Magick Monday: Venus Conjunct Saturn

Date of Event– October 26th, 2016

Thumbnail-HeliosHelios– Okay, I know this one looks confusing; “Why is this a magic post and not an astro one, Heli?” you’re asking. Well, this is a prime opportunity to teach y’all just what we mean by using the astro, and how to do it- Something Artemis and I say a lot, but what is crystal clear to us is vague and incomprehensible to you guys sometimes. This aspect coming up in particular can be devastating or empowering to you, depending on how you work it. The players are Venus and Saturn, The Goddess of Love and the Titan of Accounting. They are meeting up in Sagittarius, sign of freedom and unabashed expression. Saturn is at his worst here, in the sign ruled by his hedonist son, Jupiter- And Venus has definitely been better… So there are a lot of very baroque elements here, all clashing together like the inside of a lottery winners’ brand new McMansion. What do they have in common though? More than you might think, truth be told. Both Venus and Saturn are concerned with wealth, power, and the good life. They appreciate things of Value, things that they can bank on. They are also both keen appraisers of people and the motives that drive them. In short, they know your heart and know what you seek. They just aren’t typically inclined to give it to you!

Ideally this conjunction would soften up the rougher aspects of both involved and I would be posting some fluff piece on commitment or making love last, or some such drivel, but I can already tell that’s not how this will play out. No, Saturn is running this one, and this event is happening TO poor Venus. So here’s whats going to play out: In the buildup to this event, you will become increasingly critical of yourself and those around you, trying to raise your value by cutting everyone down around you. This would work, but will come across as cheap, petty and transparent by those you are trying to impress. Your insecurities and flaws are going to be on full display during this time, and you will subconsciously exaggerate them by trying to sweep them under the rug. You will grow increasingly hateful of yourself and will slip into despondency. That is, unless you take action.

What you need– A mirror, and 5 minutes (candle optional)

This comes from Darkworkers, and you can read the full article here but here is the rite itself.

The following is a very simple exercise in terms of mechanics, but it is very complex and powerful in the actual execution. Stand in front of a mirror in a space where you can be undisturbed. Briefly touch your eyes (this is to remind you that you’re trying to see clearly, and make you still inside), and breathe for a moment. Just like water, the stiller you become, the clearer the reflected image.

1) Open your eyes, stare into your own eyes for a moment.
2) Then simply say to yourself, “I love you”.
3) Repeat as desired.

Now, I can hear you going – that’s lame. Well, maybe, but try it. What the hell do you have to lose but 3-4 minutes of your life? I’m willing to bet a load of money on the fact that when you’re looking at your own reflection, all quiet and still, that you will feel uncomfortable. Why? All that squirming is self-rejection. Then, when you do tell yourself that you love yourself, you will probably feel self-conscious. All that self-consciousness is self-rejection. And that means, there is a problem.

What you are doing at first is just making yourself complete the process. As time goes on, you will stop, as you stare into your eyes, and begin to refute the negative self-judgments that happen into your head. Out loud, with feeling. Of course, you can’t do that until you stop being a self-conscious pussy. You’ll also begin to praise yourself for what you did that you are proud of during the day. As your self-talk begins to change, your feelings toward your own image will change. Eventually, you will generally feel the “I love you”, and when you see your own image, you will get a quickening warmth of joy. That’s when you know you’re getting close to the goal.”

As simple as it seems, this is something I recommend to anyone struggling with concerns of their own value, and I have used this myself to come out of very deep depressions and conquer. What it does is provide a bedrock base of self-confidence, and makes you unshakable. I want you all to be doing this every day, just for 5 minutes, at least until the conjunction passes (make it November 1st for good measure).

Artemis Artemis says-

“My instinct is saying its not over, but you’re adamant it is, what do I trust?”  – Nikki Rowe

Restraint.  When it comes to placing restraints on our love, it is almost an impossibility for most of us.  Love is a boundless force that carries us away like a swift stream and cannot – will not – be restrained.  Have you ever been in love and attempted to restrain yourself from the subject of your affection?  It is maddening.  When the God of Time and the Goddess of Love conjoin, you begin to see the hard restrictions placed on your love life.  Those born with a natal conjunction of these two planets have sobering experiences regarding their love life and financial life early on.  Saturn’s lessons are harsh, and he will not let you stand in illusion.  Venus tends to like illusion, creating fantasy realms for the sake of pleasure.  She likes to enjoy life, where Saturn likes to figure out the structure behind existence.  These are two very different energies that are going to be melding – because remember, when planets conjoin they meld their energies and have to learn to work together.

Feelings of isolation are common during this transit, but what you must keep in mind is that love is there and it is present.  Saturn will attempt to sober you, but Venus will continue to build a need in you.  You crave but you cannot have.  This push and pull creates a cognitive dissonance that separates us from our lovers.    They love me, they love me not.  How could they possibly love me after they find this unsavory boundary inside of me?  Here is the thing, Heretics, as long as we exist in these physical bodies we will have limitations and boundaries for our lovers to find.  The thing that is boundless sits inside for the time being.  We must navigate the outer labyrinth in order to get to the center – the eye.  We are like a hurricane.  We are both the eye, that empty void that can be filled with anything but currently remains in silence – watching as an eye tends to do.  Then around us is this storm that picks things up as we move along, and it creates obstacles for those who are trying to reach our center.  So our lovers must literally traverse hurdles of past lovers, past critiques, past hard truths that swing round and round us and cloud our inner source.

Sure Saturn teaches us the rules, but once we start to know them then we can start finding ways for love to build around them – like flesh around a skeleton.  Learning the structure of reality allows us to build the tools to get to where we want to go.  Venus also represents our deepest values and desires, so conjoining with Saturn gives her a chance to figure out exactly how to obtain those desires in this world.  What most people do is build an illusion in their life that they have the thing of their desire.  It is easy to build a fantasy realm and convince yourself of it’s reality.  What Saturn conjoining Venus does is show you, coldly, how those things are figments of your imagination.  The things you love are out there, but you are deluding yourself into thinking you have them.  What do you really want, Heretics?  It’s time for you to hear the cold hard facts – that you aren’t really going after the desires of your heart.

And why not?  Well, mostly you don’t trust.  You don’t trust your heart when it tells you these things are real.  You don’t trust your instincts when they present themselves to you.  And this transit is going to make it even tougher to trust yourself.  But hey, we are here to tell you how to surf the waves, and the best way out of this one is to figure out what it is that you want, and then trust yourself to go after it.

The Experiment

What you need
–  A coin.  A notebook.  A pen.

Instructions– This is a very simple exercise, but it is vital.  We are raised to ignore our instincts and focus on our intellect.  Yes, the intellect is important and without it, we couldn’t navigate this reality like we do.  But we are missing so many other aspects to reality.  This Venus/Saturn conjunction is happening in Sagittarius, which is a fire sign.  Fire signs, out of all the elements, are most in tune with their instincts.  The will stems from here – from the gut / solar plexus – and only through activating it can we move our way to the desires of the heart (heart chakra).  

So what you are going to do is keep track of your initial impulses before your rational mind kicks in.  When we first meet someone or get asked a question etc, we have an instinctual reaction.  Usually we ignore this as an “emotional disturbance” and cast it aside, allowing our rational mind to flood in and analyze the situation.  The thing is – you need to allow the two to work together.  Our subconscious mind is ripe with knowledge.  It has so much symbolism stored there that it can almost instantly let us know the symbolic significance of a situation.  This helps with situations that involve danger or far more fun situations like figuring out if someone is attracted to you.  

This is a great way to practice trusting your instincts and learning how much you actually know (we all doubt ourselves, it’s okay).  

Whenever you have a decision you need to make, you must pair it down to two choices.  Once you have paired it down, you flip your coin and cover it.  Now I want you to analyze which choice you wanted the coin to land on.  The first option that sticks out in your mind as you are flipping this coin must be written down, regardless of how much doubt in your choice your rational mind makes after the initial impulse.  I want you to record as many initial reactions as possible in a notebook.  

Then I want you to actually act on the initial impulse choice that you had.  If you asked the question, “If I ask so and so out, will they say yes?” and your initial impulse was “yes” before your brain crippled you with anxiety, you must now do it.  Record the result.  Leave it to the Aquarian Oracle to make you guys do a science experiment, right?  It’s good to start this experiment with questions that have smaller impact on your life and move your way up once you start trusting your instincts more.  Starting with the small stuff will build your confidence.  

Do this until around Halloween, or, you know, longer if you would like.  It takes time to build trust…  But once you have it, it is indispensable.


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