Neptune Direct- Road to Damascus

I am divided for loves sake, for the chance of union…” – The Book of the Law

Effective Dates: November 20th, 2016- June 14th, 2017

Thumbnail-HeliosHelios’ Astrological Angle on Neptune DirectSwing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home… In the end, that’s all we really want, isn’t it- To leave this wretched life, and go to some halcyon utopia? That sense of an ideal “home” away from here is Neptune; The urge to escape, and find ourselves transformed and purified. It’s never something that we can really define either, is it? It shifts, changes, and varies- but it is always fundamentally the same. Neptune is the ephemeral that lasts.

This transit will pack more of a punch than your typical Neptunian bender. At the outset, he wakes up and turns direct under the watchful eyes of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto- all getting along for once. They are ready to get to work and make changes happen, but they need the inspiration to do it; Enter Neptune, stage right.

On his best day, Neptune can change your whole life in the best way imaginable. When he comes for you, it is in the form of an inspirational calling, a vision that hits the reset button on who you are. The clearest example of this that I know comes from Saul of Tarsus, aka Paul the Apostle. Saul was a figure in early Christianity, who was high-born and extremely well-educated. He loathed Christians and actively persecuted them, until one day when he was traveling, he had a vision and was blind for three days. What he experienced made him change his name to Paul, converted him from enemy of the faith to its biggest proponent since Peter, founding church after church and transforming the cult into a full-fledged religion.

Whether his influence on the world was positive or negative in hindsight, Paul would have been lost to history had he not had that inspirational event- just a hateful Roman man of no real note. During this transit, Neptune seeks to inspire you to change your life, in ways that are unimaginable to you now. His mission is to help you break away from orthodox patterns of thought and embracing of new ways that fit the here and now. This is not the time for stagnancy and clinging to the past- Pluto in Capricorn has brought all the muck up to the surface after Uranus in Aries cracked the facade, now Neptune aims to wash it all away. Neptune does not have to be grandiose or demanding- no, that’s for other planets like Jupiter and Saturn. Neptune is a quiet, still voice that whispers in the silence, but booms in your heart. Neptune resonates. Neptune is the feeling of a better world, and it is your task to translate that ideal within you and make it a reality in the here and now.

artemis Artemis’ Tarot Take on Neptune Direct

Cards:  3 of Swords, The Star, 6 of Cups, The World

The Star.  What is the Star card (and fuck, why does it keep coming up the past couple of months)?  Well, we get dragged through the dirt the entire way through this life, yet we keep hanging on.  Why is this?  Why do we wake up each day and decide to take this beating from life, over and over again – and as it’s delivered, we think, “maybe, maybe… just maybe today.”  The Star card represents hope, faith, and great spiritual healing.  The Star card represents all of the indescribable things just out of reach of the intellect.  The Star card is quantum advancements and channeling of information from the heavens down to earth.  The Star card is salvation.

3 of Swords.  And here we are, coming to the end of the Year of the Tower, after you have been tested left and right like you have never been tested before.  This truly is the dawning of a new era, and as Neptune is prone to doing, her retrograde since June has made the world seem like a caricature of itself.  Am I really meeting these people right now?  Are these events really happening in my life?  Are these things really transpiring in my country, in my world?  It is like we have been in a dream (and as we all know, Neptune is associated with the realm of dreams).

Neptune is beyond your intellect.  Neptune is a feeling.  The things it whispers to you cannot be explained, so they demand faith.  Remember, this planet was named after the god of the sea.  Aha-  Now we are seeing the connections; the sea, dreams, the deep unconscious, the underbelly, the great mystery, faith, the things just beyond reach but we all know are fucking there because we all feel them (the reason Pisces, who are ruled by Neptune, come off so god damn alluring).  Because of this, Neptune also rules over the sacred, the mystical, and the unsavory side effects of our existential angst; addiction and self undoing.

Sometimes, though, things need to come undone before anything can get done.  The fact that Neptune goes direct during Scorpio season tells me that this entire beat down this year was the necessary element to get you to fucking take that leap of faith into your divine calling.  “NOW NOW NOW” as I was told by my friend, who is essentially embodying the lightening right now.  “THE TIME IS RIGHT NOW,” and doesn’t it feel like that more than ever right now?  “DO YOU FEEL IT?”  Do I feel it?” he asked.

Yes, absolutely, more than ever.

6 of Cups.  Ah, we have all been sitting back with our pleasantries for quite some time.  Sorry everyone, things are about to get crazier than they have ever been.  Our time of relaxation is over, but hey, this is actually a good thing.  Enough Netflix and Chill, it is time for action.  It is time to leave our blinders behind.  We can no longer pretend like everything is in it’s proper order as we have been clearly shown it’s disorder.  It is very easy to allow yourself to fall prey to the bullshit permeating all around you that tries all fucking day long to keep you asleep.  Nope.  No longer.  It is time for some dignity.  Neptune going direct is your divinely channeled inspiration that rattles you to finally say, “It’s time.  I can’t fucking keep pretending anymore.  It’s time to go.  It’s time to do this.  It’s time to tell the real story.”

You will frequently hear Neptune referred to as the higher octave of Venus, the planet of personal love.  Where Venus is romance and intimacy and all of the sexy elements of love, Neptune is all of the harder elements- self sacrifice, faith, and surrender.  Neptune is the things we do beyond the ego.  What is your highest calling?  Where do you need to go – how deep do you need to go – to burst through to a higher level?  You know it’s there, and you’ve been scratching at the wall that divides you from it for some time now.  So what you’re going to do now is you’re going to follow this feeling – the undying one deep inside of you that survived the shadow work of Scorpio season – that deep longing you feel – follow it, whatever it is leading you toward.  Neptune is about salvation, and we cannot reach our salvation if we ignore the messages we are receiving.  You will suffer all of your life if you do not serve that weird magnetic pull…  If you ignore the divine.  If you ignore the beyond.  If you ignore the mystery.

“Serve or suffer,” Neptune says.

The World.  Who are we to serve?  Surely not our government.  It is a mockery of what it was established to become, and it will wilt away like the ones before it.  No, this needs to be something more, something real, something eternal.  Neptune represents illusions.  As it goes direct, don’t forget the events that have transpired since June.  There was more reality there than there will be now that Neptune has gone direct.  The thing is, though, we will be full of exhilaration – a willingness to actually make change because we all feel this higher calling.  That is exactly what this transit is – a higher calling.  Where is it pulling you?  How is your higher calling merging with the collective’s?  How is it merging with the people in your life?  We all see it – the star – the next year and era ahead for all of us, and we all know that we must surrender to something much higher than all of us right now.  We must all become the highest version of ourselves so that we may all collectively become the salvation for this world.  I know, I know, big words and big themes, Artemis.  But honestly, what is transpiring all around us really is quite… out of this world.   

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