Eros in Pisces & Sappho in Scorpio- New Poetry

“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired” – Robert Frost

Effective Dates
: November 27th-January 17th (Eros) November 26th- March 11th (Sappho)

Thumbnail-HeliosHelios’ Astrological Angle on Eros in Pisces & Sappho in Scorpio“Love is a thing. Its a thing that is like another thing, but not.” There we go, I’m a poet. I expect this to be quoted religiously. I want to see it on T-shirts. It’s like “Sesquiquadrates made me famous” which has yet to make me famous. Damn minor of minor aspects… Speaking of the minors, Eros and Sappho are asteroids, minor planets that always make a major impact. They represent the small ideas of Passion and Bonding, just inconsequential things like that. With these two moving together and aligning as such, it makes you take notice. Especially since they are doing so against the backdrop of Pisces and Scorpio.

So how will this play out? Well, Eros has been hiding away in Aquarius, scared to even leave his house. Well, not so much scared, but just kind of not seeing what the point in trying to expand his romantic horizons is anymore. He needed a break from… everything (his trip through Capricorn was just… really tough, okay? Cut him some slack!) In Pisces, he’s still on that wavelength, but he’s in that part of romantic recovery where you are almost back to normal- where you can be talked into going out, seeing those who missed you and getting back to feeling human. Still, you’re not quite ready to put yourself back out there completely, and you are far more ready to like the idea of being involved with someone than actually facing the messy reality. Sappho, on the other hand has been living it up in Libra and going from connection to connection, never really stopping or slowing down. She has been with all these lovely women, and even had chemistry with most of them; seeing some potential but never actually allowing herself to deepen any of these or let anything develop. Again, she has been more concerned with the idea of the perfect love finding her than working to make her love more perfect. This changes as she moves into Scorpio, as she is finally ready to get real.

So you have the desire to start to try again in love, after a long time of self-imposed seclusion and withdrawal from the unwashed hordes of suitors who once were banging at your Instagram DM’s; you also have the urge to create something real, deep and lasting- platitudes and dick pics aren’t going to do it anymore. To do this right, you are going to need to embody an attitude and practice of emotional openness and honesty that you are completely uncomfortable with. You are going to have to be willing to take a risk on love again. Sure, you might lose by taking this chance, but if you never take any chances on anyone again you will most definitely lose out forever. By taking yourself out of game, you miss out on the opportunity to win the big prize. You have to try.

The danger in this transit is the potential to dive in far too deep. It is all too easy to jump in full hog and become overwhelmed by your emotions, opening yourself to emotional or physical addiction, depression and despondency, and the loss of who you are in the others. Of course, the potential is there to do the inverse of this, refusing to take that first step into the void of emotion. Fear will try and keep you from going for what you want- it wants to keep you insecure, unfulfilled and broken, because in that paradigm it has power over you. You give your fear that power. You alone have the choice to take it back and rule yourself, becoming the sovereign of your own heart. Claim your right to choice. Don’t allow others to compromise your truth or prevent you from doing what you need to do. The only danger here is not to make a choice, to leave things to fate and have no say in your own future. Choose Love for once and see yourself win.

Artemis Artemis’ Tarot Take on Eros in Pisces & Sappho in Scorpio

Eros Cards:  2 of Cups, The Fool, 8 of Cups

Sappho Cards: The Wheel, 6 of Swords, 5 of Swords
“Have I seen you before in a dream?”  There is something to be said about erotic love and how it brings us to the forefront of being.  It rips us from our future anxiety, seduces us away from the past and holds us ever so steady to every drop milked from the present.  Love is very much like a force of nature.  Like gravity or a storm on the horizon, there is nothing we can do to completely remove its presence.  We can take precautions.  We can bat down the hatches, attempting to lower it’s impact, but we can never fool ourselves into thinking we can remove all of it’s influence.  It is intoxicating, and Eros in Pisces is one of the most intoxicating positions for the asteroid.  Here’s a little benefit we may receive from this – love can give us the strength to wipe clean the slate we have been working with and start something completely brand fucking new.  The Fool and The Wheel in this reading indicate to me that there are gears shifting since this “autumn of love” with Libra.  The Scales brought us the connections we needed in our life, and all the planets wove a sort of “fairy tale” tapestry into our lives.

That is… before Scorpio vetted us.  But here is the thing, Heretics, Scorpio season needed to bring us to our knees so that we realize why deep connection is so important to us.  Yes, the fun and games of flirtation and the dance of attraction is the natural transition into Scorpio season’s soul piercing intensity.  Sappho in Scorpio is my natal position for this asteroid, meaning I know a thing or two personally about this energy.  A native of this energy will tell you that there is no point writing or talking about things that don’t have soul.  Here, the native will not stop at pleasantries.  They don’t want your formulaic flirtation.  They don’t want your sweet nothings attached to nothing in particular.  They want your words to grasp at their soul, they want to reach into you with each sentence like a microscope into your deepest intentions.

Here, in Scorpio, Sappho is given an investigative soul, and words become methodical.  She goes from the flirt to the seductress (trust me, there is a BIG difference).  This combination of Eros in Pisces and Sappho in Scorpio is brimming with eroticism, and the two are going to pump up our craving for soul level connections.  Yeah, it seemed really fun for a couple of months there with Eros resting in Aquarius, giving us the ability to detach from the sexiness coming into our lives.  “Yeah, that seems nice and all, but it also seems messy and intense,” Eros in Aquarius says, “Let me observe it from a distance for a bit and flirt with all this other stuff coming my way… and… fuck…”  Here we are in Pisces and Eros can no longer cooly detach.

Fuck, now we just literally can’t run.  Holy shit, what is this feeling?  You actually desire to be brutally honest.  Here is the fun thing about this combination, Heretics, it will give you that deep, brutal honesty you are craving, but it will also give that brutal honesty the romantic, dreamy element of Pisces.   This is the combination for a perfect romantic situation, and not just any romantic situation, but the type of romance that you’ve craved and always thought was but a dream.  A new sort of poetry is emerging from your lips, speaking of things you never thought you would get the chance to speak of.  This is a great chance to dive into some deep waters.

There is something about the intensity of this combination that is going to bring changes for us.  A lot of these cards are moving cards- the fool, the wheel, 6 of swords, 8 of cups – all of these cards want change and movement and honesty.  The Fool wishes to start on a brand new adventure, divorcing herself from the ties of the past.  This seduction that will come into play for you during this time will entice you with this new way of life and ideas.   It will tell you that it’s okay to re-think just about everything.  The Fool, and the Wheel, are paradigm shifters, and the wheel also tells me that some old cycles are returning right now and we will be presented with a tool to break those cycles.  That tool, my friends, is the opportunity for intoxicating love.

What is wonderful with finding a soul level connection to another individual is that it is literally irresistible.  You get physical symptoms form a love like this – like a drug addiction (Pisces is in charge of addictions, after all).  Whether you like it or not, your intoxication will ask you to walk away from a lot of things (8 of Cups) – things that have kept you jaded and dead for a very long time.  This transit will ask us to dream again, and believe in the transformation power  of love- a force none of us truly understand.  There will be some conflict that arises from this energy.

Our warning from this reading comes from the 5 of Swords, who indicates that the intensity of energy brought by this card will bring feelings of tension in situations where feelings aren’t returned.  Here is the thing, folks, follow the flow.  Eros in Pisces is an easy energy to follow, because water signs tend to guide us where to go via the heart.  If you follow it’s pull, if you follow the magnetic pull of your lover – like a stream – you will be lead to the source you are looking for.  If you are meeting resistance of the heart, then you are not traveling in the direction you need to go.  It’s your lucky day, though, because Sappho is a musician and poet, and the right path will feel almost… melodic.  With Eros in Pisces, the sign of musicians, it seems that our route to that indescribable, irresistible love, will be inviting us in for a dance.  In short, listen for the music and follow it… there is something you’ve always been waiting for on the other side.

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  • Shane Keys says:

    Omg – Artemis!!! You have outdone yourself!!! Helios – still love you too! 😉

    “They don’t want your formulaic flirtation. They don’t want your sweet nothings attached to nothing in particular. They want your words to grasp at their soul, they want to reach into you with each sentence like a microscope into your deepest intentions.”

    …ain’t that the fucking TRUTH!!! :-O 😉

    Lol – I’m bowing low!!! Hot stuff!!! <3 <3 <3

    Bring it on – been waiting for this moment of depth a long long time! :))) xo

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