Mercury in Capricorn- [REDACTED]

Self-control might be as passionate and as active as the surrender to passion…  – W. Somerset Maugham

Effective dates: December 3rd, 2016- February 8th, 2017

Thumbnail-HeliosHelios’ Astrological Angle on Mercury in Capricorn– Secrets, secrets are no fun, unless you share with everyone… that’s how the childhood adage goes, right? Well, in the adult world, your secrets are everything. We cling to them, and protect them with everything we have. We hide behind them, they protect the vulnerable parts of ourselves. All too often, our secrets become our lies; That happens the moment that we feel shame over them. During this transit you will be forced to choose whether or not you are willing to live with the shame and continue to expend all that energy trying to keep them hidden and keep them safe.

The keen-eyed among you will notice that this is going to be a long Mercury transit. I’ve railed at the heavens for having to write two Mercury ingresses in less than four weeks, but one that lasts for three months? That can only mean one thing… We’re ending this year on a Mercury Retrograde! I mean, what else should we expect from 2016? So what can we expect of the things to come?

This transit has a tendency to be rough on us here on Terra Firma. Mercury tends to challenge our minds, and in Capricorn he plays on our fears. Jump scares and worries from childhood return, the basest of fears- Are you really loved? Do you matter? Will others accept you for who you are if you reveal it to them? Can you trust those closest to you not to reject you if you drop your carefully constructed act? Is it worth the risk just to find out- what if you lose them forever? These are the types of fears that Mercury in Capricorn plays off of. Capricorn is the sign of the Devil after all- Prince of Lies, master of fears and a terrible bridge player. In Capricorn, Mercury dons his horns to torture us a bit.

With Mercury in Capricorn, every word, every thought takes on added weight and import. The things you say and choices you make are shaping your future, whether you realize it or not. The mundane, daily matters become life or death as well, as though your entire future hangs on whether your credit score dips one or two points. Those concerns may not be necessarily unfounded, but I can tell you that they are most certainly exaggerated. You will feel your choices and options shrinking, that you are being forced down a path; one that is ready made and not of your own choosing. This is a lie as well- your choices brought you here, and you need to own this path. You are free to choose but you are not free from the consequences of those choices.

Buckle up, buckaroos…

Artemis Artemis’ Tarot Take on Mercury in Capricorn:
Cards-  Knight of Swords, Ace of Swords, 8 of Cups

Hell yeah,this is my natal position for Mercury!  And we are about to have one hell of a transit involving the dance between Mercury and Capricorn, jeezus.  We will be entering 2017, the Year of The Star, during a fucking Mercury Retrograde.  This is a perfect representation for what kind of year we have ahead (full to the ears with retrogrades).  We can’t seem to get out of unpleasant Mercury (the mind) states since Scorpio season, where Mercury repeatedly made sure to make us as uncomfortable about our lives as possible.  Then what is usually a very pleasant Mercury season (Mercury in Saggo), we had the planet come face to face with Saturn who has been sitting in Saggo for quite some time now.  Great, okay, maybe we’ll get some rest in the next sign…  Nope.  Mercury isn’t entering just any sign, but in Capricorn (more Saturn folks!), where Mercury is placed in restraints and forced to pay some god damn attention.

Mercury in Capricorn natives always come off as if they know exactly what they are talking about.  We have all found ourselves nodding along to their insights as if they were reading directly from some top secret documents; they have an air of authority about them that only Saturn heavy charts can convey.  The authority is usually well founded as these natives are extremely methodical and like to thoroughly analyze the words they use before they come out of their mouth.  It doesn’t matter what else is going on in their chart, these natives will have a shade of dark cynicism to them.

The way Mercury in Capricorn communicates can be very intimidating for a lot of people.  Their seeming “authority” has a lot of weight, and they use their mind like a weapon.  It can get dangerous arguing with them because they have twisted and analyzed every idea before it has even been given a chance to be placed in their arsenal, so you know their verbal weapons will be heavy hitting.  Advice for this transit from a native of this Mercury position:  take their cynicism and criticism as a form of love.    Usually natives here just want to make sure you don’t fall into some weird parallel universe where all of your thoughts actually mean nothing when it comes to stone cold reality (remember, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn who is very concerned about what the Truth is – what is REAL and ever lasting).

Prepare for ideas to get rejected left and right.  Here’s what Mercury in Capricorn wants to do – it wants to extract the god damn truth out of you and it will stop at nothing to do so.  Merc in Cap natives have a way of dancing around you until they find just the right doorway into your mental threshold, and then they set up their investigative tools and test all of your intellectual structures one by one.  So you may have destroyed your some of your false mental constructs this year…  But Mercury in Capricorn isn’t so optimistic.  She KNOWS you will pick right back up where you started from and stack bricks and mortar based on new constructs of imprisonment.  Trading one devil for another.  She wont have any of that, so here comes the intellectual wrecking ball.

Honestly, this is an incredible ending to the year of The Tower – throttling us into a transit that gives the last shakes to the crumbling bones of the faulty structures we have been dealing with this year.

The great thing about Mercury in Capricorn is that it is a fast learner.  Capricorn’s motto is “I Use,” and it will become increasingly easy to use new methods you have come into contact with recently.  You will finally see where all the pieces fit, and why you have been learning all the seemingly random as shit things you have been learning this year.  Mercury in Capricorn will help you organize and put all that shit together, giving you new tools for the Renaissance ahead of us this year.  Soaking up information will be easy as pie, but it is evaluating that information that will be difficult on the mind (mostly because Mercury in Capricorn does not rest until it sees every fucking angle of a situation – and then it will still grumble about something or other).

In Mercury in Capricorn, ideas have weight.  Things that are said matter.  Words aren’t said frivolously, and things said during this long transit will be looked at far more soberly than usual.  If you don’t mean it, don’t fucking say it – Mercury in Capricorn says.  Why is this?  Because you can’t fucking take it back.  Once the words have been sent out into the multiverse, they have reverberations far past our ability to see.  They effect the structure of everything once they are let loose.  Unless a Merc in Capricorn individual has some more optimistic signs in their chart (like Aquarius), they tend to immediately shoot down all ideas with the reality bullet as soon as they are met.  This can get… annoying fast, especially if you are trying to innovate things.  But this is necessary before we start building anything this year.  You need to go over all your nuts and bolts, all of your beams, before building your new life.  If something is faulty, you’re just going to have a repeat of all the shit you had to go through during Tower Year (and who the fuck wants to repeat 2016’s karmic cycle?  fuck noooo).

Mercury in Capricorn says there must be a goddamn purpose to all the shit you say, or you’re just weaving new illusions for yourself and those around you.  Do you mean what you say?  Will you allow yourself to be vetted to see if this is true?  Use this transit to build confidence around your ideas, and don’t fret if they are destroyed one by one as they come up.  This is necessary, and Mercury in Capricorn makes no real judgement about this.  We are all wrong most of the time, it is our willingness to accept this and re-work things again and again that makes Mercury in Capricorn happy.  This transit says, “It’s time to make your fantasies a REALITY.

And gods help us when this transit turns retrograde in a few weeks….