Magic Monday: Equivalency

What You Give Your Energy To, Becomes You

Happy Holidays to everyone! I send love and abundant energy to you and your family, friends and loves! This is such a great time for us to see our programs and how the experiences of our past are affecting our ability to connect and draw the vibrations we desire.

As we move closer and closer to the Winter Equinox, and we get the feelings of losing more sun (energy) our emotions go deeper around those things still lingering in our vibrations. People show us who and what we are, both our darkness and our light. Which is why the theme of lights or holiday lights and candles are the symbolism of the Sagittarius energy. Truth is the goal and whether naughty or nice, you have to face those things you give off. Your vibration doesn’t lie, even when your mouth attempts to.

We’re also dealing with the mercury retrograde in Capricorn/Sagittarius which speaks on the relationships of our Pluto and Saturn lifestyles. What’s the communication of our path and what’s our physical responsibility of that path? Are we living that life or projecting the responsibility on others? What are the structural changes needed to produce the best society for our children and what part do we play in making that happen? I say the answer is truth! We owe our children our truth and showing them what it means to live in that truth and not just talk about it. The biggest change is adjusting the man in the mirror to the vibrations of what we say we are and what we want to experience.

Now, the biggest question is what are we allowing ourselves to be programmed by. I use the word allow because what you give your energy to is what you are and what you become. That’s why it’s very important to know key answers to questions for your life. What you desire and what makes you excited about life is what you should be doing. Period. If you truly want to be and become that in which you say your energy should be targeted into those things. If your desire is to become a master cosmetologist but you can only find time to study hair techniques once a month, but you caught up on your Empire episodes, then you lying! You don’t want to be the best, you only want to talk about being better. Make the connection to your time being of value, therefore gift it to people, places and things that give back the energy of that same value or more. Use this month to find your gifts and reignite them. Those gifts are your doorways to healing your karma and your windows in creating your legacy for eons to come.