form a mutable T-Square (a Grand Cross, minus a member- Double the tension, none of the stability) in the signs of Virgo (the Sun/Moon) Sagittarius (Saturn [Mars is also close, but we’ll get to him later]) and Pisces (Neptune). It ends up looking like a bow, drawn back and getting ready to fire. The tension in that moment, that potential energy, gets translated into this eclipse and changes its tone entirely. The crux of the matter is that there is something missing from your life right now (The Gemini leg of the T-Square), something you need to find or figure out, especially if its something you’re not aware of, because then it will just wriggle and gnaw at you until you figure it out. After the last eclipse, you will be tested by the cosmos on how well you learned those lessons, and how well you are able to step into and wisely use your own power. These tests will be about self-mastery, as the world throws everything it can at you- It will take everything you have not to let your composure slip and lash out like you would instinctively do. Your ego and pride are to be kept in check right now. What this astro excels at is a dissolution of the old and stale. This is going to happen all around (and within) you very easily, and with minimal resistance. The challenge here is replacing that empty space, that potential, with something bold, brash and new. (Minor PlanetsAltjira, Black Moon Lilith, Juno, Niobe, Aphrodite, Narcissus)

Artemis The Sun (Page of Swords), Moon (Hangman), Saturn (9 of Swords), and Neptune (Empress)-  Imagine it like this: 2016 has been boot camp to the extreme, and this summer has been your final testing rounds before we enter the battlefield of fall.  Virgo is the last inspection before you are sent off, fresh buzz cut hair and shaking knees.  Think of this Virgo as the drill sergeant who makes sure you know exactly how to do your prescribed duties.  The checks that are deployed your way may be harsh (did the bitch learn this lesson yet?), BUT, remember, if you aren’t solid in your new power, you wont make to your destination.  If a soldier doesn’t know how to perform his duties flawlessly (Virgos love that word) and flow with his fellow soldiers, he will die on the battlefield within the first 5 minutes.  This is essentially what I see with the combination of The Hangman and the Page of Swords.  Both hesitate and hold their ground – suspend their ego and analyse a situation to fucking death.  Also, the page of swords is a ball of fucking anxiety and the only way to channel it is through using the over inspection as a weapon; become the activist reporter who kicks the politicians of your life in the teeth with missing details from their speeches.  Show people, and yourself, exactly what needs to be adjusted while suspending your ego from the situation.  Fuck, yeah, easy thing to ask of you, I know, but if you don’t make the anxiety ACTIVE instead of passive and eroding (which is strange to think about during a New Moon) , it will sink you to the bottoms of your emotional waters.  For those of you with issues with anxiety, this moon may bring out the worst in you (Saturn as the 9 of Swords adds to this).  At this point, Saturn will have gone direct again and our little Karma whirlwind will be turned back to harsh judgement mode.   Ugh, all this Virgo and Saturn’s harsher influence just got my stomach in knots.  This New Moon is not whispering, but shouting at me that an ego beating is on the horizon.  But listen; there is power in creating a new ideal for yourself.  All of the things you have learned int he past 6 months, it is now time to start planting the seeds of your ideals (Neptune and The Empress) – the seeds of what you have learned in Virgo the sign of learning.  You’ll hear the New Moon whisperings when humanity calms down from the ebb of the full moon in Aqua.  And just like after any rebellion, it is time to test the ideals of those that rose up to re-take the paradigm.  Remember how I told you to strip down to the reality of the situation before you began fighting?  I hope you did, because if you didn’t, your tower is going to get kicked down again, and you’ll have to wait for the next cycle before you can rebuild with any real strength.

Thumbnail-HeliosMercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus– And here we have that major mental component I mentioned. Seriously, this with the asteroids you’ll see below is basically the pure, distilled lightning that is the gnosis of the cosmos (and Venus is there too). This will be affecting you- You will feel as though someone has hooked your brain up to a Tesla coil. This will be an exceedingly enlightening time for you, though not exactly a pleasant one. This astro isn’t concerned with how comfortable you are, however- it only wants to get things done! In fact, its very goal is to get you OUT of your comfort zone- You have become far too complacent, and you realize this. The events to come will require you to be sharper, faster, more ON than you have needed to be for a while, and this will be a challenge. Stay as calm as you can, focus on the challenge that is right in front of you, and don’t discount anything that might be a solution or possibility. Much will be asked of you right now, but you can most certainly deliver if you don’t allow doubt to cloud your judgement. In the midst of all this, what you most crave is to be understood on a deep level, a soul level, by someone, ANYONE out there in this big wide world. You need this, it is a deep urge. Yet, you also seek only your own company, isolation sought after hurt after hurt was inflicted on you. These are mutually exclusive, you will need to choose one or the other. (Minor PlanetsCeres, Pallas Athene, Eris, Sedna, Chiron, Eros, Orius, Nessus, Quaoar, Typhon, Huya, Varuna and many others.)

Artemis Mercury (8 of Cups), Venus (3 of Wands), Jupiter (King of Wands), Uranus (6 of Wands)-  So Jupiter will be in it’s final degrees of Virgo at this point right before it kicks it into Libra.  This means he is going to be highly motherfucking Virgo.  Our focus is definitely going to be drawn into the realm of Virgo like mad.  There is victory in change (6 of wands), and we will be riding high from the victories of rebellion during the Aquarius Full Moon, but we must now get those lessons into motion.  Your vision that you seek for the future will be found during this time.  You will be speaking to others about moving on, changing things, altering and inspecting things to their fullest extent.  Find the people who want to build and change with you – who aren’t afraid to have those intense, mind bending conversations that leave you both raw and exposed.  This will be necessary at this time.  Without these people and these conversations, the changes that need to happen just wont happen.  You can’t inspect yourself on your own.  You need outside perspective to let you know the things that your eyes cannot see.  And when you get this information, it is best to act on it rather immediately.  Don’t sit and dwell because this is just going to add to the anxiety of this lunation.  Jupiter in Virgo is going to give us his final lessons, which include lessons of drastic humbling.  You have received a lot of lessons about humbling during this Jupiter transit, and they are finally going to culminate in this New Moon Solar Eclipse.  You don’t receive a lot of rewards during Jupiter in Virgo, but you get the little tools that, if used correctly, will help you build an empire.

Thumbnail-HeliosMars and Pluto– Whew boy. These two are like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. The aspects to Mars tell us that you are not acting on what is really important to you, that you went wrong somewhere in your life and you can’t figure out just where that happened. You have it in your head that if you can trace back the exact moment, the turning point, somehow you will be able to fix it. Well, if you really want a solution to that uncomfortable situation, then you need to look not to the past but the present. What are you doing right now to get back on a path that embodies your passions? Or will you choose to reevaluate those ideals you have held for so long, editing them to fit where you are now? This choice is up to you, but Pluto isn’t a fan of compromise, and he must be addressed as well. No, Pluto is more of the undying resolve kind of guy, willing to scorch the earth beneath his feet to get what he wants, but is that really the best mindset here? Be willing to examine your motives and actions, and accept that you may be heading the wrong way to get what you want. Seek your own liberation, first and foremost. Everything else is secondary. (Minor PlanetsVesta, Deucalion, Hebe)

Artemis Mars (The Moon), Pluto (The Magician)-  Here is your power, darlings, and at first the sword that you will be given on the Aqua full moon will feel heavy, but the tests that are coming this Virgo New Moon are going to help you get strong enough to actually wield it and slice people (which is good because Libra season is coming and Libra always makes me want to cut a bitch).  You are going to need to be totally and completely okay with any transformations that are trying to bust out of your subconscious.  Trust me, shit will hit you from left field and you will be like, “What the fuck, when did I want this?” but you have.  Think about it.  Sit with yourself and be brutally fucking honest, because Virgo is watching (fucking emotional torture voyeurs that they are).  Desires that have been secretly ruling you, stuffed deep down into your subconscious by your rational mind and the boundaries placed by those around you, are going to start emerging and you are going to have to start looking them in the eyes.  Honestly, the best way to approach a Virgo is with pure integrity.  If you acknowledge the ways in which you have been a fuck up and decide to actually work on them and learn from these lessons, you will excel during this new moon.  If you don’t perfect yourself and your skills, you wont be able to accomplish the great feats you have your eye set on.  It is this part – the practice and testing portion – that is where most people fail.  Put your hubris aside during this Virgo lunation, or prepare to build a new life based on lies instead of diving into the heart of matters.  This is your crossroad.  Humble yourself and you will hear your directions.