Full Moon in Gemini- Echo

You will never follow your own inner voice until you clear up the doubts in your mind.” –Roy T. Bennett

Effective Date:  Dec. 14, 2016

Thumbnail-HeliosHelios’ Astrological Angle on the Full Moon in Gemini– Okay, lets just call a spade a spade here: This lunation is a goddamn mess. If there was one thing we learned this year, its that being stuck in echoes is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Surrounding yourself with no conflict, differing ideas means that you will have no impetus to change or grow. In doing this, you also cut yourself off from others, polarizing yourself into an “us vs. them paradigm”. While that can be comfortable, it doesn’t allow you to reach your potential. Sagittarius rules thoughts and general outlooks on life, while Gemini takes discourse. There is no blocking a Full Moon, and you will find yourself in positions where you are challenged or where you must defend your ideals. You cannot insulate yourself from the reality of life, which is messy and has people disagreeing with each other all the time. No two people have the same perspective, and only when we come together and discuss these things will we find truth. We all have vision, and we all have grand plans and goals. When we make moves to put them into action, we frequently find ourselves at cross-purposes. In this conflict, we find common ground. That is the challenge of this moon, to find common ground with those who do not share your views instead of hiding away and surrounding yourself with those who do not push you to new heights.

Artemis Artemis’ Tarot Take on the Full Moon in Gemini-  Oh my, it looks like we have a very serious Gemini Full Moon here, probably because he has to deal head first with the echo of what happened during the Saggo New Moon.  This lunation has a hard aspect to a Sun/Saturn blast of energy.   Gemini, our intellectual mind, is fully exposed by Daddy Saturn’s stern judgement and the Sun’s illuminating rays.  There is nowhere for you to run and hide from this energy, and with encouragement coming from Pluto and Jupiter, you’re going to want to come out with it – whatever it is.  This is a chatty moon, and with a square to Chiron in Pisces, she is going to be an emotional one as well.  The thing is, the stoic energy of Mars and Venus in Aquarius will make it seem like nothing is going on at all when the rumblings of a distant volcano can be felt in our bones.   Aquarius has a habit of doing that…  Projecting the shit out of emotions while looking like there is nothing going on at all.  And Gemini, well, Gemini has endless curiosity, so you best believe someone is going to feel your bubbling thoughts and investigate.  So prepare for these two energies are going to dance a bit during this lunation.  There will be a good bit of “judgement” happening during this moon.  Our intentions made on the Saggo New Moon will be rewarded or punished.  Saturn gets a bad rap!  Sure, he judges the shit out of us, but hey, if he looks at us and sees that we are actually listening and trying to live out our true will, he will reward us.  And if you haven’t made strides, well… I’ll tell you all about that too…

Thumbnail-HeliosThe Sun & Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and PlutoScattered. That is the first thing that jumps into my mind when I try and get what this lunation is trying to tell me. Like you are trying to move in 40 directions at once. You are trying to determine the best way to go forward, but you are searching for a voice from the heavens that just isn’t coming. More than any other sign pair Gemini and Saggo have to deal with sound, and Pisces has to deal with the feel, the impression. You are waiting on that impression to reverberate through your soul and direct your path. Well, that voice isn’t going to come through- not until you stop trying to get it to conform to what you want to hear, that is! You see, you already know what it is you want, you are just waiting for the cosmic go-ahead to tell you its alright. So why are you holding back? It all comes down to Jupiter. He is the central point of this astro. What you want is tied up in your ability to actualize your heroic side to just DO what you already know deep down you have to do anyway. Why put it off and go through the drama of it all? What is the point? Rip it off like a band-aid. You already have what you are waiting for. You just have to stop denying it in yourself. While there are a lot of forces at work in this astro, the one that catches my attention is the influence of Damocles. A lot is said about Damocles and danger hanging over your head, but what is understated is the responsibility Damocles had in placing HIMSELF in harms way- he was essentially a lobbyist, trying to flatter the king and increase his social standing for his own benefit. He tried to play the game, pleasing everyone but fooling none of them- His methods were crude and too obvious. If you find yourself in his same shoes, trying to curry favor from those who could help you, fluffing them up on obvious flattery and lies, being a sycophant- this will not work. Instead set yourself apart, self-confident and self-assured, standing in your own power. Command respect instead of begging for attention. If you can’t convince yourself that your cause is worthy, how are you supposed to convince anyone else? Stamping your feet and shouting into the void isn’t going to get you anything but a sore throat. Swallow your pride and come not as a avenging warrior but a prophet of your own dogma.

(Minor Planets used- Eris, Sedna, Manwe & Varda, Borasisi, Ixion, Chaos, Sila-Nunam; Ceres, Pallas Athene, Damocles, Psyche, Hybris, Pholus, Cyllarus, Bienor, Echeclus, Hebe, Asclepius & Panacea, Sphinx, Osiris, Itokawa, Achilles)

Artemis The Sun (King of Swords), The Moon (The Lovers), Mars (Temperance), Jupiter (King of Wands), Saturn (Death), Uranus (6 of Swords) and Pluto (The Empress)

This Full Moon is yet again another synchronistic hub like the last New Moon.  There is some orchestration here, and only mindfulness can lead you to the patterns.  Everything is going to seem busy as we are getting an urgency to move the fuck on – from bad relationships, bad jobs, bad living situations, bad sex, bad everything.  Gemini has a .002 second attention span, and this moon is not going to stick around for your old garbage.   Saturn is sick and tired of your excuses and is looking straight down his scythe at you.  Saturn is Death in the tarot, and he demands a sacrifice so that your vision may be fulfilled.  That sacrifice is going to be all the shit he has been telling you to shed off since he entered Sagittarius in December 2014.

This is the end of our Tower Year cycle, and with it you must allow the person you were before this moon to begin to pass on.  If you allow them to keep residency in your mind, you will suffer greatly.  This year and it’s unpleasant astrology has been attempting to show us that we must continue to have integrity, no matter how many times we must re-build our lives.  Gemini is no stranger to change, and this full moon encourages it.  It asks you to step into your life and begin the process (Temperance as Mars).  You must realize that each thing will come at it’s own time (a wizard arrives when he should not when he is asked), but once they come we must act swiftly to obtain them.  That is how opportunity comes knocking, and Mars is telling you to work mindfully and swiftly.  Don’t let chances slip out of your hands – pay attention, which may be hard during a Gemini Full Moon.  But we have Mercury in Capricorn to help us out, and Saturn to keep is in check with delicious anxiety if we don’t get a move on it!  As the King of Wands, Saturn will not tolerate you sitting on your ass.  He is shouting, “DO IT!”

We are not going to be able to see what is ahead for us, but we must trust in our process and we must have total honesty with the self and our allies.  Uranus is telling me “YOU HAVE A PLAN NOW EXECUTE IT!”  So I guess it’s my job to tell you to “get the fuck on with it already.”  For those of you that have gotten the fuck on with it, expect some rewards via Jupiter Libra + King of Wands flavoring to come your way- beautiful things, lavish experiences, pleasantries, love, all that Venusian goodness with a dash of the muses, King of Wands passion, genius, and more vision.  Expect creativity to surge along with your sex drive during this one if you made good with Saturn’s demands the past couple of weeks.  Remember, Saturn WANTS to reward us, but we keep fucking that up with our doubts and fear.  Saturn also reminds us that rewards come in a cycle and that we must wait sometimes to receive them.  Don’t grow impatient and wreck everything.  He will pull through for you if you pull through for him.

We have some lovely air sign action going on between the Moon in Gemini, Mars in Aquarius, and Jupiter in Libra, so yes, a conversation is taking place.   Expect a conversation.  And, well, with Chiron aspecting this moon and Pluto demanding you to let things change (we get it), we are going to urgently want to talk about some intense emotions.  That means there may be prying.  The key here is to not fucking deflect.  You’re going to want to because this full moon energy is going to be quite intense.  When Saturn is opposing the Moon, your emotional world is exposed for judgement.  This is prime time for most people to deflect.  But if you deflect, you will tie yourself up and you will create an echo chamber within yourself – validating your anxieties and poisoning yourself with your own fear.

Thumbnail-HeliosMercury, Venus, and Neptune– This astro wants to bring you back home to yourself, and if you let it you will find your path much easier than if you try to fight the current the whole time. There is a greater pattern at work, and walking it requires that you step out in faith. You will not be able to see the whole journey all at once, and that is the point! What would you gain from going if you knew every step in advance? You will have to surrender a bit of your will to truly succeed here, as your stubbornness is getting in the way of your progress. Sometimes you must take a roundabout road towards victory, it is not always a straight line. There is much going on behind the scenes that you are not aware of, and whether it aims to help or hinder you, you cannot truly say yet. I would recommend not allowing it to steal your focus, as the machinations of others are out of your control anyway. Its a coin toss at this point, so just let it ride and hope odds are in your favor. Keep your ears open and wits about you, and you should get the crucial info you need sooner or later. Do what you can to work towards your own liberation and independence– that should be your primary goal at this stage of the game. Don’t be afraid to withdraw when necessary- or too stubborn to, at that! You are not a slave, there is no reason to act like the chains on you are anything but constructs of your mind.

(Minor Planets usedOrcus, Altjira, Mors-Somnus; Eros, Icarus, Klotho, Ophelia, Arachne, Orpheus, Dionysius, Askalaphus, Apophis, Sisyphus)

Artemis Mercury (9 of Swords), Venus (The Sun), and Neptune (4 of Pentacles)-

Oh god, Mercury is the 9 of Swords.  Yeah, mental beatings central, but it seems something must be purged right now and it’s going to have to be through Mercury.  There is going to be a snap, an unhinging that takes place that is necessary.  You may need to get to the point of “breaking” just so you can get to the point where you need to “let go.”  We are coming to the end of our mental faculties and learning that the mind will continuously loop on and on forever and ever unless we do something to break this cycle.  Neptune is pumping up the emotional demons and telling us to clutch our hurt and disillusionment, but Venus will outshine these motherfuckers if you allow her.  Venus in Aquarius asks us to change.  She is, when in the Uranian ruled sign, far more rebellious with her heart.  She will not allow you to chain yourself to anyone who isn’t serving you, and she is asking for you to let your inner light shine.  As The Sun, she demands for us to stand firm in who we are, because the mental inspections that are going on this Full Moon will make it painful if we don’t do it willingly.  And she tells us that the only way to victory is to value yourself.  The only way to properly relate to the world around you is to cast aside your doubt and shine as you want to- not as you “should.”

When you cannot trust your mind (9 of Swords), you can always trust your heart (The Sun).  It is time to liberate by allowing yourself to restrict your anxieties, become comfortable with your real intentions, and speak your truth.  There is some sort of underlying theme that has been playing out this year that will culminate during this Full Moon, and the keen Gemini mind will recognize this pattern right away.  Pay attention as the answer is right in front of your nose.  You may believe that life just plays out as it does without any of your influence, but this Gemini energy is reminding me that life is a conversation.  The chats you have with yourself become direct reflections in your environment.  So I am being told to remind you to change the conversation if you aren’t enjoying it.  There are plenty more enjoyable things to talk about…

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