Full Moon Gemini Tarot Spread- Unification

Artemis-  A new year is beginning, meaning it is time for our (attempted) yearly resolution.  We have a Full Moon Gemini to cap of 2016, which immediately brings my mind to The Lovers card in the tarot.  Most Tarot decks nowadays will have a two individuals in marriage ceremony accompanied by a puppeteer angel above them.  This is actually not the original depiction of this card.  The Lovers is, and has always been, about a choice.  In the original version of the card, we have an individual choosing between two other individuals.  The Lover is about a clear decision to merge with something or someone you have passion for.  It is about the creative power of love and passion and our dedication to our work concerning the object or subject of our passion.  We are reminded that we must act on our desires and make conscious decisions in our life to infuse with our desires so that we may have an emergent phenomenon.

This tarot spread has been designed to help you get a glimpse at how you need to work toward your ideal self for 2017.  Modeled after alchemical processes, it should show you the changes needed to create your new state of being.


Full Moon Gemini Tarot Spread

  1. Current Self
  2. Ideal Self
  3. Refract– What is distorting your view of your ideal self?  What is getting in the way?
  4. Extract– What do you need to bring along from your current state – something you must keep pure?
  5. Distill– What trait, if refined, will aid you in becoming your ideal self?  What needs dedication?
  6. Infuse– In what way should you combine cards 4 + 5 to reach ideal self?

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  • Deahne says:

    Thank you, awesome insightful spread,
    1# 7 of Pentacles
    2# 10 of swords
    3# The world
    4# Ace of cups
    5#. The moon
    6#. Ace of swords

    Conclusion – work to control those emotions that cloud my judgement & the foundations of why accepting less than or taking on too much to prove my worth or consummate my shadow lack of self worth. Happiness/success or possible contentment is a state of mind, changeable, adaptable & accessible only through clarity of emotions, discernment leading to correct action. mostly by loving & totally acceptance of myself, which opens the belief that I am enough and worthy of the love that is offered all around.

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