Magic Monday: Rise

oshunGreetings, Peace & Love, I am Goddess Gigi Gi-Twice and I am now one of your host for Magik Monday’s! I’m so grateful for this opportunity and so ready to get started so let’s begin.

The New Moon in Scorpio on Oct 30th, opened the portal to new ways in healing, love and transformation. We walked through the doors of darkness and started cleaning up and uncovering all the misunderstandings and miscommunications that was hidden deep in the cracks of your emotions. Emotions flared, voices were raised, all in the name of letting shit go! Our challenge was looking at the reasons and motives of these experiences, so that we can begin to improve our forgiveness skills and creating closer feelings of intimacy. Downloads and intense views begin to awaken our deepest desires in order to open the way for new and stronger connections to happen.

When the full moon arrives on Nov 14th in Taurus, we are reminded that our security and comfort zones are very important to our sanity and the secrets from the new moon come bursting out in passions and expressions of “this changes now”. With the past elections results, we were shown in boldness our truths and the activation of DO SOMETHING became our target. The full moon position is how our doing something will get us to the highest desire of stable security and living the best life possible. It’s the illumination of our fire and we take a hug jump into completing our goals of doing just that.

So what’s turning over in your spirit? Whatever it is, you should be set to go mode and ready to ride full throttle. It’s all about your ability to turn your magik into reality. This takes belief and knowledge of you and your spirit. That’s how you draw change. By simply stepping up to the stage and accepting your position in your outcomes. You are the savior you’ve been waiting on! So wave your wand and let the creation of your great life begin!

I’m your Goddess Gigi and I thank you for this space and time.

Who AM I? Fun, passionate, sensual, adventurous, in tuned, creative, sexy, and loving are a few things that will begin to describe my energy. Through creating I AM Living Aligned, I learned that it was about my journey of opening up to the world about who I really am. In doing so, I can hold space for those I attract that’s transitioning through the same. I love to share with those I attract my knowledge and downloads of my experiences of simply awaking self! I AM an Activator, Life Alignment Coach, Astrologist, Sex Educator, Liberator, Dream Pusha, Vibrational Healer, Projector, & Class of Yin Creator.

For more info on Gigi Gi-Twice visit:
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