New Moon in Sagittarius- Where Angels Fear to Tread

Effective date:  November 29, 2016

“We are each a savior, each a god.  It is the fear of what this means which binds us to the realm of humankind.” –
Mannaz, Rune Secrets

Thumbnail-HeliosHelios’ Astrological Angle on the New Moon in Sagittarius– This is not a Scorpio post. This is post-Scorpio. I have to keep reminding myself that, because I keep forgetting. It certainly feels as though we have passed through a barrier with recent events, and that we have left some piece of ourselves behind. But are we any lesser? Or did what we gave up on the other side only weigh us down? I do not think anything vital has been lost, only what we were struggling to hold onto past its use. We step into this Moon a bit off-balance, but overall lighter and ready to take on what lies ahead. Artemis and I have both had trouble with this one, as the inspiration was just not coming, and that is common from what I have been hearing. The thing is, we do not have to wait for any divine decree in order to get along with the business of living. We can just move forward! Its that easy. And typically, if we don’t like the way our lives are going, we can make a course correction. You have the power to do this at any time in your lives. You are free to choose at any point. This is one of those times where the world is in flux around you, but in a way that grants you greater ability to mold it to suit your vision. If you decide that you want to make something happen now, you will find almost no resistance to your plans. In fact, you may meet far more support than you initially anticipated! The power of making a choice, making a decision, is a powerful one- it is you setting your own path, and being involved in the literal creation of the world around you. Never underestimate the power you wield, right in the here and now.

artemisArtemis’ Tarot Take on the New Moon in Sagittarius-  I wake up every morning to the freezing cold.  I’m warm under the blankets piled on top of me, but as soon as I step out of the comfort of my bed I will meet with the razor sharp cold. Last night’s rain and this morning’s frigid air cut bone deep.  I grumble about it every single time for a good half hour before I get the nerve to crawl out of bed and get myself to the living area.  There is always someone there before me, woke the fuck up, starting a fire.  They build the hollow triangle out of dry logs and go on meticulously tending to it until it erupts into delicious, delicious warmth.  Taking care of the thing is a bitch, but the fire is goddamn important. This New Moon’s relations with minor planet Vesta and whisperings in Saturn grounds is telling me this is a “fated” time, and a vital fire is being tended to, but that we must fight through some karma and insecurities to get it fed.  It’s easy to stay in the comfort of the bed we’ve made – to lie in it and cry about what surrounds us.  We can survive for a while, but we can’t do shit – live our lives – if we don’t confront discomforts. This entire reading is wands and pentacles; except for two planets, the moon and Mars, which are major arcana cards.  The tarot is telling me that this moon is about the deep fire inside of us that keeps us going through the storm + the material concerns that keep us insecure about feeding that fire.  This New Moon is about our deepest aspirations, our visions for the future, and the gloom and doubt surrounding those things.  It’s like trying to build a fire in the tundra, but you fight on anyway because you are hungry for life.

Thumbnail-HeliosThe Sun, Moon and Neptune (Paradiso)– We start our journey not in hell to climb up, but we descend back to Hell. The main players in this drama are Neptune, Juno and Vesta. There is very much a sense that you are waking up from a long slumber, that we have been in dreamtime. You dreamed that you were greater and more important than you are now. You dreamed you had a purpose. This doesn’t make what you experienced any less real or potent, but the trouble with dreams is that they never come true… Not unless you are willing to get up and put in the work to make them real, that is!  It is telling that we no longer see the world outside our internal torture chambers as real or comfortable anymore. You no longer fit in that world, and it is time to leave it, in the most dramatic fashion possible. It is time to fall from grace. It is easy to stay in your gilded cage forever, but in this life, and especially in this time, it is necessary to take risks. You will need to choose for yourself what you want to do with the life you have been given, whether you asked for it or not! This will involve making choices that others will not understand or agree with. More than that, it requires moving from the realm of theory and idle talk into actual action. It is time for you to nut up or shut up. You have been more or less insulated from the worst of this world, but your growth has been hampered because of it- It is time for you to leave the comfort of the known to seek out and embrace the real. It is perfectly normal to be unsure about this, and to hesitate- what is not acceptable is that you stop. You have the urge to embrace distraction in order to avoid dealing with the problems on the table- you must resist this urge, and stop yourself when you notice it happening. When this happens, fix yourself on your priorities for success, and repeat them to yourself like a mantra if you have to. Keep reminding yourself why you are doing this. Reinforce the idea in your head until it is unshakeable. (Minor Planets used: Juno, Vesta, Orcus, Mors-Somnus, Nemesis, Asclepius, Atlantis, North and South Nodes)

artemisThe Sun (3 of Wands), Moon (The Wheel), and Neptune (King of Wands)– This is pretty intense – like a wild fire.  Something has been sparked and now everything is out of control.  This is like, a portal to an unknown realm opens up before you and out steps an adventuring time traveler who asks you to come along for the ride.  If you step into the portal with him, your old life is gone.  You must leave your old life to go on this type of adventure.  Are you ready for it?  The world is changing.  Big things are happening, shifting.  This is a fated time, that is what the cards are telling me.   I say take the chance and trust in your vision.  The doubt will be strong, and the deep lonely gloom of Neptune will drudge up your deepest insecurities (New Moon Blues anyone?).  Neptune being King of Wands is telling me that Neptune gloom will not win out.  King of Wands is the Tarot’s representation of Sagittarius.  In other words, he is a visionary who cannot sit the fuck down and is constantly churning out work, globe trotting, and probably the coolest of the kings to hang out with.  He is the lizard, the lightening, rapid fucking fire.  He works from his instincts and is highly inventive.  He tells me we must continue striking for our vision through the gloom – an important lesson is being learned here.  It’s like the fire in the place I’m staying at.  If you don’t fight the morning cold, get your ass up, chop some wood, and then tend to the goddamn thing first, it wont give you what you need.  If you don’t aim for your desires – give yourself the things that you truly want – then you will become  hollow.

Although we are all downtrodden, there seems to be this fire we are all being acquainted to that lives deep inside of us that we refuse not to feed.  This is good and very necessary after the disillusionment that has been going on.   Neptune in a fire element in this reading is telling me that she is extremely active right now.  Your dreams, your imagination, illusions, insecurities, delusions, mental illness flare ups, urges to make art – it’s all there, and so is our deep longing for something more, something that is transcendental experience.  Well, to have a transcendental experience, you must take a risk like stepping into some time traveling portal.  In other words, you are itching for BIG changes right now (the moon as the wheel).  The sun in Saggo as the 3 of Wands is telling me that visions of the future are pouring in right now.   This moon has a bit of a uh… religious? (H: Dogmatic, maybe?) flavor to it.  I feel compelled to meditate or do devotional practice or create sacred spaces or items.  I feel like I’m creating very sacred spaces with the people I am interacting with and that things that are said are important and people I have just recently met are familiar and places I haven’t been before are making me recall dreams.  And I am feeling this need to build up the people around me and tend to their perspective fires.  And sometimes I want to break down and cry.  And for some odd reason I keep getting the thought, “should I pray?”  I feel like prayer isn’t talking to anything external at all.  I feel like what I’m really asking myself is…  “Should I speak to the eternal source inside of me?  To my greatest Passion?” Do you want to?  Try now.  I feel like this is the perfect time.  Perhaps it will give you the inspiration and strength that you seek.  Perhaps what we find there is our call to a greater, new adventure.

Thumbnail-HeliosMercury, Venus and Uranus (Purgatorio)– Why so serious? For real, why are you taking yourself so seriously? Why will you forgive everyone else their mistakes and laugh it off, yet you deny yourself the same right? What the hell makes you so damn special? Being this unapproachable and unassailable ivory tower in your own mind, holding yourself to that impossible standard is doing nothing but hold you back from what you could truly be. Of course, it is easy to absolve yourself of the responsibility of getting off your ass and doing anything if you set yourself nothing but impossible goals. Then you can just say “Well, I tried and failed- guess I must be less than the piece of dog shit I stepped in earlier” and promptly go back to burying your head in the sand while the world rushes on around you. That isn’t going to work anymore- not in Saggo season. Sagittarius doesn’t sit back and allow ANYTHING. Saggo stands for something, it inspires you to get up and off your duff to do some good in the world. This is impossible to achieve unless you are willing to give up this idea that you are some paragon or renegade, on a life-defining mission. You are not a special snowflake- you are just a shmuck doing the work and living your life. No matter what has happened before, this is a new world. The Gods are not coming down to live your life for you, not anymore- that is your job. You are made new, and it is perfectly acceptable to hold up a mirror to yourself and laugh. Delight in the absurdity of your path and the ridiculousness that you embody. You are fantastic, you are impossible, you are ludicrous and amazing. What you are not, however, is perfect and beyond reproach. All that and more is what it means to be human. (Minor Planets used: Ceres, Cupido, Sisyphus, Cyllarus, Hebe, Sphinx, Panacea, Damocles, Chaos, and Sila-Nunam)

artemisMercury (9 of Pentacles), Venus (5 of Pentacles), Uranus (7 of Pentacles)- It’s time to act, surely it is, there is no greater time than now.  7 of Pentacles again.  Uranus keeps telling me the same goddamn thing.  Act.  Act.  Act.  And sometimes you may not have enough time to think – and during those times you must act from your gut – your inner fire.  He is in combustible Aries and extremely impatient (and trust me, he is fucking impatient as fuck as it is).  Uranus is gearing up to go direct soon and will surely raise an even bigger hell-storm when he does so.  Minor planet Eris is side kick to the storm brewing, adding an extra element of out of left field tactics.  It’s like Harley Quinn and Joker, and the entire planet is Gotham while we are all moping around like Batman about our insecurities (Venus as 5 of Pentacles). Things seem to just come out of fucking nowhere…  And not just anything.  Big fucking things.  These things are coming up from the deep wells of our subconscious, playing out scenarios that seem oddly karmic and definitely like something we’ve seen somewhere before.  The way out of any karmic cycle?  Choose to do things differently this time.  Uranus demands this, and his demands are growing as the days are passing.

Quick thoughts on Mercury as the 9 of Pentacles.  There is a great emphasis on the material world right now.  We honestly can’t escape it – even in Sagittarius, everything is flavored with a very severe, permanent shade.  Material concerns feel very necessary right now, and the day to day things in our lives are somehow becoming very heavy.  We are obsessing over consequences.  Egads, not a good place to be, especially not with Neptune’s influence during this New Moon.  Go with Uranus, your impulses and flashes of insight, on this one.  Acknowledge Mercury, your mind, and the anxieties your mind is informing you about, yes put up some safety nets, but don’t let it keep you from your aspirations.  Anxiety has a function, but it is also a tool that gets out of control far too often.

Oh god the heart starvation.  This is a fucking lonely moon.  A lot of emptiness and heartbreak, and a lot of financial woes.  The 5 of Pentacles is poverty, and in Venus this is poverty in the realm of love, beauty, and finance (because in this culture, if you don’t have money you don’t have material security – which she rules over).  We learn things in this state of poverty.  We learn that some things are vital to our existence.  What we learn in this state can sometimes be hard to swallow, they can turn our lives around and like the homeless person usually portrayed in this card – we will feel outside of the place we were once at before.  Just keep taking the steps.  Just keep acting.  Just keep tending the fire.  Reprieve and illumination rest here, and being okay in this state leads to a greater freedom than you know.  Believe in yourself and believe that your needs will be fulfilled.  Where there is a will there is a way, just make sure you take seriously what you have learned here or you will come right back.

Thumbnail-HeliosMars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto (Inferno)– It seems odd, doesn’t it- that we begin in Heaven to end in Hell; but in doing so we find a freedom denied to those above, safe in their perfect world. This descent shows us the truth: There really is nothing stopping you in exercising your freedom of choice, your freedom to act. The gates of Heaven were never locked, and Hell is what you make of it. After all, what does it mean to burn if you can leave at any time? Your own worst enemy here is yourself- You are the one standing in your own way, no one else. Taking this journey of the soul, embarking on your quest, you will find yourself face to face with the truths you have been running from your whole life but always truly known. There are no secrets that you can keep from your soul. The fires of these planets, in their long, long dance will burn away the falsehoods you hide behind and expose the reality. It will be an alchemic process, transmuting the base materia you are now to a greater, higher form- But it doesn’t have to be a process that just happens to you: You can engage with the process. Imagine you  were face to face with the forces of your creation, whatever form they took. What would you ask of them? What changes would you make to yourself as you are now? You are being this chance at self-directed evolution, but to do so you must engage with this process at its highest level, and a great deal must be burned away. Even so, it is within your grasp- all that you have to do is make the choice. (Minor Planets used: Echeclus, Sauer, Praazmius, Circe, Diana, Lachesis, Hybris, Heracles, Varda, Achilles, Psyche, Bienor)

artemisMars (Temperance), Jupiter (7 of Wands), Pluto (5 of Wands)- Chill, everyone.  Mars in Aquarius with Temperance is telling you to take a step back and chill.  Everything is in motion if you take the first step.  It is going to be a process to get to where we want to go, and that can make us anxious.  It is difficult as hell to see visions of the future from so far away.  The thing is, there are some important steps that need to be taken first and we must pay very close attention to the things that are happening around us.  We can heal from doing work with detail.  We can heal from a level of detachment right now, not because we don’t care about the things going on but because we must be calm and collected to observe and make proper decisions.  But the thing is, we MUST decide, or the decision will be made for us.  Pluto as the 5 of Wands tells me there is a lot of “shaking up” that is going on.  Expect quarrels.  People are going through the same deep worries as you are, and most people are not very good at learning how to cope with their shadows.  And god damn people’s shadows were poked during this intense Scorpio season!  Remember, most people are knee deep in those zombies right now, and you are in high elevation – climbing climbing.  You can go back and help some of them, but you surely can’t help all of them.  In other  words, pick your battles right now.  Your main task is to move forward in a focused manner, and the calamity around you can be very distracting right now.

Jupiter as the 7 of Wands.  You’re tired and this battle is long, and whatever you are going through – it seems you are in the thick of it.  But fuck do you still feel inspired.  Back when I use to run track and field, I ran a lot of long distance.  After about the 2nd or 3rd mile, you went into a sort of insane trance.  The only thing on my mind during those trances was my goal, and the vision of anything outside of that goal looked like a puff of smoke.  I ran to the hammering of my heart with my eye set on the prize, and although I should have been in immense pain I fell into a state of bliss through the pain.  You need to march through the muck in a similar trance state.  The things, the details right now, need to get done to get to that vision you are seeing.  We have a long way to go and it’s going to take it out of us for sure.  It’s like Fight Club.  There is a sort of… catharsis in the pain, and the bliss of the survival when we power through it and reach our goal through sheer determination.  It’s a launching pad for transcendental experience.  Care to take the journey calling?