Pluto Direct- Event Horizon

“Don’t try to fix what we should break before it breaks us.” – Hagalaz, Rune Secrets

Effective Dates: September 26th 2016- April 20th 2017

Thumbnail-HeliosHelios’ Astrological Angle on Pluto Direct– Welcome to the hard part, ladies and gentlemen. That’s right, even with all of the merde that we have waded through to get to this point, we still have miles and miles to go before we rest. You will look back and yearn for the pain and struggle that has led you here. We are in the stage of the Hero’s Journey called “The Road of Trials”, and out of all the phases, this is the one that stops more would-be heroes in their tracks than any other. This is where it all becomes real. This is where you have to step up, and take your stand. You have to make choices, and you have to be ready to risk it all. Most of all, you have to face failure. You will lose some extremely important battles during this phase, and the consequences of those can eat you alive from the inside out. You will want to rake yourself over the coals for each loss, each missed shot, and every failed venture- But the best thing that can happen to you is failure. This is where you earn it- The knowledge and experience necessary to reach your Apotheosis. If you won every battle, never lost a bet and everything went your way every time, you would have no reason to pursue growth or greatness; You would be perfectly content and never have any reason to to leave your bubble. It is only through failing, being pushed and pushing yourself, by stumbling in your stride that you earn your stripes and make your reward worth it.

The Road of Trials will present as a series of tests that you are going to need to face if you ever hope to succeed at your final challenge- but more than that, it is a necessary step in your development that will prepare you for what kind of life you return to after your challenge is met, for better or worse. I know, it is an alien concept, a life AFTER this time… But you have to be mindful of it. A long time ago I told you that you needed to put your blinders on to get through the merde and make it to the other side, but it is high time you took those off and took a good hard look at where you are. When you do so, and survey your surroundings, you will find several areas in your life lacking. These will hurt you, and you will be reminded of lost dreams and broken promises. Your faults will come sharply into view- this will make you aware of your weaknesses and spark within you a deeper drive to succeed and overcome the challenges you face or you will be crushed underneath the gravity of your own failures.

More than anything else, the danger of the road ahead is that your instinct is to wait for someone to help you see clearly and guide you through it- Hell, it’s why you come to us! Even I fall victim to this, being paralyzed by fear and wishing I had someone to travel with and guide me on the challenges I face on my path. I just had a breakdown while writing this, begging the universe for a guide to help me along my path. Well, the answer I got was that I already am a goddamn guide, and its high time I start leading myself! At the end of the day this path is your own, and you must walk it yourself- No one can or will walk it for you. You are the one who is responsible for the choices you make and the actions that you take, YOU alone are responsible for where you end up and what your legacy will be. All of this is set against a backdrop of rising inequality, lack of control in the greater world around us, and a planet that is on a slow broil and we are fiddling while it burns. Your survival is increasingly becoming a privilege, not a right. If that scares you then GOOD! IT SHOULD! This is Pluto, and he is not nice. You are running out of time to make the changes that you need to, the seconds ticking down every day. You are losing ground to the void, and you cannot retake it- your only option is to move forward, and make the radical changes that will get you on the path you want to be on. Make your moves or they will be made for you, and I promise that you will not like the outcome that is chosen for you.

artemis  Artemis’ Tarot Take on Pluto Direct-

Cards:  4 of Pentacles, The Devil, 6 of Pentacles

The uncontrollable.  The unavoidable.  The dominating culture makes us believe we are above the ebb and flow of nature; that somehow there is a split and we are divorced from it.  We may have made it temporarily invisible (to us at least) but never powerless.  We are spooked when the world we ignore rears it’s head.  We try and sterilize sex, nullify death, and orchestrate birth.  We have a false assurance of control in this wild world.  We have a false assurance of control over our wild mind.  Believing there is any sense of true “control” is living in an illusion.  The dominating culture’s “control” over us is an illusion we can break.  Our governance is an illusion we can break.  All of these chains are breakable.  They are merely constructs we have built and solidified and forgotten that we had collectively built in the first place.  We forget about the underworld – the subconscious realms of our mind and of the world itself – the places of darkness outside of our perceived knowledge.  Our view is far too narrow and our memory far too faulty.

We take a perception and build structures without fully examining it from every angle.  Most of the time we forget that our tools of perception (or senses / our mind) are each limited in their ability to absorb all that is.  We build anyway.  We build walls.  We build spires.  We build cities.  We give perceptions a flag, an identity, and become nationalists.  We make them solid.  We punish those that don’t see them.  We attack anyone who threatens our new holy concept.  It takes a lot of force to bring a tower down to it’s foundations.  It takes even more force to bring down an entire city of lies.  You can go at your false perceptions brick by brick, but it could take a lifetime before you reach your illuminations.  Or you can go at your false perceptions via nuclear missiles (Pluto rules over weapons of mass destruction), and get that shit done in a couple of painful years.

Now, the good things can be just as painful as the bad if you’ve built a wall around your heart because of some concept of yourself you seeded there years ago.  When your heart expands, it is painful.  When a horrible truth is revealed, it is painful.  Pain prunes the excess and allows us to keep growing.  Sometimes it takes a radical change to get you out of a deep sleep.

What is transpiring in the sky is Pluto going direct in Capricorn – the devil goat.  Capricorn, who rules over empires, structure, the skeleton of material reality, how we relate to and trade material reality, etc etc, has been dealing with Pluto transiting through it’s field since the financial crash in 2008.  He isn’t done yet.  It will take until 2023 before we have completely dismantled and restructured the way that humans govern themselves and view material reality.  Look back into human history and our history of authoritarian regimes.  It’s going to take a lot to untie that knot.  It’s going to take a lot of shaking and rattling.  Painful transformation.  During these flips Pluto will do between retrograde and direct in Capricorn, you may experience a new transformation in your “work/career” or your personal financial state.  These vibrations effect us on a personal level as much as they effect the world at a macro level.  As above, so below.  Everything is interconnected and in far more ways than we are aware of.

With Pluto going direct, the “dark gods,” the forces of radical change, are being invoked back onto the stage.

“Om Kreem Kalikayai Namaha”

The God-form Kali has somewhat of a negative reputation among those who aren’t as familiar with her myth.  I mean, she is wearing a skirt made of arms and a necklace made of severed heads… she is a violent, evil force, right?  On the contrary, she is a protector.  A demon killer.  The one who will dismantle the illusions in your life and show you Truth.  She teaches us that the only way out of this world is the way we came in; and that was a bloody and painful process.  Kali, like Pluto, is tough love.  It is the hard thing that must be done, the painful piercing, the needle in the flesh that will bring you your healing.  By doing the hardest job of dismantling our illusions, Kali is in fact the most loving force.  We must surrender to the forces of transformation, relinquishing our false illusions so that we are not weighed down by them or we may suffocate from this force of change.

4 of Pentacles.  You held on to something/s.  You didn’t let something go, as you should have while Pluto was retrograding in the heavens.  You stowed it away and locked it up, believing that if it wasn’t in the light that it would exist in a sort of hyperbolic chamber of the mind; safe and sound, never to come out again.  But as those of us who read horror know, buried forces fester and stew – contort and devolve into simpler, primordial forms – and then come out on a dark night to eat us alive.  You can run as far as you’d like, but you can never get away from yourself.  Like a black hole, your essence will continue to pull you back to your center.  This means that you are going to have to break through layers of bullshit you have built along the way.  Don’t hold on to it.  It is a border you are creating, keeping you from the gravitational pull of who you are meant to be – that shining sun inside of you (this is why in Astrology, the sun sign is the sign of your goals and true essence).

The Devil.  Control is an illusion.  There is nothing I can do to control it – this dark, churning, destructive force inside of me that can never quite stay inside.  It needs to be released for a reason.  I need to understand why it must express itself in the way that it does, and learn how to shift myself so that the energy can do what it needs to do.  Where is the proper place to demonstrate this destructive force?

In the traditional devil card, two people stand with loose chains around their necks.  They may remove their modes of control at any time, but they choose to stay in their imprisoned world.  This is us, all of us, choosing to stay in our miserable confines.  We are stuck within Plato’s Cave, believing shadows to be pure forms and fearing the light.  Because confronting the truth of any situation means change, and change is painful and uncomfortable.  But Pluto is the uncontrollable and the unavoidable; it will bring you back to the things that need change like a black hole.  Prepare for your confrontations – with your shadow and the shadow of those who surround you.  Who or what have you handed your power to?  Your reminder of your relinquishment of your own power comes in cycles.  It will plague you like a ghost until you set off on your quest to get it back.

6 of Pentacles.  We made a bad deal.  It’s okay.  The scales always tip back, and they are tipping again.  We are in Libra season after all, and with Jupiter in Libra our focus is going to be justice.  We will take back what is ours, in our personal lives and in the collective.  The corruption in the structure of our governments and our personal lives cannot hide forever.  No one stays asleep forever.  The corruption is being exposed, and the more they (and we) try and cover it up, the more it looks like a parody of itself.  There comes a time in a dominant force’s life that it is confronted with something too mutable to break.  The people are like a sea, both individually and as a collective.  You can chop through the waves, but you will never destroy the whole.  There is a part of ourselves that is boundless – that is an infinite source that can never be broken.  When a dominant force is confronted with this source, it finally learns that its “power” is in fact an illusion.

The Devil - Hexen 2.0 Tarot by Susan Treister

The Devil – Hexen 2.0 Tarot by Susan Treister

Tarot Card Reads:  “On the one hand the exploration of the individual’s ethical position within the collective activity of scientific modeling could point outside the instrumental logic of the world laboratory and beyond the notion of “experimental epistemology” toward an ecological understanding of the inter-dependency of living beings…  On the other hand, it could lead to an infinite multiplication of clearly circumscribed and in-commensurable world-models, open to manipulation by anyone within a superior understanding of the modeling process and its effects on the lives of those who engage in it.  this would be the path that was massively taken by the entrepreneurial cultures of the new economy, giving rise to the highly sophisticated productive devices of the control society, in which most forms of artistic creativity are now caught and instrumentalized for financial, ideological and military purposes.”  – Brian Holmes, 2008

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