Chiron Conjunct Lunar Eclipse- Ghost Physician

Lynx  Guest Writer Lynx:  Seeking the secret original impulse between constructs, symbols, and archetypes, Lynx has been an explorer of philosophy, the esoteric, and spiritual for 10 years. In the last 5 years this has included indepth study of Hermeticism, Qabalah, Astrology, Tarot, practices in intuitive witchcraft and shamanism, with a particular love of Yoga and magickal practices that have since branched off of Aleister Crowley’s Thelema. There is always a deeper truth than the truth you currently know.

Lynx Tarot Analysis on the Chiron conjunct Lunar Eclipse in Pisces:

In the following few days ahead, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces will conjunct the centaur planet Chiron highlighting our deepest emotional wounds and the source of our feelings of disconnection from our spiritual wholeness. Within the emotional chaos of the subconscious waters, Chiron arises as the key to integration and to empowering this Moon to transform us through the healing waters of compassion into a greater emotional reality that serves our highest creativity. When I pulled cards for this influence 7 out of 8 were trumps with a highly beneficial Minor Arcana.

Chiron in Pisces highlights all the negative sides of Pisces. To note Pisces is exceedingly impressionistic and can often get lost in the distinction between themselves and others. Thus a tendency at this time might be to sacrifice oneself in unhealthy ways to heal another whether it be a lover, family member, or friend, or just someone you can’t help but feel sorry for. An overall sensitivity and a desire to spare others healing avoids the wounds that are already present that we are not facing. This is a time of addiction and drug use, toxic relationships, parasitism of all forms, judgment and emotional guilt, being exceedingly vague and having a disconnection between nightmare, fantasy, and reality.

Tarot Cards for Chiron Transit

3 Fates Spread:  FATE, NECESSITY, DEBT

Here I pulled: Justice/Adjustment, The High Priestess, and The Tower

FATE- Justice

“It is often tragic to see how blatantly a man bungles his own life and the lives of others yet remains totally incapable of seeing how much the whole tragedy originates in himself, and how he continually feeds it and keeps it going. Not consciously, of course—for consciously he is engaged in bewailing and cursing a faithless world that recedes further and further into the distance. Rather, it is an unconscious factor which spins the illusions that veil his world. And what is being spun is a cocoon, which in the end will completely envelop him.” – Carl Jung, Aion

We wish to blame the outside, but we are the source of our illusions and nightmares. We must embody the connection we seek to achieve and reunite the disparate parts inside and outside ourselves to achieve wholeness. We must accept the wound as part of the whole process and sit with it not feeding its desire to be wounded, but being as a teacher along side it into a whole new way of being. Though we have an asteroid directly addressing our emotional scars, here we have a card that is exact in its measure. It weighs all sides of a situation and acts as an impartial judge. Here is the weighing of Karma and where Chiron demands that we face our plasticity and our exaltation of ourselves above others. We must face our true reflection in the mirror, all our beauty and all of our ugliness. We must live by the guiding rule do unto others as you would like to be treated with an extra consideration of who exactly we are dealing with. Understanding that we do not truly understand compassion, or what another needs. For everything you neglect, every wound you try to push away and cover up will arise within yourself. It’s good to be chill, but not to be cold. Nonetheless, though La Justesse certainly weighs emotions in her consideration, her measure must be exact and emotions cannot fully rule the final decision. Expect what you dish out to be given back to you exactly and that you must not mirror negativity but reflect back on it what you wish to see in the world.

NECESSITY – The High Priestess

We need to be really open, to really listen to what the universal heart is attempting to tell us. We are all one heart. We don’t want to live in our wounds nor sacrifice ourselves to the negative emotions of others trying to fix them. Nor do we wish to bare another’s burden where it is not our place to bare. Nor do we want to neglect the wounds of our neighbor who is also a part of yourself. You must listen deeply to the connection inside yourself. As hard as it may seem when we are trying to find home, we have to first find and embody it in our own hearts. We need a clean palette. Clearing the trappings of debris and hallucination. We need to spend time in solitude and silence. Letting go of the mind chatter, channeling inner intuition by receiving and listening. This is not about you controlling, this is about receiving and implementing the wisdom of the infinite that is speaking to you. Connecting to the source that stretches far beyond the stars. We must allow the feminine consciousness of what is mysterious and cannot be rationally understood to penetrate our understanding. The circular knowledge of all life’s web and the awareness that we were always whole through all of our transitions. To see the part you must play by allowing the greater truth symbolized by Justice to illuminate your mind.

DEBT – The Tower

Of course it’s the Tower. Because of ways we have neglected compassion our wounds are being fully highlighted including those we’ve inflicted on others. We are spiritually wounded desiring wholeness yet cut off in a mis-perceiving state in the disconnect between body, brain, and spirit. The matrix reality of distortion and division that our mind feeds. Doom and Gloom, depression, nothing can ever be right, I will never be whole, I am worthless. Stop drowning in Self-Pity. Let it the fuck go. Tear down that edifice of unhappiness and unnecessary suffering. You have much to enjoy to which you often neglect. Work on yourselves and stop making the same excuses. Stop mirroring what you hate in the world and integrate it. Stop chastising others for what they feel or believe except when it becomes invasive. Find ways to release situations and end them. Be honest with yourself for you have been mired in illusions and the Tower is shattering. Your ego is crumbling and all that you thought reality should be is being swept away. Every bitter resentment, all jealousy and anger, all wallowing in emotional guilt, inflicting guilt and drowning others in your outpouring of emotions will cause you to suffer. Chiron demands a new strategy. There is a wide spectrum of notes and colors in the full emotional palette that is Pisces.

Pisces lends to allowing our imagination to be our guide, our gateway to heal. We mis-perceive the very world that is in front of us. We dream of true connection, but also doom and gloom apocalypse, wanting to end it all over the suffering of our separation. Let that strategy go. You need to dream this reality you wish to embody into being now. Your judgement of another is your judgment of yourself. Every negative impulse and unnecessary egoic action, every selfish and mean thing you do will be mirrored back at you unless you release into the greater perspective of connection. LET GO! For greater acts of compassion may generate a rising of awareness that shatters the false egoic divisions you have held onto for so long. The tower is breaking apart our false idols that enslaves the greater reality we are already swimming in, but do not see. You don’t know who you are and as your false shell cracks your inner truth can begin to rise as a winged snake towards the heavens. Play your inner song, worry not who is listening, and sing it to connect to your true state of wholeness, the side you are still becoming. Others will be there. Let go of what you think it needs to be, listen, and arise.

Grand Mutable Square Spread

Gemini – 10 of Cups, Virgo – Temperance/Art, Sagittarius – The Star, Pisces – Judgment/The Aeon

This spread echoes the astrological events of June 6th when the Sun and Venus in Gemini were in a grand square to Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces all at 14 degrees. Jupiter has left Virgo and has now entered Libra, but now the sun has moved to Virgo 90 degrees later, one full side of the square.

Gemini – 10 of Cups – Presently there are no major planets transiting this sign, yet here the Sun and Venus at the time of the grand square were conjunct in the Superior Conjunction, the full passion and expression of the morning star when Venus hides behind the Sun for a time. Together they acted as both the seed of light and the womb of the change that has been generated since that time. Thus Gemini is the seed of this reading.

 “Understand compassion or you will misunderstand the times” – Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yogi, major precept for the Aquarian age.

Yogi Bhajan took the most esoteric secrets that took him his whole life to learn visiting spiritual masters whom had retreated from society and decided that in the Aquarian age these secrets were for everybody and were no longer to be kept hidden. When Yogi Bhajan came to the united states in the heat of the political upheaval of the 1960’s, he met a weird group of Americans from beatniks, to hippies, poets, artists, and those who had spent much time in the realm of psychedelia seeking spiritual dimensions beyond the physical. Here Yogi Bhajan says follow me and I will teach you to see God without the drugs. Here is the real faithful work of Pisces that doesn’t demand immediate results seeking escapism but confronting the real. Gemini is the duality light and shadow, male and female. Two sides of our nature, yet also rules how we communicate and think and acquire facts. The 10 of cups astrologically is Mars in Pisces. Here is the heart of the true tribe. Here is the way of compassion, love, connection, communication. Having the will to see the best interests of another enough to nurture them towards our truest expression of self in tribal unity. We must speak the words of our heart as if we were already with our tribe so that we may manifest them towards us even if we feel separate from them. We must have compassion towards our self and our shadow, the subconscious which we cannot fully control nor understand. Through acts of compassion we begin to understand that which we despise.

Virgo – Temperance/Art – During this lunar eclipse the Sun will be opposing the Moon and Chiron in Virgo with a more indirect opposition from Mercury providing us with the most practical and resourceful tools of our reality. Thus as the emotional body symbolized by the moon in a highly emotional sign Pisces conjuncts Chiron the source of our wounds, it is expected that all the deepest parts of our emotional scarring will be highlighted and our fantasies of escapism will be directly assessed by the practical reality at hand. Weave your daily tasks into your greater tapestry of art, measure the details and be exact, chisel out your alchemical living work of beauty into your very body and your surrounding environment. Like detail work on a greater canvass, thus are the daily “mundane” tasks used to temper all that is into something you can appreciate and unite to a higher impulse. Allow the subconscious impulse of the moon in Pisces to illuminate the expressions and exactness of detail needed to turn your outside world to reflect your inner truth. Now is not the time to be lazy. Thee process is thee product- Old TOPI Proverb. Be detailed, but let it flow.

Sagittarius – The Star – This influence is highlighting our higher spiritual impulse and inner fire, refining our subtler energies and emotions into fine rays of light and illumination. The current placement of Mars and Saturn.

Saturn in Sagittarius limits excesses refining the idealistic and wanderlust Saggitarian down to what it can actually accomplish. This discipline at first feels like restriction and yet makes it possible to accomplish anything preparing us to be freed unto our true goals and inner will. Mars on the other hand at 23 degrees Sagittarius will be directly square the Sun, the Moon, and Chiron. Here I thought at first that Mars would be careless like a scattered and joyously optimistic person trampling their greater ideals like a spear into the heart of the wounded not being so fond of the zealously optimistic. Completely insensitive to the hurt feelings of the person in front of them and not wanting to be mired down by their negativity. And yet sometimes this playful optimism is exactly what is needed in the face of heartbreak. Okay it’s over. Get on to the greater adventure Sagittarius says. Here we may be guided both by what feels good and what makes sense. Here we may step into our higher ray of healing and for a temporary time connect with our higher nature and sense of wholeness. This influence challenges us emotionally to focus on the bigger picture and embody all that we want to be and feel. Transform our sorrow into joy and our division into completion. As the Buddha has said, “Life is Suffering”. And through this gateway of understanding is Nirvana. The awakened one is a jewel of infinite spectrum of light that sees no division. Release, for you are already whole.

Pisces – Judgment/The Aeon – Here is the place of emotions. Where rationality no longer makes sense. Feelings forming like flowing waters into every crevice of space. Never stable or still and in constant fluctuations and transformation is the nature of the flowing waters. Neptune ruler of Pisces is here, so is the moon and Chiron.

Issues of Piscean age afflict us. Judgment, guilt, paranoia, delusions, fantasies, faithful allegiance to concepts that do not serve our true nature, plastic labels of spiritual identity melting and then hardening over our hearts. Who cares what you call it whether it be spiritual or not, Pagan, Buddhist, Zen Buddhist, Yogi, Shaman. What is the point of mind numblingly chanting the word Christ if you cannot embody the heart of Christ in your intention and deed? When you judge another you are really judging yourself! Your labels mean nothing if you cannot embody them. They are the plastic shells and husks, the synthetic masks you use to hide your damaged heart. Where is the blood flowing throughout the river inside you? Connecting you to all blood bearing beings and the very rivers of Earth? You know not yet what you wish to embody. What you are comes from a place that you are tethered to, that we are blinded from in our usual perception. Stop feeding false premises. Stop dividing yourself from things you wish to not feel, stop pretending to feel things you don’t. Stop feeding negative emotions and stop obsessing. There is a disconnect from your apocalyptic nightmares to your dreams of archetypal imagination and pure fantasy. These are paranoid schizophrenic Piscean delusions and the line that unites the fishes is the “reality” that pervades all these worlds. Two fish swimming in opposite directions and yet neither one knows the reality nor the void between them. None of these realities you perceive is the reality. See and feel into the heart and unite with your experience.

Judgment, also called the Aeon, is ruled by Pluto the agent of transformation and rebirth. Here is the opportunity to completely transform your emotional reality. To use emotions in ways that serve our greater creativity and to end to our unhealthy relationship with the past. To re-imagine the world. The pieces are never gonna fit completely, but you can use that to your advantage and greater creativity to allow yourself to be creator and to let the waters flow through you. Release everything that doesn’t serve you or others and surrender to the higher impulse.

Uranian Key of Chiron – The Hermit – Uranus the transformer and the source of our originality and inventiveness is what Chiron seeks to unlock. And here we return to Virgo who is prudent and practical and seeking the real. Focus on what needs to be done, but also accept your solitude at this time. If you want to find the key to your inner healing you must spend time alone. This card is very similar to the high priestess for both connote an inward journey. Here is the opportunity to unite your spiritual dream with your broken reality. To listen and go deep inside yourself and find what you truly want, your connection with all that is. Uranus in Aries conjuncting Eris is amplifying the influence of the tower in 2016 at this time and here our Uranian Key is meditation. Let no outside force disturb your inner peace. Do not let chaos unhinge you.

The key to your wholeness is deep inside you. Accept your state of separateness and that you know nothing of the true nature of reality and that this is part of your wholeness. Really listen to what the world and your heart are telling you seeing everyone as yourself. Every individual is both sovereign and united to the whole. Unite with the life you are truly connected with in the home inside your heart. The reality you see in your mind’s eye that our conditioned perception blinds us to. For who you are in the meditation is the most real form of yourself you could know. It’s up to you to make a reflection of yourself that satisfies you and permeates both inside and outside, above and below. This is not done by mirroring the disposition of others, but by unfogging the mirror, cleaning out the distortions and false perceptions, finding a place where the mind is empty and free of distraction and the heart may reside in peace. Who were you before the story? Find your one pure thought.

Suggested Tarot Spread for Energies of Chiron

  1. The Wounds that have been inflicted that we are contending with
    2. The key to healing those wounds and transforming them
    3. The pain we must contend with that is to come.

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