Sappho in Libra- Allure

 “J’aimerais m’apercevoir à travers votre regard.

I would like to see myself from your point of view.

Transit date– 9/19/2016 – 11/27/2016


artemis  Artemis’ Tarot Take on Sappho in Libra-

Cards:  The High Priestess, 6 of Swords, Knight of Cups, Knight of Wands

The High Priestess.  Ah the little things.  The secret things.  The in-uaudible whisper of someone’s body language or the colors in someone’s voice.  That allure.  That mysterious essence.  The things that exist but cannot be spoken of.  The things that get us excited enough to chase and crawl through someone’s labyrinth of self.  The energy between us.  It’s all there, I promise you, it’s real, what you see, but it is so hard to jump out and capture it.  We can try, I guess?  Let’s give it a try.  We can surely figure out a method.

6 of Swords.  We can slather it in paint on a canvas.  We can vibrate it through our music, hoping to reach the same reverberation.   We can try and twist and turn words just right – perfectly – so that they slip right into that empty spot and fill that void and give us the essence behind the beauty.  We can try and try and try, and we can come very, very close.  But we can never quite just…  Damn.  We can never capture the essence of that “allure” because, well, that’s the friggin’ point, isn’t it?  Allure is mystery.  Sappho didn’t get her following of super sexy lady artists for nothing.  She had a magnetism to her that brought them in, made them interested, spoke to them in a language they didn’t see all too often in civilized society.  Socrates and Plato called her the “10th Muse.”  Historians placed her on a list of great poets alongside Homer.  The historian Alcaeus describes her as, “Violet-haired, pure, honey-smiling Sappho.”  She knew the importance of seduction behind beauty.  The allure of it.  And she chased it, and in turn it chased her and reflected right back at her.

So what is the allure behind an artist?  What seduces mobs of people to those that are “good” artists?  What are they looking for?

We are each a lucid, moving mirror that reflects all of the things around us.  People like to see themselves.  They like to know that they are seen.  An artist connects their symbolic mental paradigm to others, and it is the method that they come up with that is the true artistry.  The thing is – artists know that the allure dies once we actually put our finger on something and say THIS IS WHAT IT IS.  Because then we stop looking.

Once we think we understand someone, we stop looking.  We stop noticing.  That is why a body of work is always moving, always transforming, always twisting and whirling.  The allure tells us – this way!  This way please!  There is so much more to know and find out and reflect… and so much to connect.

It is always an eternal search to find that which we desire most.  The Knight of Cups symbolically reminds me of the search for the holy grail.  It is this mystery that inspires so much yet has never been solved.  In the end, it doesn’t matter what is real about it and what isn’t.  It is what it has inspired that is the entire point.  Allure inspires.  It is not only a dive into someone else and trying to figure out how to reflect them fully, but it is also the same thing right back at you.  The thing which we try and capture also gives us a reflection of ourselves.  When we ask an artist to create a piece of work to reflect us, we are also getting a piece that is showing us their reflection of their self through us.  And on and on and on, like when you put mirrors up against each other and stare into the eternal reflections.

Knight of Wands.  Libra is flirtatious seduction.  She is a beautiful siren who sees that life is a dance with void, and that you can never fully capture anything.  Not balance, not beauty, not life.  She is the fairy tale – the fantasy.  During this transit, your zeal for passion through reflection will take on greater meaning.  This is a great time to write (especially about love and beauty), and it is a great time to serenade lovers with gifts of art.  Your words will flow better than ever.  For those of you with Sappho in Libra (she is asteroid 80 if you want to go look – check your degree), this transit will bring you the much needed poetic inspiration you have been looking for.  In general, her transit will give the fantastical elements of Libra some extra fuel during this particular Libra season.  It’s gunna make things super sexy and intoxicating.  The timing is perfect.

There is an element to the asteroid Sappho that is also very community oriented.  Attend gatherings of artists and watch their reflections.  Your inspiration could be dancing between the lines of a poet’s reflections.  The entering of Sappho into Libra is telling us the muses have come out to play.  What we must remember during this transit is that we should not be too aggressive to pin others down, but to play and signal and reflect – to flirt and dance and see what beautiful things come from this.  You will be able to quite clearly, and articulately, talk about the things you are following / seeing in others during this transit.  And you seeing me seeing you is… well… beautiful, isn’t it?

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