Aquarius Full Moon Tarot Spread: Blast Off

Artemis  Artemis says: Oh my, it’s full moon Aquarius time, and this one’s chart is poised to look like an arrow being launched from a crossbow.  At the top of the crossbow we have our Moon in Aquarius and Neptune in Pisces.  What are your dreams, baby?  What do you really, really want?  Dreams do come true if we can wrangle just the right method.  And guess what!?  The “bow” of this chart is being pulled back by multiple planets in good ol’ Virgo.  So, essentially, this full moon is like a rocket launch; we find our dream, we figure out our method, we set things into motion, and then we close our fucking eyes, pray, and let it fly.

So what is Aquarius all about?  Why are we such fucking weirdos?  What is our god forsaken purpose here on this spinning rock around this ball of fire?  Aquarians are the experimenters – the scientists of the Zodiac.  We are the innovators and revolutionary thinkers.  You can’t launch a rocket into space if you aren’t willing to try something different – something eccentric and bizarre to the rest of the world.  This full moon is exactly that; telling the current paradigm to go screw off and starting something brand spakin’ new.

This tarot spread is designed to tell you what new method you need to take in order to reach your dream, and I have modeled it off of the sequence required to launch an actual rocket into space.  So sit down, put on your space helmet, pull out your cards, and let’s figure out how we are going to pierce into a new world.  It’s not like it’s rocket science or something….

aquarius full moon spread

1.  Engage Engines:  This is the hardest part, because the engine has to push the entire weight of the rocket off of the ground.  What is going to give you that big push that initiates your launch into your dreams?
2.  Engine Drop:  Once the rocket has been launched, the original engine becomes exhausted of fuel and is dropped from the rest of the rocket.  After your initial launch, what are you going to have to drop/give up in order to continue toward your dream?
3.  Second Rocket:  Once the initial engine has been dropped, the secondary engine kicks into gear to push the rocket through the atmosphere and into space.  The second engine has a considerably easier job as the rocket is already in motion toward it’s goal.  What is the second push that you will need once you have completed the first two steps to finally get you into the “realm” of your dream?
4.  Orbit:  If your calculations are precise, your rocket should start to orbit it’s destination; be that a planet, an asteroid, etc.  This card will tell you how you will know you are reaching the gravitational zone of your “dream.”  Sometimes we can’t actually see something when we are nearing it, but there will always be other signs.  What will your sign be?
5.  Rocket Drop:  Once the rocket has reached where it needs to drop it’s payload, it falls away.  What is the thing that has been carrying you that you will need to part with once you are closest to your destiny?
6.  Fine Tuning:  Once the rocket has fallen away, the craft must maneuver itself to the final destination using tiny little rockets.  It takes a lot of concentration and focus to complete this stage before the landing.  What must you put all of your energy and focus into at the very end to get you to your destination?

And then you have landed….



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