Full Moon in Taurus- Novus Mundi

“How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, that has such people in it!” – William Shakespeare, The Tempest

Date: November 14th, 2016

Thumbnail-HeliosHelios’ Astrological Angle on the Full Moon in Taurus– Well. Here we are then. We have born witness to an annus horribilis to end them all, and it isn’t even over yet. We still have miles to go. Even with all of the utter shit we have had to put up with, and that has been exposed to us- what we have been living with our entire lives- We have made great strides as a people. I’d love to say that it is in spite of what we have had forced upon us, but in reality I am not sure it would have happened without the many, many catalyzing events that we have endured. They have molded us and shaped us, to become more than we ever dreamed; And as we grow, so do the challenges ahead of us. This is still within the Via Combusta after all… As we walk that burning road again, more and more becomes possible if we dare to do it. We are humanity, great and terrible, and our future is coming for us.

Artemis Artemis’ Tarot Take on Full Moon Taurus–  It’s a brave new world out there.  It seems like the world has become one giant anxiety attack, and people’s skeletons are pooling out of their closets.  This Super Full Moon in Taurus is going to be opposite Lilith in Scorpio, illuminating you for the bad girl that you really are.  We are up to our ears in corruption, lies, scandals, and one of the worst elections in history is about to close, officially announcing the new leader of the American Empire.   The thing is, no matter which puppet sits up on that seat, we are all very much aware now that they are merely a mirage of what is truly going on.  This Full Moon in Taurus is Super Moon #2 of 3 in a row.  What a grand finale of Tower Year, right?  What makes this particular full moon even more special is that it will be the largest Super Moon we have seen in over 70 years, and we wont see another like it for a couple decades to come.  Why exactly is Luna zooming in so closely with her looking glass?

Thumbnail-HeliosThe Sun, Moon and Uranus– One thing that is crystal clear in this world is that our Heroes matter. So do the Villains of course (they get the better dialogue and witty comebacks!), but we never really see ourselves as a villain, do we? No, we always cast ourselves in a heroic light, regardless of what our actions are. In our heads, we are always working for some greater good, even if it is in a roundabout way. Sure, we may do one or two bad things, but it’s so others don’t have to! We are protecting them from the darkness by diving into it ourselves, honestly. The bad things keep happening and then the next thing you know you’ve annexed Poland (as these things go). You realize what you have done only AFTER you cross the line, and from there you have a choice- Pull back or double down. Now obviously we are not all marching towards Central Europe with dreams of conquest, but we all compromise our ideals in one way or another. The trouble is, this astro demands authenticity; If your actions are discordant with your image of yourself as a Hero, then you will not be able to make any progress- You will burn out twice as fast, trying to act in secret and keep up your image… its exhausting. You will not be able to move forward wearing masks- The rest of the year’s astro won’t allow it. Go from hiding from your own shadow to glowing in the dark- Drop the mask and show the world what you really are! (Minor Planets: Sedna, Eris, Manwe, Astraea, Eurydike, Cyllarus, Chaos, Sila-Nunam, Pallas Athene, Urania, Damocles)

Artemis The Sun (The Sun), Moon (The World), and Uranus (Ace of Swords)-   Bloodied we crawl from the destruction of the towers, into the new world that awaits us.  We are damaged, fraught with nightmares and the twisting of new whispers from future.  What does it want from us?  How can we possibly get up and face another day after all of the barrage of this past year?  And then we realize…  Aha, we have been reborn.  All of that pain – all of that suffering this year – was your transformation.  2016 was an incubator of sorts, a setting off of a bomb that has cleared the landscape of anything that formerly resided there.  Now we are charged with seeing things for the first time, as if we just came out of the womb of Gaia herself.  The earth itself is rising up.  The animals are unsettled, the rivers are talking, the Native people are gathering.  Will we rise up to fight with them and save what scraps we can of this earth, or will we allow the small percent to poison our Mother and in turn our only source of sustenance.  Taurus, ruled by Venus, is also a sign that is ruled by Earth herself.  Mama is here for her revenge, and she will instill a fever in those that will rise up and fight for her.  Like antibodies swarming to close in on a virus, she will start to awaken and inspire the a new conscious effort from her people.  Will you stand up and fight for her, or will you take up arms against her?

As the human race, our time is ticking.  I have said this before, and I will say it again, NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO MAKE IT.  But that doesn’t mean you should go lie down and die.  You might very well be one of the ones who makes it through and actually taps into the collective vision of the world.  You see, Heretics, pulling The World for this super moon is informing me that the collective unconscious is at a tremendous high right now.  We are all connected, if only psychicly, for this period.  Dig in deep and listen.  Where do we all want to go?  It will rise up through all of us like a lightening rod.  All in all, these three planets are telling me we have a New World in our minds, a brand new day that is full of growth and understanding, and to get there we are going to have to pick up our swords and fight for the mother who gave birth to us all.  In this cold, dark universe so cruel toward life, she incubated us and gave us life.  What will we give for Her?

Thumbnail-HeliosMercury, Venus and Mars– Can’t remember the last time that I saw these guys on their own, out from the influence of the heavy hitters… Makes you take notice of them when they might get swept under the rug otherwise. They are unusually friendly, all working together for once as well- God help us. The thing is, you can use this to your advantage- Bold moves made now will pay off immensely. Grand vision fueled by strong, deep passions and unconventional methods of action are the way to go. Avoid talking shit about anyone right now, as not only will you alienate them, but anyone you tell. Avoid being crass. This is where all that planning pays off- You are ready to move forward. Waiting for a sign is only going to cause you to miss your chance. Go for it! (Minor Planets: Makemake, Nessus, Logos, Elatus, Juno, Nemesis, Hylonome, 1992 QB1, Vesta)

Artemis Mercury (7 of Pentacles), Venus (The Fool), Mars (9 of Swords)–  It’s a nightmare out there.  And we’re sick of fucking waking up from nightmares.  It’s time for a change, and everyone will seem a little bit restless.  This is a very revolutionary moon.  (7 of Pents) Mercury is telling us that this is the time to make our piece of mind heard, but Venus tells us only if it is about new values – new orders of business and not the bullshit of the past.  We are very well aware what has been useful and what hasn’t been useful, and this moon will finally allow us to see what we want to set as the base to our new world.  We saw how Towers fall if they are built faulty, and we saw all of the nightmares that can haunt us for years to come if we aren’t true to our personal will and honest with our dealings.  Unless you want to go through the cycle we just went through once again (HAHAHA), this is where you should be initiating your new dream.  We are at ground zero.  There is only up from here, no matter how many new wild beasts we will be running into (and the bloody war for Mother Earth that is rising up around us).  Band together, Mars is telling us it is time for us to take sword in hand and actually fight the nightmares around us.  (9 of Swords) Intellectualizing the world has lead us to a dead end, and (The Fool) Venus tells us that the answers lie outside of this system.  Maintaining status quo is going to get us absolutely nowhere, and you will be forced to come face to face with these types – the ones who sit on their ass and theorize about life without fully immersing themselves in it.  Observing, in a scientific manner, can be useful.  But the observer – the scientist – must never forget that they are still a part of the experiment.  You are NEVER removed from your environment.  What is our place in all of this?  How are we feeding the nightmares that are going on around us, even if we think we aren’t involving ourselves?  Every action you take has a reaction.  Even when you think you are choosing “inaction.”  There is no such fucking thing.

Thumbnail-HeliosJupiter, Saturn and Pluto– I could tell you that everything is fine and that you are on track, but that is a lie. You are heading for a wall, and a hard impact. You have paths available to you to avoid that collision, but you must choose, and quickly. First and foremost, I want you to reject any reveries and nostalgia trips that you feel like indulging in. The past is dead and gone, fix your eyes on the target ahead. We are getting to this next stage, even if we have to show up at the gates covered in the blood of everything and everyone that tried to keep us from getting there. In the Full Moon in Scorpio, I told you to put on your blinders and get through the slog, but now it is time to rip the blinders off, see every aspect of what is, and go into a berserker rage. You have to use it, though- direct it, let it be the fuel that gets you where you need to go. Otherwise all it will do is consume you as it ruins all your hard-fought chances. The upside to crossing this line is that the rage fuel prevents you from noticing your crushing depression, feelings of worthlessness, and futility of existence! (Minor Planets: Asbolus, Sisyphus, Echeclus, Praazmius, Achilles, Terpsichore)

Artemis Jupiter (2 of cups), Saturn (Ace of Wands), Pluto (Ace of Cups)–  Saturn seems to be waking the fuck up.  Oh joy.  The events of the past, and not just our past, but the past of this land as well, are coming full swing for a karmic return.  Unfortunately, we have to pay the bloody price for our ancestors and what they have done.  Will we keep running from this responsibility like the majority of our parents and grandparents have, or will we finally roll up our sleeves and get to work?  The reason why Libra is connecting all of us right now is so that we all learn that we are each like a tiny gear of this giant machine ready to fight an even bigger machine that runs off of fossil fuels and slave labor.  It really IS who you know, and we all sure know a lot of people who have a lot of different specialties.  You need to take all that you have learned, and now you need to put it to use.  Putting aside any of your responsibilities – whether they are to the greater masses or toward your smaller community – will only bring you immediate karmic punishment during this time.  Saturn wants us to act, and Pluto is begging for us to transform – not only ourselves, but the hearts of all of those around us through the power of sheer, earth shattering heart/heart connection.  They have bred this idea of “competition” in us for ages, but the thing is, the earth works in harmony.  Look to Her and the flow of nature to see what you are doing wrong in your life and how you can improve your own life’s circulation.  Once you can work from a place of love, instead of a constant need to get ahead, you will (ironically) see all the opportunities open up before you.

Thumbnail-HeliosNeptune– Here’s where the weirdness of this moon comes in. Neptune stands separate from the others, the veil between the real and the unreal- What was and what is. This Moon has a price- Death. To move forward you will need to choose a path, and in doing so you close off all others. Neptune reeks of finality here. Whatever you choose, it is more than past time to make the choice- wait any longer and it becomes indolence. Not to mention you will wind up having your choice made for you, and I promise it not be what you want. Do not let your fear of missing out stop you from taking the next step along your path. (Minor Planets: Orcus, Mors-Somnus, Atropos, Orpheus, Asclepius)

Artemis Neptune (8 of Swords)–  “But how the fuck can I help?  I don’t know what to do!”  We feel caged.  It’s like watching your best friend, neck deep in a fight, and you’re a football field away.  So what do you do?  You fucking run as fast as you fucking can, because even if you can save them from a single minute of pain, it is well worth it.  It is time for us to take a leap of faith.  It is time for all of us to trust in the higher love of humanity, and that we will all fight together once we all start to fight.  If we sit here with our blinders on, we will become trapped in our current world.  I don’t know about you, but sitting in these illusions is not where I want to be for any further length of time.  If you want true illumination – if you want true salvation, Neptune is here to give it to you.  But you must trust yourself first, and you must cast aside all doubt.  You must decide, from your heart, and take action.  This planet with the 8 of Swords attached to it is saying “jump” to me.  Trust me, if others see you jumping, they wont be as scared to jump as well.  We all gain strength from each other.

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