Asteroid Files: The Muses

We open on a beleaguered writer in a messy house with alternating bottles of bourbon and coffee cups strewn about, staring at a computer screen- mounting frustration and lack of sleep apparent on his face. His agitation grows every minute as his progress is stymied. He looks up, as if he is somehow aware of being observed. After searching with his eyes for a minute, he rolls his eyes and returns them to his computer

Fuck it, we’re doing the Mousai.

The Astronomy– Alright, this is going to be a messy one. When I say we are doing the Muses, I mean we are going to be looking at all 9 of them and what they rule over in one go*. They are…

18 Melpomene- Tragedy
22 Calliope- Epic Poetry
23 Thalia- Comedy
27 Euterpe- Music
30 Urania- Astronomy & Astrology
33 Polyhymnia- Mime, Meditation, Agriculture and Rhetoric
62 Erato- Love Poetry and Mimicry
81 Terpsichore- Dance and Rhythm
84 Clio- History

Honorable mention:
57 Mnemosyme- Titaness of Memory (the first M is silent) and Mother of the Muses, according to some
56 Melete- Practice, one of the original 3 muses from their girl group before Mnemosyme pulled a Beyonce

*In the interest of brevity (and ensuring that you all continue to read these in the future) I am not posting the orbits and other astronomy facts for each of these lovely ladies. If you truly wish to know that info, message me and I would be happy to give you that info.

The Myth– The history on these girls is, ironically, anything but clear and concise. Some attribute them as daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyme, others say their parents were Gaia and Uranus, or that they sprang straight from Chaos itself. Sometimes there are six of them, other times you see nine, and on special events you might see as many as fourteen! Essentially they’re just making it up as they go. They are personifications of knowledge and art, seen as the literal spirit of the work itself. They were usually invoked at the beginning of various lyrical poems, such as in the Homeric epics; this happened so that the Muses give inspiration or speak through the poet’s words.

Why They Matter– First of all, these girls are the subject of many a behind-the-scenes tirade of either Artemis or myself. We love to bitch and moan about them for withholding their blessings from us- and then simultaneously curse and praise them when they bestow said blessings on us at 4:47 am. What are those glorious blessings, you ask? Pure inspiration. Every writer, painter, or back-alley sex worker knows the muses and knows the struggle of the muses blessing some other shmuck and leaving you to languish. When they are there, filling you up with that glorious golden inspiration, though? There’s nothing quite like it. Sure, you may black out at times and never retain any of what you write, but as long as you keep churning out that quality material, who cares? These ladies also translate to talent in the fields they represent, or more accurately a potential. I have Urania prominent, but my Terpsichore is heavily afflicted in my own chart (something else Artemis can attest to) so it is harder for me to embody the inspiration she gives me in dance form (It’s my hips, I just can’t move them in a way that works. I’m an awful dancer and have been barred from several clubs for my take on what rhythm is, no joke). Its all about working with your natural talents and allowing them to help you reach your greatest expression in whatever medium you are creating your art!

To find out where these girls show up in your chart, go to astro.com, put in your birth details and in the extended options, all the way at the bottom of the next page, there will be a menu of additional objects. Under that is a blank space where you can enter the numbers you see up above, for whoever you are checking at that moment. Once you have them entered (you can do a max of 11 additional objects), generate the chart! Where do the Muses affect your life? Let us know in the comments below!