Venus in Libra: Rose-Colored Glasses

Effective  Date for Venus in Libra: August 29th- September 23rd, 2016

Thumbnail-HeliosHelios’ Astrological Angle on Venus in Libra: Bring out your bitches, y’all- Venus is heading back into Libra. Yes, our girl is sick and tired of playing second fiddle in her own life, and you should be too! After her stint in Virgo where the constant stress and worry over potentials and situations that will most likely never come to fruition, in Libra she decides to throw up her hands and say “Fuck it!”. Honestly, this is a very punk Libra transit, which is super weird for both the planet and the sign. I blame Uranus and Eris (and now Ceres) frankly, but then I blame them for most everything in the current Astro.

So Libra is Venus’ home sign (one of them, she has Taurus too) and this is a damn good position. A strong one, in her way. Neither Libra nor Venus is about outward or overt strength here. No, the strength here is the strength to get what you want without conflict- To make it look easy. Of course, to do this you need to know what it is that you actually want, and more than that, you need to know what it is that you are willing to compromise on. But that’s normal Libra rules, that’s not why you come to us- You come to us for the impossible astro, and what to do when the cosmos throws its own playbook out the window and fixes its sights on you!

You see, at its best, Venus in Libra is a vacation from the rest of the zodiac. Virgo gets the burnout, Scorpio gets the resurgence, but between the two is Libra, an oasis in the ecliptic. To do that, some misdirection needs to be employed. This is a staple of any negotiation, any dance or courtship- Avoid tipping your hand and showing your true desires until you have the high ground. At its worst, this can turn to fantasy and self delusion on a level far worse than Neptune/Pisces. This is what needs addressed right now- You will need to find a way to cope with reality as it is, all of its shit included. Use Venus in Libra to help you take short breaks and see some goddam beauty in life and in yourself for once- don’t use it to shirk away from the truth of your situation, or to gloss over the more unpleasant details, because Scorpio is coming next for Venus. You will need to marry Libra’s beauty and appreciation of life with Saturn in Sagittarius’ gritty, radical candor and acceptance of what is under your nose. While doing this, you will need to find a reason for your tired soul to get out of bed in the morning, a reason for your very existence. This is all a precursor to Jupiter in Libra, which will be coming far sooner than you think….

Artemis  Artemis Tarot Take on Venus in Libra-

Cards:  5 of Wands, 10 of Cups, Knight of Swords

Venus rules illusions and beauty and all the delicious things that keep us enthralled with life.  Libra is ruled by Venus, so the planet moving into the Scales is Venus coming back home.  After the breakdown during Virgo where we faced the dishonesty in our life – dealt with issues of integrity and open hearted truthfulness, it is time to pump some charm and play back in.  Aaah, the dance.  Back and forth we sway with those around us, following and adjusting as they do.  It’s that playful back and forth that Libra is so famous for that gets me every time.  They listen, then they act, always measuring your reactions and emotions.  If you think they aren’t always taking notes (like the rest of the air signs), you have fallen for their trick.  They just come off effortless and graceful due to their excellent ability when it comes to mimicking others.  They can act out any character you please, but deep inside they are constantly fighting for balance and control.

5 of Wands.  But play play play, darlings, and don’t get too caught up in any one particular truth because it will constantly be changing and fluctuating as you get to know the humans around you.  One minute you may be the love of someone’s life and the next you will be nothing but a stranger.  Live in the truth of the moment – that is what Libra knows – and this will become more evident than ever.  When it comes to romance – one of Venus’ most popular domains – this means a shedding of your own illusions by those you open your heart to.  You cannot, no matter how hard you try, see yourself fully.  It takes another, a mirror, to do so.  And you both must unravel, slowly and carefully.  Remember, it’s a dance.  Don’t step on each other’s toes.  So here we are, your mirror is here (10 of CupsMirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?  Libra would say there is no one person who is the fairest.  Firstly, because Libras are people pleasers (seriously, you guys are, holy fuck), and secondly because, well, it’s true.  Each and every person you meet serves as a different fragment of a giant mirror need to finally see yourself.  Some pieces may be much bigger than others, but you need the whole thing, every little piece, to see the whole image.  Your lovers will become far more visible mirrors during this transit.

10 of Cups.  It is time to learn how to talk to people in their own language about the things that you value and need.  We go throughout life spewing our own symbols and ideas at every turn, but what we don’t realize is that few people really understand us this way.  Libra is tasked with figuring out exactly how to translate between people.  (Knight of Swords) How can we meld our symbolic language so that we can all start to really connect with each other?  The thing is, language, though Libra is ruled by it, corrupts the real meaning behind your intentions.  This Venus in Libra (which will move into Scorpio season) must learn how to dance with lovers using emotion and impulse.  More can be said with the glance of an eye than a string of sentences.  The great thing about the 10 of Cups is that it tells me that Venus is going to be in full force, giving us gifts and blessings at every turn.  Love lives will soar, romances will peak, and people will be falling head over heels.   10 of Cups is all about emotional fulfillment, and we cannot have this alone.  Although Leo season taught us that we only need ourselves to survive, Venus into Libra will teach us that we want others in order to explore and get the most out of this life and learn the most about ourselves.

Knight of Swords.  There will be a lot of compulsion to meld with others, but there will also be a shallowness to it.  Be very careful not to flirt just for flirting’s sake, but to open up and blossom with others.  There can be a frivolity to Libra that must be watched out for.  You may get burned by someone you thought was more interested than they really were, but don’t take this to heart.  This is an exploitative period, and you should be exploring as well.  There is a bit of restlessness to the 10 of Cups because things are settled – motion has stopped – and Libra is not okay with this so they will get icey and cut those around them so that movement can begin again.  They like to fix things and mediate, so if things are settled they get cold and distant.  Libra loves to save others, and if there is nothing about you that they can save – they will move on.  This type of energy will be very prevalent, so make sure to be extra communicative with your lovers.  Libras just looooove to communicate, except for when it comes to their own serious emotions.  Then they run and hide and cut cut cut (this is why the Queen of Swords is Libra in the tarot – hand outstretched in greeting but sword in the other hand).  Don’t let your lovers run away during this transit when things get serious.  Keep things a bit light and wait for Venus in Scorpio to start digging in deep.

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