Lunar Eclipse in Pisces- Maelstrom

“Our future selves call us from infinite pasts, and each night are eroded with our dreams.” – Rune Secrets, Laguz

Effective Date: September 16th, 2016

Thumbnail-HeliosHelios’ Astrological Angle for the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: Batten down the hatches y’all- Storms coming in, and its about to be a big one… Our final entry in this eclipse season rolls in with cracks of thunder booming from the far off hills, and dark thick clouds looming on the horizon. You will see this one coming from a ways off, that’s for sure. In essence, 2016 has been building up to this one. Tradition tells us that there are two ways to weather a storm- Either run as soon as you see it, trying to outpace it; or to stand your ground, putting down roots like a mighty old tree- becoming an immovable object. I would like to present a third option: Meeting the storm of the century head-on.

Not only are the first two options crap anyway (running or standing still? I’ll pass), but they both miss the entire point of this eclipse. See, normally a Full Moon in Pisces would probably amount to little more than a weirdly dreamy day and a great time to do shrooms, this one is somehow more than it should be capable of. It seems as though it is a sensitive point- tapping directly into what is real, unreal and everything in between. Traditionally, Pisces is labelled as many things, but one in particular, and one that I honestly never quite understood until I tried to put this into words- The sign of Self-Undoing. This is both the gift and the mission of this eclipse. You need to walk head on into that storm, naked and fearless, and you need to let it absolutely destroy you. It will tear you apart and that is exactly what you need. This is some primal, essence of life and death type of energy here. Ignore or misuse it at your own peril.


Artemis  Artemis’ Tarot Take on the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces-  SURPRISE MUTHAFUCKA.  We are stepping foot into a brewing storm, and like any brewing storm, we can’t see a fucking god damn fucking thing.  *really pissed off Oracle.*  I feel like someone put sludge on my third eye when I peer into the energy of this full moon.  I just can’t quite… grasp it.  But perhaps that is the point?  Hmm…  Paradigm shift.  We are essentially in Astrological Normandy.  I get anxiety just looking at the chart for this thing. There’s a price to pay for this full moon.  We aren’t going to get a pleasant swim in a stream with these waters.  Nuh uh.  This is going to be a bitch of a storm – thrashing winds, flying cows, cowering home owners and storm chasers.  With the way things have been going this year, we’re going to have to storm chase this one instead of sitting it out or we may just end up in Oz.  I mean, with this theatrical bullshit election going on, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone pulled a curtain to reveal the disappointment sitting behind it.  Whatever illumination happens for a large number of us, the others will drown in the opposite energy: illusion – the opiate of the masses.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

As I settled in to write this post – clicking out of all 300 of my tabs, I noticed a friend’s status.  “The ghost of what has yet to come.”  Here it is.  Like a dream, the Pisces full moon ready to smash us into a brand new paradigm of existence.    Some sort of something is being born here, and it looks like a creative powerhouse is about to sweep into our corner of the cosmos.  *takes a big drink because, well, it’s fucking Pisces.*  Put on your flippers, fuckers, for we’re flying into fairy world.  Peer inside the wyrd new world wea’ve entered.  The world is falling a part this year, and this is where we start the renaissance of our time.  It is YOU and YOU and YOU who begin this renaissance.  It is the spiritual powerhouses, the visionaries, the schemers and dreamers and healers who will begin this paradigm shift.

Heheh I get a little wacky on Pisces energy…  Jesus, it really is like a drug.

Thumbnail-HeliosThe Sun & Moon, Venus, Mars, and Uranus– Where do I even begin with these guys? Well, first off, this eclipse is essentially all of the Trans-Neptunian objects roaring out in anger at the same time. This is decidedly their show, and they have not so much as taken center stage as declared war on it. We are talking Sedna, Eris, Ixion, Quaoar, Orius, Haumea, Chaos, Manwe, and many more. Now, these guys are always lingering around, skulking at the edges of the cosmos and trying to enact their plans like a bunch of freedom fighters (or terrorists, depending on your preferred propaganda) and normally their influence is minimal at best. This time though, it seems like the only thing that unites those discordant voices of the classical planets is to push forward the agenda of the minor planets, and I’ve not seen anything like it before. So what do they want? Well, this go-round, they want to tear you to shreds; specifically they want to rip off the facades you hide behind- everything that distances you from yourself and others, everywhere you are reserved or not quite upfront about who and what you are, and whatever keeps you from being fully engaged in the present moment. This is what I mean by the storm destroying you. You have been hiding behind a lesser version of yourself, to avoid risk and challenges- This CANNOT continue. This is some major swim-or-become-sunken astro here (if someone asked me to do a chart for the day Atlantis sank, It would look very similar to this), and how it plays out will be dependent on the mood of the central figure in this chart- Venus (Oh gods, we’re all doomed…). All of the traffic goes through her, and she will either make this whole lunation succeed or fail for you. You essentially need to win over your own heart and mind again- You have become disconnected from yourself and the world around you, and the best quickest way to make this happen is a good, strong shocking event. Of course, the challenge comes in controlling the time after the shock, using it to essentially reprogram/brainwash yourself. Still, this isn’t exactly the first time we’ve been set an impossible challenge, now is it? The path that your on will not lead you where you want to go- even those of you tormented by indecision and not having any clue what it is you actually want. Obviously you guys aren’t on the right path, and this Eclipse will make that glaringly easy to see. Luckily, in the same breath, if you face it head on and take the very storm into yourself, then the falsehoods will fall away and you will know what you have to do- it will be just as obvious. (Minor Planets: Chiron, Pallas Athene, Vesta, Hebe, Psyche, Isis, Panacea, Phaethon, Itokawa, Cyllarus, Echeclus, Damocles, Astraea, Atlantis, and those listed above)

Artemis  Sun (9 of Swords), Moon (6 of Swords), Venus (Hangman), Mars (5 of Wands), Uranus (The Hermit), Chiron (The Empress)-  Saintly self denial. This is a mind crippling one. Although this is a water ruled moon, the cards are coming up swords. Denial is what kills us. Denial drowns us, holding us down with zero remorse because it is a wholly selfish emotion. This is the dichotomy inside of Pisces. An evolved Pisces will understand that her place is to guide the collective into new worlds they couldn’t even imagine exists due to their indoctrinated rigidity (yay mutables). An unevolved Pisces will convince themselves they are a messiah and deny all of their shortcomings – blaming them on the external world that they supposedly don’t even really believe in… The hypocrisy is real, guys. The hypocrisy is so real.  No wonder Pisces is two goddamn fish swimming in two opposite directions.  After Anxiety Moon (Aka the Virgo New Moon), we are plunged into more fucking anxiety, and we must now choose. Do we let things die that we once held sacred so that we can move onto a brand new way of thinking (6 of Swords), or do we decide to choose this illusion regardless of the evidence pointing us toward moving the fuck on. You can’t go back, by the way. Once you jump, you can’t go back. But once you jump, you wont want to go back, because nothing will ever taste the same again after you have experienced a brand new, exciting world full of so much more potential than this falling tower of a world we are trying to desperately hold up now.

Ok, so there is a tremendous opportunity to heal during this full moon. But in order to heal, you need to remove yourself from everyone else’s bullshit and your emotional attachments to their bullshit. You should have learned this lesson during Leo season, so don’t give it up now. Keep those Leo lessons burning in your heart as cold descends upon us.  You are about to be baptized again (the lessons of Pisces sun are coming back full circle when this lunation kicks in).  The initiation never ends, as the occultists say.  All of the lessons of the spring and summer are about to wash over you, and you must let them.  This is dangerous as fuck territory, guys, because you will either shed all of your weight and rise above the waves like a brand spankin new warrior god – agenda in hand ready to descend into the underworld of autumn, or… well… as Pisces does best… you will be pushed right back into the wheel again.  You will absorb your self denial like a sponge and go back to the patterns before Pisces Sun hit us.  Do you see the pattern now?  Your energy is going to have some zaps, unfortunately, as Mars in a mutable while the sun and moon are also in mutables is going to make us go UH UH WTF DO I DO OMG WTF IS GOING ON WHO AM I WHY AM I LYING ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR LITTERED WITH BOTTLES OF BOURBON.  Get your shit together.  I know Virgo season is not easy, but if you can’t honestly look at yourself in the mirror, then you don’t deserve insight.

Uranus is roaring for us to change – and he is in full retrograde swing at this point, blowing shit up as he goes along.  Forcing you to change, urging you to change, and if you don’t follow along with him – throwing shit in your life out of left field so you HAVE to change.  We are looking at political change, cultural change, as well as change in our own hearts.  Change in the way we do relationships.  Change in the way we dream and manifest our dreams in this reality.  This is the transition between the Piscean age and the Aquarian age, where the technology of Aquarius allows the dreams of Pisces to emerge.  What will rear it’s head from the depths?   You will be able to see things that were in the thick of the fog before.

There is a great ego rattling that is going to take place here.  The entire Virgo season is an ego rattling – from the new moon to this full moon.  Our dreams are going to get… corrected.  Allow it.  Let it wash over you.  Don’t let the disappointments that ensue sink you to your emotional depths.  Instead, let the things die that need to die so you can rise up and take a big fucking gulp of fresh air.  Venus as the Hangman tells me that we must relinquish our ego, especially in matters of the heart – toward others and toward ourselves.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune – universal love.  Let that be your mantra.  Love for all.  Remember – and this is fucking important – when you are relating to others it is just as much about them as it is about you.  Don’t dump all of your weird shit onto people.  Change and level up your relationship skills with others, because Libra season is on the way – and Venus being in Libra during this lunation is already telling us how to prepare.  What is best for all and how can you contribute to that?   So drop your false pride, have enough courage to say what needs to be said, and you will heal like you never knew you could (Empress).

Thumbnail-HeliosMercury and Pluto– These two are in my top 3 favorite aspects, hands down. I cannot stress how awesome these two are together, and they are only improved by Neptune (cue collective shock). These two (and especially those 3) are pure dead magic- literally. There is no better combination for transforming what could otherwise be immutable. In the greater scope of the chart, it becomes clear that this time the way this magic will be expressed is through Healing. Of course, anytime the Healer is invoked, his brother the Destroyer must be accounted for as well. In fact, this time around, they have the same goal- Your healing is your self-destruction, and vice versa. Once the walls, facades and defenses you cower behind to keep yourself protected from the rest of the world are destroyed, then you will find the restoration you are looking for. You want your magic back, but to do so you cannot hide it away, as your secret. Your defenses are keeping out the very thing you want most of all! You will need to risk a bit of vulnerability to acheive your goals here. (Minor Planets: Black Moon Lilith, Juno, Deucalion, Hopi)

Artemis  Mercury (6 of Wands), Pluto (The Chariot)-  Wooooooo, here is a nice little anchor.  I am really loving this 6 of Wands and Chariot combination.  Your words will be recognized and your self transformation will bring you the success you seek.  The ideas swimming around in your head must be manifested, believe it or not.  It’s easy to have self doubt when there are so many mutables bombarding us right now, but remember this also makes us kind of like clay.  We may not know what the fuck we are right now, but we can literally mold ourselves into the things of our choosing.  Combine your ideas and the energy from Pluto forcing us to reckon with our deepest darkest desires, and you have a winning combination here.  In order to become what you wish to become, you must kill who you are now.  You must stand on the mountain of the corpses of your former selves.  This full moon is like the eye of a needle.  In order to get through the emotional storm that is ahead of us, we are going to need to communicate and transform.  You must realize that success is temporary (6 of Wands).  Fleeting.  A momentary high in a world of waves.  While you are high, scope your landscape and make your visionary plans because once you dip low, you are going to have to rely on your faith in self.  Do you trust yourself enough to transform, to go through the dark, horrible landscapes one needs to cut away the subconscious forces holding you back? These two planets are our biggest weapon in battling the extreme stress and emotional turmoil that will come with this moon.  Hold your successes in your heart and plow through the battlefield and don’t look back.  If you look back, you will be lost.  If you look back, you’ll destroy your one chance at getting through that eye of a needle.  Don’t waste any energy on things you can’t fix right now.  Pay attention to the transformations happening in the present, because they are going to need all of your focus.  If you don’t put all of your focus on the transformation, you will – and I repeat – you will drown and go sinking back into the old paradigm.  It’s time to evolve into something… beyond.


Thumbnail-HeliosJupiter– Okay, so we are going to get to Jupiter in Libra in an upcoming post (no spoilers!), as that ingress is going to be MASSIVE. He gets his own headliner spot, but due to scheduling conflicts we have to treat him as if he is in Libra before we really bite into the juicy goodness. Quite frankly, we could just skip him as he is completely detached from the action in the rest of the chart (spoiler- we totally are). Follow his example, and wherever possible, withdraw from situations that do not deserve your energy or effort. Focus on taking care of yourself and plotting your big moves for the year ahead.  (Minor Planets: Ceres, Varuna)

Artemis  Jupiter (Strength)-  No comment.  I’ll just show you the card from the deck I used and let you wait with baited breath for our Jupiter in Libra post coming up very soon 😉

Strength from Hexen 2.0 by Suzanne Treister

Strength from Hexen 2.0 by Suzanne Treister

Thumbnail-HeliosSaturn and Neptune– You know, when I first saw these two together, I thought it was a match made in heaven (and in synastry, it usually is!) but in practice it seems that its just inertia winning out. In fact I barely want to finish this section. The best expression of this energy can still come into fruition, but you will need to compromise just a bit, otherwise holding out for the absolute best, magical, fuck-all ideal will cause you to miss out on something not quite as awesome, but far more real and bankable- Setting for top 3 is only a bad thing if you’re on Drag Race. Find something workable and put the work into it, watch it grow. (Minor Planet: Orcus)

Artemis  Saturn (2 of Wands), Neptune (Knight of Pentacles)-   Are you able to see me?  Hello, I’m reaching out from my keyboard to your screen and into your mind.  Hello there, my friend, my fellow watcher of this manifestation that is before us.  This Neptune retrograde has been washing away our illusions about the world.  One little piece at a time, like Jenga, this tower crumbles and we are finally able to see the real architecture underneath.  Are you able to see me?  Are you able to see those around you?  When you look into the eyes of others, really look.  Be there with them.  Be present.  This is the real connecting fiber of our universe – that connection you feel.  Bring yourself to the present.  Don’t be scared.  I know it’s fucking frightening actually seeing people.  This illusion has us convinced that it is far more comfortable settling in it and hiding.  Goddamn Maya.  But you mustn’t be afraid.  Touch people.  Connect from the heart.  This is what Pisces is all about.  Pisces is in charge of the 12th house in Astrology, which is commonly called the “house of undoing.”  There will be two different types of undoing happening.  You will be undoing your programming and realizing that dreams do come true, or you will take the criticisms of this Virgo season to heart because you are pride driven – and you will fall right back into your old addictions and habits.  Remember, Pisces rules over addiction.  These are the things that keep us attached to any one paradigm – the addictions.  It’s time to see your addictions for what they are – and oh boy will they be revealed to you before the Sun leaves Virgo.  Now let go of your goddamn pride and ride this wave, for the storm will shred you to pieces if you keep something as solid as an ego around.  Let it go, become the wind, and you can fly anywhere.  It’s okay, really, it’s very okay that you have made mistakes in the past or that you have made these mistakes for a long fucking time – over and over again.  You can be reborn – you can be baptized – at any time.  Remember.  At any time.

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