Mercury in Sagittarius- Vision Quest

Everything you possess of skill, and wealth, and handicraft,
wasn’t it first merely a thought and a quest?” – Jalaluddin Rumi

Effective Date: November 13th- December 3rd, 2016

Thumbnail-HeliosHelios’ Astrological Angle on Mercury in Sagittarius– The cosmic balance. When was the last time that you felt like yourself? You are out of touch with your very soul, and that needs to be corrected. The story of your life is well off-track, and you need to fire your writing staff. Luckily, before you kicked them out they wrote in a sabbatical for your narrative, making this the perfect time to go on a journey of self-discovery.

Traditionally, a vision quest is undertaken when a member of the tribe goes from childhood to adulthood; or in other words from one stage of life to another. During this time, the person goes into isolation. Through this, and their dedication, they are blessed with a vision that reveals the purpose of their life- Their mission, their reason for being. This vision may not be all that you expected- It may not be nice, or kind. It is the wild that you are petitioning, after all!

Now, I’m not saying that you should drop everything and hang out in the woods alone for a week without any food or communication devices- But the cosmos are trying to reveal something to you, something crucial that will help you make sense of what is happening to you. Trouble is, it’s hard to hear a whispered secret in the 21st century- Hence the urge you feel to draw back and seek your own company. Hard to pull that off during the start of the holidays and NOT look like an asshole, but not impossible. It will make social gatherings… uncomfortable for you.

You will feel the call of the wild spirits, drawing you away from your comfortable life- They will seek to test you, throw you off balance (and out of your rut!) so that you can finally hear the message they have been shouting at you. Don’t be afraid to take a detour down a road you have never noticed before, or trying a new spot on a whim instead of the old standby… Take a chance on your life; get out there and explore all that this world has to offer! Remember, getting the message does you no good if you don’t change your life to go along with it.

artemis Artemis’ Tarot Take on Mercury in Sagittarius

Cards:  7 of Cups, 7 of Wands, 4 of Cups

I seek therefore I am.

This is your chance, Heretics.  The Stars are about to give you opportunity for some real victories, but, as per usual, a victory involves a battle first.  The gods are always forcing us to fucking prove ourselves, aren’t they?  Fucking damn it.  You ready?

7 of Cups is a visionary card if anything.  There is a shift that is about to happen where illusions we have clutched tight are about to be cleared through like brush.  We are finally seeing The Year of the Star in the distance, and even though there is death and destruction everywhere we look, we are being called by a seductive optimism off in the distance… like a beautiful Siren dancing us through the desert.  Follow that voice, even if you are nervous about where it will lead you.  Saggo is where Saturn is currently sitting, so you know that whatever is being whispered here is the true building blocks of the universe.  You are hearing the voice of the master architect.

After Mercury is done gutting us like a fish while he is in Scorpio, he will take what is left and allow us to finally start getting the fuck out of our rut.  It’s not the best of experiences being exposed to the shit you keep locked up in a cage in your mind, but you cannot have a true visionary experience without first transmutating your demons.  So if you had the courage to fight the illusions in your head, if you had the courage to start transforming them in true Scorpio fashion, you will now have the courage to escape into new visions.  If you escaped the molting, you will now have an invigorating new skin and strong sense of purpose.  The thing is, when we face our demons instead of run from them, if we claim responsibility for them and try and heal, cry with them and allow them to howl in pain, then we can finally move on from them.  And when we can finally move on from the things that chain us to the past, we can finally start our next quest of self.

7 of Wands.  It seems that this is the point in the tower year where we start making our trek to the New World and contemplating exactly what that will mean for all of us.  This is the time we realize we are all in charge of the higher vision that will encapsulate this country.  We are at a delicate point right now, where a collective show of solidarity and will – a push toward higher vision for humanity, a push toward a renaissance – is a definite possible.  What is the higher vision for humanity after a year full of death and a circus election that is clearly a satirical symbolic representation of our current culture?   We have been shown the puppet show clear as day this year.  The events of this year have given us all the evidence we need, and now we must form the vision – the battle cry and the declaration of independence from this suffocating way of life we have been caged into since birth.  The warning here is – “Don’t give up just yet.”

How does one change the world?  By changing the self.  It is time to go out, even if you are scared as hell, and find a new way of doing things.  Once we embark on a new way of being, simply our present-ness in our new paradigm will effect those around us like a mandala.  It will get the waves moving, it will get the currents flowing again – it will set your stuffy life and all the stuffy people in it on fire again.

4 of Cups.  Boredom.  Fuck the status quo, we are done with this shit.  This card tells you that if you don’t put up a fight – if you give up and go back to your rut – you know you will be met with the same boredom – death of passion.  The only way to ignite the flames is to add oxygen – a little bit of movement and change.  You must adventure out and cut your way through thick forests you have never traversed through in order to find new realms of yourself – new realms for humanity as a whole.  Now, are you going to sit there and miss out on all the fun?  We promise you there will be interesting people you will run into along the way, there will be so much new information, and there will be new goals and visions to replace your dead, hallow ones that Scorpio season is still ripping out of your closet.

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