Magick Monday- Candle and Mirror Meditation

Thumbnail-HeliosHelios on Candle Meditation– Welcome everybody, to our newest segment on Heretical Oracles, what we are calling #MagickMonday (yes, you have to say the hashtag, its 2016 people!). The idea is where we, as the Heretical Oracles being our heretical selves, teach you magic and empower you to better align yourselves to and take advantage of the cosmos as they stand.

This time, we’re going to start you off nice and easy- This meditation was one I have been doing for just about as long as I have done magic, and definitely long before I ever even knew what meditation was! What you need– A candle, and something behind it to focus on. Can be anything, mirror, crystal, whatever’s clever. Just needs to be something to hold your focus. Put yourself in a dark room and get comfortable. Light the candle and arrange things so that the candle is between you and your focal object. Get comfortable and stare at the focal object through the flame. Your goal is to be staring at the black void around the wick, where the flame is hottest. Stare into this void for an hour, clearing your mind as best you can, and focus on nothing but what is in front of you. Sync your breathing to the flame’s ebbs and flickers.

This is an ideal way to prepare for any magic that you do, and repeated practice will find your mind calmer and your thoughts more clear, not to mention you will be more present in the moment and in tune with your body, and therefore your own magic. Now if the focal object proves to be more of a distraction than a boon, feel free to ditch it. I included it because I find it helps in centering your focus, at least in the beginning.

Note- This works extremely well paired with Artemis’s Mirror Meditation!

Artemis  Artemis on Mirror Meditation- There are those of you out there who know this method as “scrying,” which is an ancient form of meditation where you gaze into a reflective surface in order to allow your subconscious to play out images before you.  It’s like an intense form of daydreaming where you allow your subconscious mind to make free associations with the flickering face before it.

This is a fantastic method for beckoning creative vision, speaking to your subconscious, unraveling your symbolic associations to yourself, and allowing for intuitive answers to your questions.  You will be allowing your subconscious mind to speak to you directly.

The subconscious mind, unlike the conscious mind, speaks in symbols.  These symbols are not at first evident.  We understand the concept behind certain symbols alongside other humans (the Cross or the U.S. flag, for example), but we may also have personal symbolic meaning attached to these symbols (someone persecuted under the Cross may associate other ideas to it).  All symbols and ideas have many layers to them, and unraveling them takes patience and communication with one’s subconscious.

There may also be symbols that you have manifested yourself that have deep meaning to you that can be discovered using this method.

All you will need is:

a reflective surface (mirror, obsidian, pool of cloudy water, etc)
(if you’d like) ambient sounds or music

The very very first thing you should ever do before any form of scrying is to ground yourself.  This may involve a 10 minute blank mind meditation, or it could involve a quick yoga session.  Grounding could be working in your garden or any other form of physical exercise that involves being in the moment and being in the physical (yes sex counts).

It is best to choose a mirror that can be placed up against the wall so that you do not have to hold it during this meditation.  First, turn off the lights and place one candle on either side of the mirror and stare into your reflection in the reflective surface.  Next, un-focus your eyes and allow your vision to fog up.  Now wait and watch and see what your mind manifests before you.  It is best, if presented with images that scare you, to blink once and continue to stare into your reflection.  If the image does not vanish, you can choose to end the meditation here.  If you are ready for shadow work, I suggest continuing to stare into the reflection regardless of your fear.  I mean, it’s just a mirror… isn’t it?  Is there something inside of yourself that you choose not to see, not to reflect clearly?

When I practice this meditation, I usually go for about 30 minutes.  You can start at 10 and move yourself up as you feel comfortable.  Remember, use your intuition and listen to yourself.   And have fun.  Always have fun.  You’re merely having a conversation with yourself…

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