New Moon in Libra- Fairy Tale

“Everything seemed possible, when I looked through they eyes of a child.
And every once in a while; I remember,
I still have the chance to be that wild.”  – Nikki Rowe

Effective Date– September 30th, 2016

Thumbnail-Helios Helios’ Astrological Angle on the New Moon in Libra– This is one weird Moon, I’ll tell you h’what… It feels almost otherworldly, like Jupiter moving into Libra has transported us into some strange new land, where up is down, time is sideways and gravity is salmon flavored. The playbook we have been using is now woefully outdated- We need to toss it out and find our footing in this new place, and we need to do it fast… Before reality sets in!

artemis Artemis’ Tarot Take on the New Moon in Libra-  Once upon a time, we stumbled into a very strange time period for our collective human lives.  We materialized into a place where the great possibilities in our lives opened up after some deep, divisive heart rattling.  Those of us who had the will to push through our suffering were gifted with a new banquet of life (As Rumi says, You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.)  We had to learn to let go of everything, to surrender to the greater forces of our true self and it’s desires so that we could live weightless.  We learned that although the body is made of flesh, it does not mean it cannot ebb and flow and morph like liquid.  We learned that we can fill the world around us and become one with it.  We learned that through surrender, the walls between the worlds break down.

We mourned our former dreams and replaced them for new, clearer dreams.  And as we left the heart break hotel that was the Pisces Full Moon Eclipse with Chiron conjunct, we found our way to the New Moon in Libra; the hopeless romantic of the Zodiac.

This New Moon is being influenced by heavy, dreamy Neptune energy that has everyone shouting with bravado, “This is it!  This is the time!  We can actually change this fucking place!”  This is our first stop in the “Libra Fairy World,” (aka Jupiter in Libra expanding the ideals of  Venus until Oct. 2017), and instantly we feel like our hearts are being played like a harp; milked for sweet, harmonic passion.  And what is to be done with all of that passion?  Our flames are being fanned so that we can have the courage to act.  Isn’t that the moral of any fairy tale?  That no amount of magic can save you if you don’t have the courage in your heart.

Thumbnail-Helios The Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn and Neptune– And here is where that weirdness is coming from. This lunation is HEAVILY Neptunian, and unfortunately it sets the tone for the rest of the Jupiter in Libra path. I say unfortunately because where we are here is almost like a complete reversal of the Monomyth– We are starting at the Special world, which is traditionally the end of the Hero’s Journey. This is unfortunate, because if that is our starting point, then the end to our journey will be the Ordinary world, aka the boring mundane world. Think The Wizard of Oz- Most of the story takes place outside of the normal world and the heroine chooses to abandon her new home where everything is better to go be a humble farmer who probably either died shortly after her adventure or lived a long, dreary, mundane life knowing that no one could ever possibly understand what she had been through, let alone believe her. Now, we will face the return to the ordinary world at the end of the transit (October 2017) but for now we need to focus on the beginning of our journey. This phase is where the hero (You) ventures out into a completely alien landscape and wants to go home- At least that’s what the script says. You and I both know you have another quest here. You may not consciously know what it is but if you stumble around for a bit you’ll figure it out. Shortly you will encounter at least one other character (if the script is to be believed anyway) who will be a marker along your new path, giving you crucial direction and information (or will become a dramatic foil/ nemesis to spur your growth). There will be a structure, societal or otherwise, that you will hit hard against, and will feel as though you need to change, or to change yourself to fit within. That will be your first challenge, and your new ally will be powerless to help you (or nemesis will be actively trying to hinder you). This first bit is all you, and will test your morals, ethics, worth and resolve. It is an initiation of sorts, and will lock you into the path, allowing you to proceed. Again, no one can do these trials but you. This is your path to walk, all we can do is give you a road map. (Minor Planets used: Orcus, Persephone, Arachne, Achilles, Dionysius, Narcissus, Altjira, Eurydike, Klotho, Teharonhiawako, Icarus and Itokawa)

artemis The Sun (2 of Wands), Moon (The Tower), Venus (The Sun), Saturn (The Magician), and Neptune (10 of Swords)-  Passion is possession.  To be impassioned is to become a vessel for a greater force than yourself.  This passion allows us to trans-mutate the things inside of us that we bury through the act of materializing them as new things in the world.  In order to reach this state, one must first find a way to allow trust back into life – true companionship (Libra). Strip yourself bare, and as I said in Jupiter Libra, open your heart wide.  I know we have been telling you this all year, and I know it is difficult to hear and swallow, but you are being forced to change.  This is the year of The Tower.  This is the year of the death of your former self.  You must have the courage to choose to make that change, to reach for a more unraveled version of yourself, or you will become destroyed in the collapse of your old world around you.  Do you see those people walking around you with the blank stares and the clockwork lives?  That is what the collapse looks like.  Let’s not fucking go there.

10 of Swords.  All realities are equal.  If you try and establish a solid reality at this point, you will get taken down.  You have to become okay with living in a new world, tearing off your mask and letting your inner self take a dive into the mystery of the world.  For this reading, I am using the Wildwood Tarot, and the 10 of Swords comes with a bit of a twist in this deck.  It is an old man instructing a young boy how to use a bow.  Here we are, your old dead self instructing your inner child how to move along and learn from the mistakes and pains of the past.  You are no longer this “old man” represented by the card.  That life is over.  The old bones of that life have finally held all they could, and now must pass on their wisdom.

2 of Wands.  There is a new vision coming to you.  There is a new tale to tell.  You have established the lessons of your past, and now you are ready to use them as a tool instead of keeping them around like a dead weight – pulling you into the deep.  Here is where everyone fucks up.  Instead of looking ahead toward the things we desire most – the things that are clawing desperately to come out and play (Venus and The Sun), we choose fear each time.  We choose self doubt instead of flexibility, because we hope deep down that the culture is right about what will make us happy and we don’t have to do the scary things.  We can avoid the heart pounding, uncomfortable fear.  Nuh uh, new rules this coming year.  Now we now have to decide to work from that pounding heart – from innocence and our eternal inner light (The Sun).   If we don’t, the trials ahead are only going to get deeper and darker for you.  The longer that you suppress yourself, the larger your shadow grows.  And who the fuck wants to have a large shadow during Scorpio season?

The Magician.  Fairy tales are metaphors for our personal paradoxes.  We use metaphor to bring out difficulties of integration in our psyche.  The world is full of paradoxes, and in order to play and fine tune our vision of reality, sometimes we need to suspend it’s rules with this little Venusian tool of vision called “art.” Metaphor/art can magnify the knots that need untying within ourselves.

There is a higher, freer love we need to experience; a formless love within all of our lovers.  A mystical experience with others that can only be attained if we let ourselves go into the world of “mystery” and “allure.”  If we allow ourselves to fall into others instead of inspecting them like a product.  You can only get to this place if you choose to wander off the path – to wander into new realms of your life that don’t have signposts.  Don’t worry about getting lost – in yourself, in the world, or in others.  This moon is all about merging, of integrating, of immersion.  The mystics of old would rid themselves of all their possessions and wander the world, creating art and fully participating in existence.  Once we do this, there will be a harsh death that will come about.  It will slaughter and murder our old paradigms, introducing them to the subjectivity of life and experience.  But this is good.  Along with those old paradigms, all of your old pain and fear and stagnation will die as well.


Thumbnail-Helios Mercury, Uranus and Chiron– Okay, so we’ve established that you’re in some sort of weird dream world that doesn’t follow any rules other than its own. How do you navigate someplace that you have never been and where you cannot trust your senses to make sense of what you are sensing? Easy- You trust the nonsense! Now before you close out of this page and unfollow us, let me explain. You are probably experiencing a sort of bleedthrough effect- things in this reality that you were sure of, things in your memory or based on your experiences will be called into question. At first it’s only small things, like music you thought came out earlier than it did, but then calls into question memories and experiences that it was tied intrinsically to, and suddenly you find yourself with things that don’t make sense, and a lot of gaps- blank space that defies being filled; Until the moment something else clicks into place and reminds you what goes into that gap. This is multidimensional thinking, and its enough to give anyone an anyuerism trying to figure it out. What can you do when you can’t even trust your own mind? Luckily for you this happens to be the thing I specialize in above all else! What you must do is take the truth you are presented at face value, but you must hang on to the memories of what you remember to be true- The shape and feel of the truth are more true than the truth you are aware of. Hang on to it any way you can, write down the memories you have, make a recording or video, but acknowledge the facts you are given. It’s very Berenstain/Berenstein Bears. This will be hard, as there is a major internal drive to try and figure out the real truth, what IS underneath all the facts. The problem is that right now the truth is a shifty, ephemeral thing, and it may not exist at all. Can you deal with that? Can you give up your quest for “The One Truth”? (Minor Planets usedPallas Athene, Juno, Vesta, Eris, Ixion, Haumea, Chaos, Circe, Cyllarus, Orpheus, Manwe, Askalaphus, Sauer)

artemis  Mercury (The Wheel), Uranus (8 of Swords), and Chiron (7 of Swords)-

The Wheel.  Ugh, the dissociation.  It’s like waking up from a dream into another fucking dream and now we have to figure out the new rules.  It’s like, well, a fairy tale of the last place we were just at.  It’s time for you to start telling the story, because you sure as hell aren’t going to live by someone else’s story.  Speak, communicate, and change will come.  Mercury will still be in Virgo, going direct a little over a week before this lunation.  He will be creating a new system for you to work with.  He will be pushing your mind to re-organize it’s concepts and cut that which doesn’t serve your agenda.  It is time to shed the old ideas that just haven’t been fitting in your life and try new concepts.  It is time to turn the wheel or, as I keep saying, die in the rubble of the un-sturdy structure you are creating.  You are being forced to change.  Can you keep up with the pace at which things are asking you to change?  Throw out that which doesn’t work and recycle what has worked.  Don’t get stuck in old head-spaces and paradigms.  Your old tools aren’t going to work for your new adventures into the unknown.  The rules are different there.  Just keep your wits about you and become flexible – keen but fluid.

8 of Swords.   Please, look very closely.  Your life is changing because it needs to.  The god of Change is working in the background, retrograding through our life and dropping grenades in places we may have “least expected it.”  You and I know that last part is bullshit.  We know when things are wrong, deep down in our gut.  Go with your instincts, not with your mind right now.  Your mind will try and come up with every single reason imaginable not to change – to stick to this cage you have built for yourself.  But the way out is right there in front of you if you just dig deep into your gut and move forward from there.  You are being forced to change.  Now feel the direction you need to take because of this pressure.  Feel the lesson all of this is trying to teach you.

7 of Swords.   Ah the past pain.  This card is talking about that hole inside of you that can never be filled.  Yes, the one that is constantly getting stuffed with more and more painful things- expanding the wound instead of healing it.  Here’s the thing – we constantly get inflicted with the same wounds because we are attracted to resolving that issue.  We must re-live it until we learn how to over-come it.  Your past pain will come back, cycling and cycling, in slightly different forms throughout your entire life until you learn exactly how to change (trans-mutate) to overcome it.  This is the only way to evolve the self.  Life is like a spiral.  Learn it’s dance, learn it’s rhythm, and pay far more attention to the “vibrations” or “feel” of things than how they may appear.  Old wounds come disguised, so, again, trust your instincts and play it shrewd.  And, please please don’t fear it.  You’ve battled this monster before.  You already know what you need to do.

Thumbnail-Helios Mars and Jupiter– Now that we’ve figured out WHERE we are and how the hell to navigate this crazy new landscape, we come to the big question- What the hell do we do? So the answer to that will of course vary from person to person, but figuring out your quest will be crucial. More important than your objective itself is your motivation for getting what you want. You see, since this is all ass-backwards, you will get what you came for long before you figure out why you wanted it in the first place! Your struggle will be to keep hold of it and protect it all the way through the trials that await you (Jupiter moves into Scorpio next, kittens- after that it heads to Saggo and will meet up with Saturn and Pluto for the mother of all conjunctions in Capricorn!). This is an analogy for the Golden Child, aka the innocent part of you that you have protected from your youth to now, regardless of what life has thrown at you. Some hang onto this more fiercely than others, but the child within you knows the way forward. I know it seems asinine to trust it (it’s only a kid, what does it know?) but remember, it is YOU, and this fairy tale landscape is the domain of children- As an adult you are an intruder. Allow another part of you to flourish and remind you of things you have forgotten about yourself. Your quest for wholeness is nothing if you choose to sacrifice the core of who you are, after all… (Minor Planets usedCeres, Varuna, Chariklo, Makemake, Hylonome, Nessus, Pelion, Amycus, Logos, Pandora, Urania, Toro)

artemis  Mars (Justice) and Jupiter (Knight of Swords)-  Oh my, here is the hero of our tale.  These two planets are working as a team to motivate and inspire the fuck out of you.  Mars as the Justice card while floating through the sign of Capricorn will bring a ferocity to everyone around us.  Justice.  The higher our energies soar, the higher we force the energies around us to soar.  Each time you adjust your attitude / frequency, you are stimulating change around you.  The world must balance itself.  Humans are not removed from this ecosystem.  Capricorn  (Where Mars will be) brings Libra (where the moon, Jupiter and the sun will be) all of the things she is missing.  All those higher ideals, truth seeking, immersion oriented, balanced Libran characteristics will finally be able to manifest in your world because you will have the WILL to make it so (we all know Libra never actually gets anything done, but with Mars in Capricorn breathing down her neck…)  Choose the thing that makes you possessed – obsessed – that dream that you would mourn most deeply if you never manifested it into your existence.  Now create the tale where it is possible.  Go.  Do it.  NOW.  Knight of Swords. 

Thumbnail-Helios Pluto– Well, every good story needs a villain, aye? This time though, the villain isn’t drawn with such broad strokes- he isn’t a caricature of evil painted with all the subtlety of a drag queen going for clown realness; No, he is a devil we know, and intimately. Here, we are the villain in our own story. We are responsible for the fuckups that have brought us to this point. The surreal landscape is our own conscience, which is why it seems so alien to us. Our code, our moral center, was one of the things we sacrificed to stay alive during the conflict of the last near-decade. Ladies and gentlemen, we are being given a chance to regain what we have sacrificed, and recover who we were. We can get back to that point, but to do that we need to do one thing, one terribly obvious and terrifying thing: We need to accept the call that we refused back in 2010 and become the heroes of our own lives. Yes, you were given a chance to really take control of your destiny and change the world around you for the better, but for one reason or another you rejected it and have regretted it ever since. Well, you have taken the harder path, and it has led you here. The funny thing is, if you had accepted the call, you would have ended up here as well, but things would have turned out much, much differently. Regardless, you are fighting for a second chance to claim your birthright as Hero of your own life. Make no mistake, this is something that must be fought for, and will be a responsibility- not an end to your struggle. Once you choose to step up and take your life into your own hands, your problems multiply, not decrease. Yet this is really the only way to embody your life to its fullest potential. Anything else is mediocre at best. Step up and take a stand, for yourself. (Minor Planets usedDeucalion, Sphinx, Siva and Hermes)

artemis  Pluto (8 of Pentacles)-  Self mastery.  Here, Pluto warns us again that the things which we bury come back up like old graves.  Alright, Heretics, you are being called to self mastery this Libra season, and it’s going to be a long fucking road.  Once you ding one piece of karma out, the next one will be right at it’s heals.  Pluto will finally be going direct for this New Moon, and he will be bringing screaming hoards with him.  The God of the Underworld is dragging you down into hell so that you can emerge the Dark Queen Persephone on the other side (spring seems so far away all of a sudden).  But you are going to have to go through the trials of Innana as well.  We talked about removing your masks one by one in Venus in Scorpio (which will be influencing the chart at this moon).  This is just an affirmation of that.  You will be challenged, one punch after the other, to work and change.  The only way real change can happen is if you keep hammering – remove yourself from all of the distractions and keep hammering.  Now, the real question is, which of the things in your life are “distractions” and which are a part of your true “work?”  For the answer to that, you are going to need to dig in deep… and find the source outside of the illusion.  The hole is deep.  So I suggest starting your shoveling now.  And when you come out the other side…  You wont be in Kansas anymore, darling.