New Moon in Scorpio- Necropolis

“How does one kill fear, I wonder? How do you shoot a spectre through the heart, slash off its spectral head, take it by its spectral throat?” –Joesph Conrad

Effective Date- Oct. 31, 2016

Thumbnail-HeliosHelios’ Astrological Angle on the New Moon in Scorpio– Ahhh, Scorpio season… I’ve missed you. Nothing else quite like it. We went to bed in a fairytale and woke up in a slasher flick. No time to ask questions about why and how this happened, the dead are pounding on the doors and are halfway through. It’s time to get up and deal with the problem- Figure it out along the way, but for right now you have to survive. How badly do you want to live? Are you willing to do what it takes to really thrive?

artemisArtemis’ Tarot Take on the New Moon in Scorpio-  “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.”  We have wandered to a threshold.  This is the part in our new fairy tale when we meet the monster at the gate, and much like Cerberus, it has many heads and a bottomless appetite.  What the hell is this monster approaching and how can we fight it?  Much like Hercules, we have 12 labors we must face throughout the year.  Scorpio season provides the part of the tale when we must descend into the underworld in order to plant our roots firm in something real and unavoidable, primal and primordial, so that we may catapult ourselves toward “the heavens.”  But before we start digging, I must remind you that old ghosts will be disturbed.  Shadow work wakes the dead.  May I suggest aiming for the head?

Thumbnail-HeliosThe Sun & Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune– How long have you been running from yourself? Do you even know? Do you remember what it is that you were trying to flee from? I can tell you if you like- Under the surface (Scorpio’s favorite phrase) of this lunation there is a part of yourself that you are refusing to accept. Now, I get it- sometimes the psyche can be made up of monstrous parts, whether through the acts of others or your own. You reject these parts of yourself because you can’t bring yourself to face them. The majority of these parts have a common theme- there is pain that you suffered, and you made yourself numb so that you wouldn’t hurt anymore. The problem is when we refuse them, they become not only monstrous but cancerous, poisoning you every moment they are left out in the cold and sapping vitality from every part of your life. This Astro is nothing if not escapist, so the thought of facing these particular demons sounds about as appealing as allowing maggots and leeches to crawl all over your genitals. All you want to do is keep running from yourself, but the cosmos has other plans- you are going to hit a wall. You will not be able to keep running. When that happens, you will be backed against a corner and the hordes will be closing in. You will have two choices- Stand up and face the truth of who you really are, or let the monsters in your mind tear you limb from limb. The latter is the easier path, to be sure, but what is easier isn’t always what is right. In fact it hardly ever is. There is a strong sense of a moral duty you have to fulfill right now, to yourself- ignore it at your peril. (Minor Planets used: Hebe, Psyche, Lachesis and Atropos, Orcus, Mors-Somnus, Terpsichore, Hybris, Itokawa, Narcissus, Altjira)

artemis  The Sun (6 of Cups), Moon (The Star), Mercury (4 of Swords), Jupiter (The Lovers), Neptune (Death)-   Well well well, look what we have here!  Pleasure seeking behavior.  What is it, that saying for Scorpio?  Oh yeah.  “I desire.”  So here is an interesting tug and pull that I’m seeing:  there will be a battle in you between deep desires and shallow desires.  One side of you will really, really want to have your pleasantries and pretend like war isn’t knocking at our door.  If you ignore it, then it will go away, right?  This is the soma of the Brave New World variety – the drug that will give you happiness and bliss.

“Was and will make me ill,
I take a gram and only am.” – Brave New World

Don’t you want bliss?  Come on, everyone does, don’t they?  We need our mind numbing experiences so that we can avoid the surgery that must be performed.  Unfortunately, Heretics, if something is eating you alive from the inside, it must be met with a knife.  We are all mindlessly seeking bliss and spitting on any hard experiences, but the hard experiences are the incisions that will get the hurt out – that is – if we work with them and through them instead of trembling before them.  Essentially, choosing this route is like choosing to dive into the horde of zombies coming your way instead of fighting tooth and nail, bleeding and screaming to survive.

If we decide to press on instead of run away into flights of fancy, we have chosen the way of deeper desire.  During this time, Mercury will be in Scorpio and our torture session will have already begun.  This is a crow bar energy, but listen to me – if you allow the unearthing to happen, it will be so fucking healing for you.  Let them out, all of these ghosts rattling inside of your head.  Let them out into the light so that they can be exposed to the sunlight and shrivel up into dust.  The things we deeply desire are a core part of our instincts, and we have been denying them in a delusional attempt to rid ourselves of them.  Pushing them deep into our subconscious makes mangled beasts out of them, and they will just come back – pop up in the most unexpected of places and proceed to scare the shit out of you.  Nope nope, let that pressure out, darling, like a volcano.  Allow the merger between the subconscious and the conscious mind to create together without fear.  The creative force that the two have when playing nice together is immeasurable and will give you the vision that you need to move forward.  Don’t be afraid to merge the seemingly “polar opposites” inside of yourself.  You can be powerful and still make others feel wanted and needed.  You can be confident and humble.  You can be hard in order to be kind.  You can combine many seemingly opposing things at once and create something far beyond both of them.

Let the illusion die.  If you allow your energy to be sapped by the masses – if you allow yourself to become dumbed down and content with what they tell you is your lot in life – you will waste the ability to reach anything sacred because you were scared.  If you don’t deal with these things, they will come out to play in some brutal ways.   Essentially this is the gate that lets them out to hunt, and either you’re slaying them at the gate or you’re hiding behind a rock and letting them through to haunt and torture everyone in your life (including you threefold).

Thumbnail-HeliosVenus, Saturn and Pluto– Dark Desires would be the subtitle of this section (or quite frankly, the whole article if that wasn’t so on the nose and overdone). Of course Venus and Pluto gives a major supervillain vibe, very Catwoman; using sex and desire as a weapon. Saturn’s involvement adds another level to this, as Saturn has a majorly perverted side, loving BDSM, cuckold situations, and the like, taking this from harmless cosplay to the opening act of a slasher flick. Your goal for this situation is not to go on a bloody rampage, but rather tap into the desire to change the narrative- Transmute the desire to lash out and hurt others because you are feeling vulnerable and instead use the feeling as fuel to get out of that vulnerable place. You can see your situation from a higher perspective than usual; those insights may be just the thing you need to put all the pieces together and get out of this horror movie. Rise above the victim paradigm. (Minor Planets used: Asbolus, Praazmius, Urania, Isis, Siwa, Astraea)

artemisVenus (3 of Pentacles), Saturn (King of Swords), and Pluto (7 of Cups, 2 of Cups)-  We must step back and be very fucking careful, like a surgeon would, while diving into each other.  Like I mentioned in Mercury in Scorpio, you must be very careful who you allow to alchemicly merge with you in these ways.  Some people are very unstable and have an unhealthy relationship with their subconscious.  They board themselves up on an island (this is the conscious mind) and hiss at the massive ocean that surrounds them.  They push their fears into the waters and get spooked when sea creatures come for visits.  The fear of the unknown applies to the unknown inside of us as much as the unknown outside of us. Then there are the people who are truly your partners in crime.  Think of this like your zombie apocalypse team.  Who do you want at your back?  Choose those that you feel that deep, primal chemistry with – in your mind and in your body – and blend together to sniff out the illusions together.  If you don’t have a team in your personal life, find them elsewhere.  May I suggest Nietzsche or Jung?  Those fuckers come to the aid with tanks.  We must rabble together to unravel.  This is the perfect moon for getting nose to nose with your shadow – using those you trust as a mirror to peer into yourself.  It wont be easy, and with the King of Sword’s influence, it will get difficult as fuck to have some of the conversations that need to be had.  But, remember what you have to lose; meeting your deep desires.

Thumbnail-HeliosMars and Uranus– You feel backed up into a corner; This is your last stand. Fight or Flight, that’s the undercurrent here, but far more Fight than anything else. This is that moment when the tired, put-upon hero gets pushed too far and goes from suicidal and full of ennui to enraged berserker, lashing out at those who dare to push them beyond their limits; tapping a hidden source of power that they had no idea they still had. Your fuse is going to be extremely short right now, but that isn’t exactly a bad thing during this time.  You will have to be ready to make your moves when and where you can- Anything you can use to improve your situation and help you progress should be at least considered, no matter what it may be. The untenable situation you are in must be brought to a swift and proper end, so that you can progress and create a new paradigm for yourself. You cannot stay stagnant anymore. Get up and get it done! (Minor Planets used: Eris, Manwe, Haumea, Klotho, Kassandra, Apophis, Cyllarus, Chaos, Circe)

artemisMars (8 of Wands) and Uranus (Hangman)-  Crosses to bear, suffering, wound of christ

“The shortest distance between two points is often unbearable.” – Charles Buckowski

You will receive your visions only when you take action.  Mars rewards bravery.  He is the god of war and king of all things flesh related.  Act from your lower chakras (that’s the root, sacral and solar plexus) if you want to get the answers you seek.  Listen to your gut – your instincts – and the visions will come very quickly.  You must rebel and fight, and you will be rewarded.  Both Mars and Uranus seek a fight, and they are both promising us illumination.  Both the 8 of Wands and the Hangman offer us glimpses into the other side, but only if we make radical moves.  Mars will be in Capricorn, forcing us to get to work and construct our ideals.  Uranus in Aries will tell us all of this must come from our essence or it is futile.  Here, Uranus is in Mars’ home sign – the ram, so the energies work well together.  Innovate and change – go after the things you want with a bloodthirsty, warrior attitude and you will get your promised peak through the looking glass.

This is a great scrying moon, so I suggest doing a bit of that during the dark hours of Halloween.  Tap in and speak to the essence, the primal beast inside of you, and see what it wants to tell you.  You are going to need it’s help if you are going to fight the things inside of you that threaten to obscure your connection.  A hero must tap into their inner source in order to fight the nightmares that need to be fought.  Durga channeled all her rage into the being that is Kali Ma so that she may slay the demons, and the lioness headed goddess Sekhmet, the beast, was the Egyptian’s symbolic depiction of “the source.”  This “source” is the thing that protects and accompanies the Truth (Sekhmet protects the goddess of truth, Ma’at).  Tap into your primal source, let it stalk the night.  Batman needed to become the night in order to fight the night.  You need to merge the parts of yourself in order to win against the horde you are about to face.  Or, you know, you can let it swallow you into the depths of the void and slip back into either numbed down pleasantries, self-distrust, self-hate, and a whole slew of other chi sucking mind states.

Again, I must warn you, choosing to fight instead of take the soma is going to be painful.  Fuck, it’s going to be practically unbearable at times, but you must continue looking into the light no matter how much your eyes burn.  We have a long way to go, and the last thing you want holding you back is your own goddamn self.

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