Pisces Full Moon Tarot Spread: Ancestral Dreams

Artemis  Artemis Says:

“I expand into the places my ancestors couldn’t.” – Chani

Pisces rules the 12th house on the wheel, meaning she speaks to us about our “past lives” and ancestral downloads.  You see, all of us come from someone else – a long long list of someone else’s – who all had dreams and aspirations.    Experiences as far back as the first conscious organisms on earth exist in our DNA and spiral us outward into new worlds.  We feed off of and build off of the memories of our ancestors, and we are constantly challenged to break their cycles in our own lifetime.  What held your ancestors back?  What traumas and failures do they wish for you to heal?

I was deciding between a few types of tarot spreads for this Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces on Sept. 16th when I sat down for band practice.  As I drank some tea and honey, preparing myself before we began practicing our set for a big festival we are performing at (on the full moon, none the less, surprise surprise), an epiphany came over me.  Music.  First off, music is ruled by the planet Neptune – which also rules the sign of Pisces.  This, in itself, made me giggle, but the other part of the epiphany is what inspired me for this spread.  My father was a musician and it had been passed down to him from family as well.  It was his first love and he poured his heart and soul into the craft.  My dad, unfortunately, gave up his dream in pursuit of more “practical” things.  He had a family and it receded into becoming just a hobby for him.  But it was always his form of escape.  After slaving away at his business all day, he would come home and lock himself in his den and play music for hours and hours.

And here I was, full circle, after years of avoiding music and it’s practice because it reminded me so much of my father’s sadness.  Here I was, getting ready to get on stage and sing to a large crowd, on the goddamn Pisces full moon.  I hadn’t realized that this had been developing for me since Pisces season back in the winter, and here it was – out of the deep, Neptunian blue.  Here it was.

This tarot spread is designed to show you how your ancestors have been guiding you – ancestors of recent past or ancestors from far far away.   What do they want?  And how are they asking you to fulfill it?  Let us expand where they could not.


1.   What pain do my ancestors want me to heal?
2.  What have my ancestors passed down to me to assist with this task?
3.  What is a sign I should look out for that reflects I am fulfilling their desires?
4.  How can I incorporate my own dreams with their dreams?
5.  What is the collective goal of my ancestors up until me?
6.  What is manifesting in your life this full moon as a result of your ancestors?

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