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Thumbnail-HeliosHelios– Lest any of you forget, we are STILL in Scorpio season, the season of death and resurrection- And so, keeping in theme, we turn to the one society that did death better than any other since: Egypt. Now you read that and think that I’m going to do something basic like these other astro-bitches out there, doing Osiris or Anubis- Yawn! We all know them, they are household names to this day. They’ve been done to death and I won’t stoop to their level. No, we’re going to shine a light on one of the lesser known of the ludicrous pantheon of Ancient Egypt- Selqet

The Astronomy136,818 Selqet is an Aten asteroid . Discovered in 1997 , it presents an orbit characterized by a semi-major axis equal to 0.9377109 UA and an eccentricity of 0.3464518, 12.77127 ° inclined with respect to the ecliptic. It has an orbital period of 332 days.

The Myth– Serqet (also known as Selqet, Selket, Serket or Selcis) is the goddess of fertility, nature, animals, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites in Egyptian mythology, originally the deification of the scorpion. Scorpion stings lead to paralysis and Serqet’s name describes this, as it means “(she who) tightens the throat”, however, Serqet’s name also can be read as meaning “(she who) causes the throat to breathe”, and so, as well as being seen as stinging the unrighteous, Serqet was seen as one who could cure scorpion stings and the effects of other venoms such as snakebite. In the art of ancient Egypt, Serqet was shown as a scorpion (a symbol found on the earliest artifacts of the culture such as from Naqada III) or as a woman with a scorpion on her head. Although Serqet does not appear to have had any temples, she had a sizable number of priests in many communities. The most dangerous species of scorpion resides in North Africa, and its sting may kill, so Serqet was considered a highly important goddess, and was sometimes considered by pharaohs to be their patron. Her close association with the early rulers implies that she was their protector, notably Scorpion I and Scorpion II. As the protector against venom and snakebite, Serqet often was said to protect the deities from Apep, the great snake-demon of evil, sometimes being depicted as the guard when Apep was captured. As many of the venomous creatures of Egypt could prove fatal, Serqet also was considered a protector of the dead, particularly being associated with venoms and fluids causing stiffening. She was thus said to be the protector of the tents of embalmers, and of the canopic jar associated with venom – the jar of the intestine. As the guard of one of the canopic jars and a protector, Serqet gained a strong association with Isis, Nephthys, and Neith, who also performed similar functions. Eventually, later in Egyptian history that spanned thousands of years and whose pantheon evolved toward a merger of many deities, Serqet began to be identified with Isis, sharing imagery and parentage, until finally, Serqet became said to be merely an aspect of Isis, whose cult had become very dominant.

Why She Matters– If ever there was a goddess for Scorpio season…. Okay first we have death and rebirth. Obviously, or else she wouldn’t be on the docket. What is interesting is that instead of an antagonist, we see the Scorpion as a defender- an honored one at that! Not only does she guard the first pharaohs, the wellspring of the soul of Egyptian culture itself (and arguably human culture in general); she guards Ra, the most holy god, as he makes his perilous journey every night and defends him from the ultimate evil- Apophis (Chaos, pure destructive force). This is a woman who is respected, and doesn’t hide or shrink from who she truly is; no, she embraces herself- Claws, poison and all- and demands her place in the world. She is a guardian, and defends us through our transitions in this life. She embodies the duality of Healer and Destroyer, being both as she needs. She also is a goddess of Justice, meting it out to those deserving of it. Some astrologers link her specifically to suicide- I don’t see it myself, but there is a piece of truth to it. Someone has to rule it after all; Selqet strikes me as the best girl for the job- because underneath all the armor, the poison and the claws, I sense a wonderful warmth and caring to her. She is an aspect of the mother, first and foremost, and we are her children. She watches over us as we step into our new worlds, whether that means growing up, losing those we love, or stepping through the veil ourselves.

To find out where she shows up in your chart, go to astro.com, put in your birth details and in the extended options, all the way at the bottom, there will be a menu of additional objects. Under that is a blank space where you can enter the number 136818, for Selqet. Once you have it entered, generate the chart! Where does Selqet affect your life? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Shane Keys says:

    Hehehe – love these asteroids!!! :))) big thumbs up!!

    Sequet in my chart!

    Ok Sequet is in 3rd house Pisces, squaring mars in 5th house Gemini, opposing retrograde Pluto in 9th house Virgo, Trine retrograde Neptune in 10th house Scorpio.

    It’s seems to validate that I should in undertaking any internal spiritual transformation (9th, retrograde Pluto) taught-communicated by me, in terms of transformational healing and the removal of toxicity, must be done at a subtly, intuitively level, going with the flow (3rd, Sequet, Pisces). This will challenge my masculine communicative drive in wanting to be openly heard and acknowledged especially in terms of my self expression in matters of love and romance. (5th, Mars, Gemini). In fact any driving masculine brought to be bear will only create challenges to any real transformation, as mars also squares retrograde Pluto. So softly gently, subtle, reflective, internal, intuitive yin power to heal and transform toxicity in love and romance with male partner and in transforming the situation spiritually as a whole.

    In fact working in this way would be supportive of a career working with spiritually deep transformatory issues, helping people move beyond illusion. (10th, Retrograde Neptune).

    From a synastry viewpoint in my flames chart, my 3rd house Sequet has a broad influence over his 9th house moon in Pisces, whereby I can constrict or open him up emotionally, by how forceful or gentle my style communication is with him.

    Awesome stuff as always guys!!! <3 <3 <3 :)))

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