Jupiter Square Pluto & Sextile Saturn- Paradise Lost

You never know how much you really believe anything until its truth of falsehood becomes a matter of life and death to you. It is easy to say you believe a rope to be strong and sound as long as you are merely using it to cord a box. But suppose you had to hang by that rope over a precipice. Wouldn’t you then first discover how much you really trusted it?” – C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed

Effective Dates: November 2016- August 2017

Thumbnail-HeliosHelios’ Astrological Angle on Jupiter Square Pluto & Sextile Saturn–  The sky is falling, and the angels are falling with it. The gates of Hell are opened and nightmares flood the Earth. Now, more than ever, we need Heroes. Will you answer the call?

This astro will be in place for the next year or so, and it is complicated and fascinating. Jupiter is in Libra, appealing to our inner hero and painting those who disagree with us in broad strokes as villains, while Saturn in Sagittarius sets us a grand quest for us to right the wrongs of this world; Pluto, on the other hand, blurs the lines by revealing the motivations behind the “villains” actions and showing that in the end, everyone sees themselves in a heroic light, even while they commit the worst atrocities. It is necessary, in their minds- a line that they cross so that others don’t have to, and at the end of the road you see the reality: That you were the villain all along.

Let’s take these one at a time so that we can see the bigger picture. Jupiter sextile Saturn is going to challenge us- the cosmos wants to see how much greater you can be, how much more you can take on for yourself. Your horizons are going to expand, and this is going to become a do-or-die moment. If you choose to play it safe and stay small not only will you regret it for the rest of your life, your scope will get narrower and narrower until you cannot see past your own nose. In a lot of ways, this is an ultimatum, this is a demand to grow up. You have allowed life to lead you by the nose and be directed. If you do not step out and see where this path leads, then you will never see yourself reach your fullest potential, your highest attainment. Are you ready to take the reins for yourself and finally choose?

Okay, why would anyone not accept this challenge, you might ask? Jupiter Square Pluto answers back: Because your choices here are going to have real, lasting consequences. If you want to even start on this road, great sacrifice is going to be asked for- You are going to have to kill your old, smaller life and burn its rotting carcass to make any moves. You will have to leave behind all that you have known and pony up all the progress you have made, just getting by, on something that is by no means a sure bet. You are going to have to take the biggest risk of your life and it is going to scare you to death. You will be outside your support network, saying goodbye to friends and family who cannot follow you on your journey. You will have to find your own comfort, and break the hearts of a lot of those who do not understand what you are doing or why you cannot stay safe and comfortable with them. You will cause pain to those who truly care for you, and those rifts will not heal easily. Are you willing to do all that, just for the chance at becoming something greater than you are now?

Artemis loves to go on and on about the fact that this was a “Tower year”, but I don’t speak Tarot- I deal in big, fuck-off space rocks. This was a Uranus year, and you might be asking why he hasn’t been mentioned yet. As this transit ends we will be facing down Uranus into Taurus- this is essentially the end of Uranus in Aries. This is your last chance to boldly change your life before it solidifies in Taurus. What Uranus does is he cracks the foundations we build our lives on. As those cracks appear in the walls we hide behind, our true self begins to shine through. We are only able to grow when we are pushed beyond our limits, and this is the whole goal of the transit. This is usually an unpleasant experience, as we love to cling to the security those structures offer us, especially in an increasingly unpredictable world. . The cosmos want you to succeed, at the end of the day, and Jupiter in aspect to either Saturn or Pluto on its own is indicative of that success. When all three are together, even more so- but it will have a steep cost, and you will constantly questioning if you made the right choices, whether you step out to chase down your destiny or stick to the fields you know. You will wonder if you can survive this test, but you will, as you have survived all the others that have come before.

The future is up to us, brothers and sisters. Its high time we get out there and see what it has to offer us.


Artemis Artemis’ Tarot Take on Jupiter Square Pluto & Sextile Saturn


Jupiter– The Star, Queen of Cups
Pluto– 3 of Pentacles, 2 of Swords
Saturn– The Magician, Ace of Swords

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” – Pslam 23-4

A prayer is like a mantra.  You may need it through the dance these three planets perform during 2017, which I have dubbed the year of The Star (XVII).  We are about to descend into a year that is packed full of retrogrades, including the dreaded Venus retrograde in Aries at the end of a cruel winter.  “What do you mean, “descend,” Artemis?  Didn’t we just go through the year of the Tower?”  Haha yes, the tower tested our ability to destroy all of the false constructs in our life and present ourselves as we truly are so that we may begin living via our true will.  But the tests surely aren’t over.  The work is never over.  All I can tell you is what is next, and that is going to be a test to our faith – in ourselves, in everything and everyone.  Jupiter is the Queen of Cups and The Star all at once, indicating our hopeful intuitions are quite spot on.  There really is something we can do.  This really is our chance, but Saturn, as per usual, challenges us.  Are we willing to risk everything and trust in our instincts and intuition?  Are we willing to go through the pain and mental gnashing that is coming to us and still continue to trust our gut and heart?  Now that The Tower has crumbled and we are sitting in the rubble of our old life, are we going to have the faith it takes to follow The Star out of the deep, dark forest ahead of us that is 2017?

It is extraordinarily difficult to trust anything again once you see things start to fall around you.  The thing is, darlings, we knew all along.  We knew how our life – our country – really was and didn’t trust our goddamn instincts, and that is a huge part of this Saturn in Sagittarius transit that has been bombarding us the past couple of years.  We, as a species, when we feel we should collectively panic, we tell each other that we are merely over reacting.  There must be a rational explanation for all of this!   There must be a system we can employ to make sure that our results are better!  Eh, perhaps our goal is what is truly the flawed thing, hm?  We spend our whole life wrestling with the fact that we haven’t lived up to expectations that are handed to us by people who are just as broken and blind to the larger picture as we are.  We have a 1 week memory about most events and then stash them back in our subconscious, so that they can morph into strange phobias later on.  We all know what is going on, yet over intellectualize and destroy our instinctual knowing because we believe that no real knowledge can come from anywhere outside the intellect.  Unfortunately, the intellect can be blocked as well.  It can jam and bring us into paradoxical realms that are literal torture to walk through.  Saturn in Saggo with Jupiter inflating him is going to challenge our ability to have faith in ourselves, our instincts, our gut reactions to things.  If something feels wrong – off – out of harmony, it very likely is.  If you are bombarded with chaos, do you still have faith in the bigger picture?  Sometimes a plot twist is very much necessary to get you to where you really need to go.

“Step up to the fucking plate,” Saturn says.  He is heavy wielding The Magician and the Ace of Swords.  You have to understand the game that is being played and learn to play it yourself.  You are the manifester this coming year, and you will also be responsible and judged for your manifestations.  No pressure.  How can you keep yourself from fucking up?  Listen to your inner voice and inner child.  You always try and mute this vital part of you out because the things it has to say feel so fucking ridiculous sometimes, but you always know what you truly desire.  So fucking have the courage to actually act on it during this transit.  If you act on dreams that have been given to you instead of your own personal vision, this transit is going to be tough as fuck for you.

You are given a chance here, and this is a rare one at that, Heretics.  Uranus conj Eris right now is about to hit a second trigger point with Ceres in early 2017.  Since the late spring, these two have been creating a sort of primordial soup of chaos for us.  Chaos is like play-dough.  At first it may seem like it everything is going to shit and we are going to die under the collapse of the Tower, BUT it is also a fucking chance.

In chaos, there is fertility.” ― Anaïs Nin

Things are being rearranged and there are ways in now that there weren’t before.  As above so below, the political sphere reflects this and so does your life.  Sink or swim, folks, because Saturn is literally handing you Excalibur (Ace of Swords) and Merlin (The Magician), so now you must go forth and actually build your goddamn kingdom.  The challenge is very simple.  Saturn in Saggo asks, “Do you have faith in yourself and your vision?”  Well, do you?  Because, if you don’t, you’ll be building someone else’s empire for them in Saturn in Capricorn instead of your own.

Daddy Saturn is actually playing along quite well with Jupiter during this transit, but it will bring about a sort of spiritual zealotry.  AKA get ready for all sorts of crusaders to continue popping up, now more than ever with Jupiter adding his influence to the picture.  BUT this is good news as well because it’s going to light a fucking fire under the asses of all people to step up to their higher calling, and Jupiter in Libra is going to definitely help with bringing the tribe together through it’s transit (September 2016-September 2017).

Jupiter in Libra will be teaching us quite a few lessons about partnership / trust / and truth in the coming year.  As Libra he asks, “How can you have trust if you do not have truth?”  Jupiter in Libra demands justice – demands truth – and Saturn with the Ace of Swords while in Saggo tells me our higher vision can be obtained with this simple advice; you must be authentic.  If your gut and heart are telling you something, you must be authentic to that.

But Pluto is here to tell us that none of this is going to be easy.   That is, it wont be easy if you actually desire to evolve.  It is easy to give up and go lie under a rock while all of this immense transformation is going on around us, but you will still have to deal with the karma of your actions.  Yes, “inaction” is still action, and choosing to sit on your ass and let the world choose your destiny for you just throws you back into the torture device we call the wheel – meaning you’ll keep living out the same fucking scenarios with different faces over and fucking over again.  So fuck you might as well deal with them now.

Pluto in Capricorn is far from over yet.    We still have a few more years of Pluto completely overhauling government structures and the general way humans organize on large scales.  A lot of the time we don’t see the forest for the trees because we are so goddamn focused on the individual instances of destruction going on around us.  Pluto in Capricorn (Jupiter in general and Saturn in Saggo) all tell us to look at the big picture.   With the 3 of Pentacles, Pluto tells me there is a transformational process going on right now that has been in construction for a very long time.  Things are coming together whether we see them or not.  This year will represent a decision for humanity – in our personal lives and as a collective.  Will we rise up and fight for our collective vision, or will we succumb to the vision of the powerful minority?  These are BIG planets, folks, and they deal with BIG events.  Next year wont be a reprieve from this year, unless you are becoming comfortable with getting the shit kicked out of you.  You’ve got to keep the hope while the chaos and destruction is brewing around us, because it is directly challenging our ability to trust in ourselves as capable human beings who can actually manifest real change in this world.

The events of 2016 will settle in everyone’s consciousness differently.  People transcending their chains and realizing they don’t actually have to answer to anyone can be cause for concern just as much as it is a cause for celebration.  Yes, you really do not have to answer to anyone, but here is the thing, Heretics, we are all fucking stuck here together.  Like three kids crammed in the back of a sedan, we have to fucking learn how to get along.  Jupiter in Libra asks, how can you manifest your hopes and dreams and also help your fellow humans as well?  What is a truly just life for you in your community?  What is a truly just way for you to have relationships with others?  It’s going to be a fucking seesaw of a year, but we will be here to keep you guys updated along the way. Get ready to have your trust challenged, your ideas about relationships refined, and lots and lots of servings of “justice” in all of it’s flavors.

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