Full Moon Taurus Tarot Spread- Toward the Light

I personally believe there was no actual “Big Bang” or moment of creation, as the process of creation or expansion “starts” within every moment of time regardless of how far into the past or into the future and regardless of location in space which seems to be boundless.” – Shaktivirya

Effective Date-  November 14, 2016

Artemis  Artemis says

Taurus is concerned about creating the Garden of Eden here on earth.  How can she organize and settle this land so that all have what they need?  How can she show everyone the pleasures of the flesh; why it is important to have a body and the wonderful things that come from it?  This is her charge in life.

This tarot spread was designed to speak to your passions, which in turn lead to your pleasures.  Pleasure/Passion is how ideas are fertilized and come into fruition.  Taurus is all about the Master Plan and how you can put together all the things you need in order to build your own sacred space – be that your own business, your perfect romantic nesting situation, or your plans for fighting the environmental disasters that are threatening the Earth (which is ALL of our sacred space).  This Tarot spread is to help you germinate your master plan, and move toward the light of your idea.

Like a plant that is first bursting out of its seed, we too grow toward the light.  What is the light/goal you wish to grow toward?

Seed of Life

Seed of Life

The Seed of Life.  For those of you interested in sacred geometry, the seed of life is a very familiar image.  The Seed of Life is a blueprint, like any seed, for the life that is about to sprout from it.  Metaphorically, the seed of life represents the 7 steps the “creator” takes in order to produce life.  Aka the 7 days of creation that can be seen in a lot of myths, including the most famous, the Abrahamic god YHWH (and the reason for our 7 day week).  7, as we know, is also the number for Venus – which in turn makes it a number for Taurus.

So, enjoy your spread for this Super Moon in Taurus, and I hope that this spread helps you process your challenges and is a great way for you to consult with your subconscious on how you wish to grow your Master Plan toward the Light of your life.


For this spread, place the first card in the center and the remaining 6 cards around it, clockwise, forming a circle.

1.  Let there be Light – The Seed (center  of the spread) – Where would you like to go?  What would you like to see?  What idea do you have that you wish to get off the ground?
2. Germination of the Seed – Now that we can see what we are headed toward, what actions do you need to take to set your plans into motion?
3.  Sprouting –  How will the plan feel for you while you are in the midst of it?  How will your breakthrough come that will make you a part of the plan instead of sitting outside of it?
4. Challenges to Growth – Whether it’s insects or droughts, things get in the way of a plant growing.  What will your challenges be to this plan?
5.  Fortification – Plants eventually fortify and adapt to their brutal environment in order to continue reaching for the light.  This is your place of power where you can reach if you are running dry,
6.  Flower– Ah, you have reached through the thick tapestry of the forest and found your own place to spread out and soak in the light.  This is the final outcome of your plan and the beauty of your plan.  How will your plan end up looking in the end?
7. Fruit– This is the maturation of your plan.  It will seed off other plans in the process of it’s maturation.  What will it bring other than itself?

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